America Reels as Putin “Redlines” Israel by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Putin = “Redline’s” Israel = We have to discuss the problem of Israel’s air attacks on Syria = Russia will be deploying advanced air defenses over Syria along with air superiority fighter aircraft = Ending Israel’s free reign to continually attacked the Syrian army in support of ISIS forces + Added 800 specially trained Israeli Army commandos.

Putin = STOP Isarel’s illegal air attacks on Syria = Ignored by ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA OWNED world press = Pretended it was unsaid. = CANNOT SAY “Russia is threatening Israel with retaliation for their illegal support of the ISIS terror organization and their use of American weapons and munitions to help ISIS conquer the Middle East.

Click for Source Article on Journal-Neo

US GOV = Continues to support Israel + ISIS + al Nusra + AQ terror organizations both in the Middle East and around the world as we have for decades.

U.S. = Reeling from embarrassment at failure to train “moderate rebels” = 5 Trained at cot of $41 Million + Second set of graduates are reported to have joined the terrorists.

U.S. Pentagon = Runs operations of ISIS and her sister organizations = Pentagon is run almost entirely by “end times” Christian Zionists. = ISIS must Conquer Syria + Iraq + Jordan to TAKEOVER enough biblical sites (Palmyra + Second Temple of Solomon at Tadmoor) to get to the End Times Prophesies being fulfilled. = U.S. Pentagon = Feeds ISIS with weapons and supplies = US air drops + Provides ISIS with full access to American intelligence + Israel’s air force and now ground troops support ISIS inside Syria

Russian air forces in Syria = STOP ISIS + Pentagon rogue Support of ISIS = FIGHT TERROR GROUPS.

CIA = Created and empowers the HIRED MERCENARY and PHONY terror group, ISIS = Initially US-Saudi-Qatari funded and founded, Israeli trained, Turkish backed reign of terror

Shenanigans of the End Timers in the US Pentagon = Dreams of nuclear annihilation

Israel = Made itself indefensible and stands utterly alone due to Netanyahu’s decade of blunders = Russia sees Israel as the “weak underbelly” of America’s global empire = Russian Advanced air defenses and air superiority aircraft placed on Israel’s border “umbrellaing” the Zionist state and ENDING their support of ISIS. = ENDS Israel’s Close air support for terrorists + END Israeli ground forces operating inside Syria and Iraq + END Israelis peek-a-boo in and out of Golan

Erdogan = Ruling Turkey as a tyrant dictator since June 2015 = Genocidal war against the Kurds = Like Armenians a century earlier. = Erdogan’s 13,000 sorties flown against Kurds + “0” against ISIS + His pleas for NATO help to maintain his dictatorship

Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Yalon = told Russia he plans on continuing air operations on behalf of ISIS inside Syria + “boots on the ground” inside Syria. + Israeli is complicity in Sarin gas attacks by ISIS + Israeli resupplies ISIS + Provides medical help to ISIS = Israel’s brash willingness to confront Russia assumes rogue Pentagon extremists are willing to stage a nuclear confrontation with Russia. = Illegal and treasonous avenue of control that includes hijacking American nuclear capabilities. = INSANE FOR AMERICANS TO BE INVOLVED!

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