5 reasons Hispanic Catholics will elect the president in 2016

“5 reasons Hispanic Catholics will elect the president in 2016” by Paul Farrell Oct 20, 2015

Click for Source Article by Paul Farrell on MarketWatch

More Bad News for GOP = Pope Francis’s climate encyclical aligned Hispanic-Americans = A climate-science denier cannot win the U.S. presidency.

FACT: Voters REJECT any presidential candidate in 2016 who doesn’t believe that climate change is caused by human activity.

SAD: It seems Manhattan and Miami could sink into the Atlantic Ocean and the GOP would still back a climate-science denier. = Loyalty to fossil-fuel BRIBERY = Koch Bros — who are betting $889 million

Salon.com: “Koch brothers’ humiliating secret: Why even their billions can’t save the GOP from self-destruction.” = 5 Koch-backed candidates poll less than Trump and Carson. = Republican Party’s self-destructive trajectory + Even 80% of young Republicans fear their party’s self-destructing + “Young Voters Call Climate Deniers ‘Ignorant,’ ‘Out of Touch,’ ‘Crazy’”

Rock-solid climate-science deniers = Ted Cruz + Marco Rubio + Ben Carson + Trump = say CLIMATE is “irrelevant” = Like Sound like Senator Jim Inhofe

5 big reasons Hispanic Catholics will sink GOP’s chances, even with Rubio = “The difference between white Catholic and Hispanic views on global warming is like night and day” = Pope Francis’s “comments left many Catholics uneasy, particularly right-wing American Catholics, as it questioned the morals of many of their political values against the tenets of their faith” = Challenging the GOP’s hard-wired loyalty to capitalism and consumerism.

POLL compared the responses of white Catholics to Hispanic Catholics = Very telling statistics on the differences between the Hispanic and white Catholic communities in America.

1. Denialism vs. reality

POLL = White Catholics are twice as likely as Hispanic Catholics to say climate change is NOT happening.” + Hispanic pope & Hispanics believe global warming is real, climate science is real, and the damage is real.

2. Capitalism vs. morality

Hispanic Catholics = Concern over severity of climate change + Value the common good.

White Catholics = Value capitalist ideology + materialism + consumerism + personal profit

3. Protecting the commons

Hispanic Catholics = 3 X more concerned about personal impact of climate change.

White Catholics = Committed to free-market ideology + NO moral responsibility to protect environment for public good.

4. Science vs ideology

Hispanic Catholics = Far more likely to believe in scientific consensus about climate change.

5. Pope’s bully pulpit

Hispanic Catholics = 55% of Church = Believe the Church and Pope Francis = Huge “bully pulpit” in America = 17,483 Catholic parishes + 38,275 priests to carry message to America’s 78 million Catholics

Bottom line: No climate-science denier will win the Hispanic vote for president in 2016.

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