Reclaiming Australia? Liberalism’s role in Islamophobia by Irfan Ahmad, Associate Professor of Political Anthropology, Institute for Religion, Politics & Society at Australian Catholic University July 16, 2015



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Reclaim Australia stands for = Liberals against Islam = Nationwide mobilization in April = Interviews reveal they embrace the label of liberal but mostly sees religion only when it reports on Muslims.

SAD FACT: Islamophobia is NOT against liberalism but enables Islamophobia = BOTH are historically intertwined = FAKED JEWISH DEFINED LIBERALISM!

Reclaim Australia supporters carried anti-Muslim placards = BUT Some make FAKED liberal sentiments: “reclaim equality at law” + “our women are equal” + “reclaim free speech” + “we vote, listen to us”

FACT: Such anti-Muslim slogans and rallies are contrary to REAL liberalism.

WEIRD: Harvard academic John Trumpbour observed = “Alas, liberalism is a child of the Enlightenment shot through with Islamophobia.”

Voltaire said to Frederick the Great = “You may still have the pleasure of seeing Muslims chased out of Europe.”

Voltaire said to Catherine the Great = “I wish I had at least been able to help you kill a few Turks. It does not suffice to humiliate them. They [Muslims] should be destroyed.”

Key premise of REAL liberalism is advocacy for the individuals rights and legal equality!

FAKED LIBERALISM = Rarely treats Muslims as individuals and a single acts of violence by a Mulsim is IMMEDIATELY GUILT IS SPREAD across ALL Muslims = NO TARGETING OF THE SINGLE OFFENDING INDIVIDUAL = BUT BLAIM GOES TO ENTIRE RELIGION. OPPOSITE IS DONE WHEN NON-MUSLIM COMMITS A CRIME = FOCUS IS ON THE “BAD EGG” ONLY = 2011 Anders Breivik killed 71 people in Norway (WEST MSM initially blamed it on Muslims) but when it turned out the killer was Christian the TRAGET WAS ONLY Breivik as a UNIQUE psychopathic individual.

SAD ASSUPTION BY WESTERN MSM = Individual Muslims have no psychological problems but ALL THEIR MISTAKES ARE BECAUSE THEY ARE MUSLIM.

FACT: FAKED Liberalism = Islamophobia = Exposed.

#1 FAKED LIBERALS IN Reclaim Australia mission STATEMENT cites Matthew 6:24 = “… to follow the higher laws of Yhwh, our Heavenly Father, to live the way our heavenly father wanted his children to live, to reclaim their country from the parasites and predators of the Abdicated Corporate Government of Babylon and Caesar’s world of Satan.”

#2 Decry state control of churches as “not a true Ecclesia”.

#3 Reclaim Australia announced rally was for “… patriotic Australians of all nationalities & beliefs standing united against radical extremism.”

#4 Reclaim Australia (RA) prevents “enforcing of Sharia law in Australia”

#5 RA sounds like FOX NEWS = Retain “our traditional values”: Christmas, Australia Day, Anzac Day and other beliefs + keep “our rights and freedom of speech” (FOR THE CHRISTIANS)

#6 RA Make “Halal certification illegal” to prevent “moneymaking scheme for Islam”

#7 RA “introduce pride in the Australian flag and anthem” in schooling = CLOSE MINDS TO OTHERS

#8 RA “ban the teaching of Islam in government schools” + “ban the burqa” + “ban female genital mutilation (NOT PART OF ISLAM)”

#9 RA “stop Centrelink [a government welfare agency] from recognizing polygamy” — HOW WEIRD SINCE NOT PART OF ISLAM

RA Phrases all but 3 items negatively towards FAKE ISLAM RA MADE UP

FACT: Scholars of religion made it clear that female genital mutilation has nothing to do with Islam, but is a local custom also practiced by Christians and Jews in some places.

April 4, 2015 = Two Melbourne rallies = Reclaim Australia FAKED LIBERAL rally + Counter-protest by socialists, Aboriginal activists, students, union members, faith groups and others – opposed to racism.

RA placards read: “Islam is an enemy of the West” + “The Koran promotes terrorism” + “You keep your burqa, I will keep my clitoris”.

RA hailed it as a “grassroots movement” of blue- and white-collar workers, mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers = RACIST HATE OF FAKED LIBERALS = Opposing protesters held placards describing Reclaim Australia supporters as “Fascists” + “Neo-Nazis” + “racists” + “Islamophobes”

RA placard = “We are not racists, we are concerned”

RA Racist = “We support Danny Nalliah; is he white?” + passionately argued over sharia law

with a tiny group of people, visibly Muslims. When one of them said that sharia was already part of Australia, he angrily asked how. Centrelink is an Islamic idea, came the reply, because Islam mandates that government takes care of vulnerable people. The youth in T-shirt laughed, shouting “taqiyyah”.

A little later I asked him what taqiyyah meant. In his view, Muslims lied in public to conceal their intent to impose sharia over Australia. An Indian youth who had joined our conversation opined that Muslims in India did the same as by increasing their population they wanted to rule over India.

For Reclaim Australia supporters, fear of Islam and love for Australia were simultaneous. It was hard to distinguish which of the constituents of love was religious, secular, national, liberal or cricket-related. A lady’s T-shirt with an Australian flag read: “If you don’t love it, leave”. Before replying to my hello, she asked: “Do you love Australia?”

When disrupted and outnumbered by his opponents, a young Reclaim Australia leader stopped his speech with a Happy Easter greeting and shouted over the microphone: “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie”. On Facebook, the group urged supporters to bring Australian cricket caps and flags. That if anyone should reclaim Australia it would be the country’s Aboriginal inhabitants was beyond its thought-frame.

Too often we take love and nation as virtue. However, the philosopher Cicero warned long ago:

Of all the emotions there is none more violent than love.

As for nation and nationalism, their history is soaked in blood.

It is not just Australians who proclaim “If you don’t love it, leave”; similar voices have been raised in France, Sri Lanka, India, the US and elsewhere.

In terms of demands, slogans and political positioning, will the forthcoming rallies be any different? Most likely “no”. And we can expect the same media blindness to Reclaim Australia’s self-proclaimed Christian and liberal inspirations.


  1. The LNP (Liberal/National Party) coalition are not ‘liberals’ in the literal sense of the word, they are politically conservative and until recently had a practicing Roman Catholic conservative prime minister by the name of Tony Abbott, who the left socialist scum absolutely detested. So to label Reclaim Australia as somehow liberal (leftist) due to any affiliations to the LNP is quite ridiculous. The author is quite disingenuous in attempting to denigrate them in this manner whos audience they know to be primarily from the US where those who subscribe to liberal politics are in the most part leftist, pro abortion, gun control etc democrats.

    As in all western countrys Islamists are a minority group that cause many issues far and above that of the national average, probably on par with Africans, one never ever reads or hears a peep from those subscribing to Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism or Taoism etc.
    In a recent poll 82% of Australians supported the principles espoused by Reclaim Australia and what just ended in Melbourne an hour ago? A man claiming to be the ‘Messiah of Islam’ had been threatening customers at a restaurant who he had held hostage with a meat cleaver, so until i see some guy holding hostages claiming to be Christ the Messiah im not falling for the the religion of peace bullshit line touted after every Islamist attack in the west.


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