“Secrets of the Federal Reserve” by Eustace Mullins – Chapter 14 = FEDERAL ROBBERY SYSTEM

Eustace Mullins

Eustace Clarence Mullins, Jr. — American populist writer and biographer best-known for his work is The Secrets of The Federal Reserve.

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1933 Eugene Meyer resigned from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, since then no member of the international banking families has personally served on the Board of Governors. = Work behind the scenes through carefully selected presidents of FED Bank of New York + other employees.

Paul Volcker = Economist said “Volcker’s selection has been by far the worst. Carter has put Dracula in charge of the blood bank. To us, it means a crash and depression in the 80s is more certain than ever.” + “Paul Volcker is from the same mold as the unsound money men who have misguided the monetary actions of this nation for the past five decades. The outcome probably will be equally disastrous for the dollar and the U.S. economy.”

NYT was positively ecstatic and commented that Volcker learned “the business” from Robert Roosa, now partner of Brown Brothers Harriman, and that Volcker had been part of the Roosa Brain Trust at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York…

“David Rockefeller, the chairman of Chase, and Mr. Roosa were strong influences in the Mr. Carter decision to name Mr. Volcker for the Reserve Board chairmanship.” The New York Times did not point out that David Rockefeller and Robert Roosa had previously chosen Mr. Carter, a member of the Trilateral Commission, as the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, or that Mr. Carter would hardly refuse to appoint their choice of Paul Volcker as the new Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

Manner of selection of FED Chairman is directly in line of royal prerogative going back initial agreement with N.M. Rothschild at the Jekyll Island meeting that wrote the Federal Reserve Act.

NYT = Nted that “Volcker’s choice was approved by European banks in Bonn, Frankfurt and Zurich.” NYT further noted that the Dow market rose on Volcker’s nomination.

Volcker = Represented the most powerful house of “the London Connection,” Brown Brothers Harriman, and the London houses which directed the Rockefeller empire.

Volcker = His masters in London = Princeton + Harvard + London School of Economics, the banker’s graduate school.

VOLCKER = PAWN of Robert Roosa and David Rockefeller

NYT = stated on Dec 2, 1981 = “For years the Federal Reserve was the second or third most secret institution in town. The Sunshine Act of 1976 penetrated the curtain a trifle. The board now holds a public meeting once a week on Wednesday at 10 a.m., but not to discuss Monetary policy, which is still regarded as top secret and not to be discussed in public.”

NYT = Said Solomon and Volcker sit together at the head of the table and relay the instructions which they have received from abroad (LONDON ROTHSCHILDS) via Robert Roosa, Secretary of the Treasury in Carter’s shadow cabinet, and representing Brown Brothers Harriman, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and the Royal Economic Institute, Rockefeller Foundation.

BILDERBERGERS = Dr. Martin Larson points out that “The international consortium of financiers known as the Bilderbergers, who meet annually in profound secrecy to determine the destiny of the western world, is a creature of the Rockefeller-Rothschild alliance, and that it held its third meeting on St. Simons Island, only a short distance from Jekyll Island.”

ROCKEFELLER-ROTHSCHILD CABAL = Larson states that “The Rockefeller interests work in close alliance with the Rothschilds and other central banks.”

VOLCKER = June 18, 1983, Reagan reappointing Volcker FED Chairman = WaPo, June 10, 1983, “There is no one who matches Mr. Volcker in both political standing and grasp of the intricate networks that make up the world’s financial system.” = Elevation of Volcker to the standing of the world’s greatest financier.

VOLCKER = NYT June 19, 1983, “Mr. Volcker’s politics is something of an enigma.” = A politician NOT an economist TAKES and PRECISELY FOLLOWS orders from ROTHSCHILDS “London Connection” = Evidence which has often sent men to the penitentiary or to the electric chair.

John Moody in 1911 said seven men of the Morgan group, allied with the Standard Oil-Kuhn, Loeb group, ruled the United States.

1983 largest bank holding companies in US by assets = #1 Citicorp + #2 Morgan’s First National Bank of New York, merged with National City Bank in 1955, two of the largest purchasers of Federal Reserve Bank of New York stock in 1914 + #3 Chase Manhattan merged with the Rockefeller and Kuhn Loeb group, also purchasers of Federal Reserve Bank of New York stock in 1914 + #4 Manufacturers Hanover of New York purchaser of Federal Reserve Bank of New York stock in 1914 + #5 J.P.M of New York holder of considerable Federal Reserve Bank stock + #6 Chemical Bank of New York purchaser of Federal Reserve stock in 1914 + #11 First Chicago Corporation and First National Bank of Chicago (Principal correspondent of the Morgan-Baker bank in New York).

Jekyll Island 1910 = LINKED to TODAY = Passage from “A Primer on Money”, Committee on Banking and Currency 1964, p. 75:

THE ROTHSCHILD MAFIA = “The practical effect of requiring all purchases to be made through the open market is to take money from the taxpayer and give it to the dealers. It forces the Government to pay a toll for borrowing money. There are six ‘bank’ dealers: First National City Bank of New York; Chemical Crop. Exchange Bank, New York, Morgan Guaranty Trust Co., New York, Bankers Trust of New York, First National Bank of Chicago, and Continental Illinois Bank of Chicago.”

ROTHSCHILD MAFIA of BANKSTERS = Receive a “toll” on all money borrowed by the Government of the USA = Same banksters at JEKYLL in 1910 which planned the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

WaPo 1983 editorial page = “Citicorp (National City Bank and First National Bank of New York, merged in 1955) just recorded an 18.6% return on equity, J.P. Morgan, 17%, Chemical Bank and Bankers Trust, nearly 16%, an exceptional rate of return.” = ROTHSCHILD MAFIA that bought the first issue of Federal Reserve Bank stock in 1914 to Control the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which sets interest rate and runs all open market operations.

ROTHSCHILD MAFIA = Profit steadily from inexplicable fluctuations in monetary growth and interest rates = Gyrating three recession-wracked years while M2 and M3 measures showed little change from 1972-82 = CRIMINAL EXTRACTION OF THE MAFIA = 100% STABILITY BUT CLAIM NO STABILITY IN THE FRAUD MADE ON FAKED Gyrations.

ROTHSCHILD MAFIA = Controls and Extracts FRAUDULENT MONEY in the government-Rothschild monopoly of USA’s money and credit = Constantly trotting forth new and more exotic academic theories of economics for each NEW SCAM.

James Burnham = ROTHSCHILD National Review propagandist = Ridiculous theory of “the managers” = Postulated the old CRIME FAMILY of J.P.M. + Warburgs + Rothschilds DISAPPEARED by 1950 replaced by a new class of “managers” = PURE PROPAGANDA AND LIES TO HIDE THE ROTHSCHILD MAFIA MEMBERS using PAID FRONT MEN like Volcker who receive their paychecks only as long as they carried out their employers’ instructions.

1914 to 1982 = Many thousands of American banks went bankrupt BUT ROTHSCHILD MAFIA Consolidated and GREW their POWER = “the London Connection” dictates the economic destiny of the United States.

ROTHSCHILD MAFIA = WaPo May 19, 1983 story = “The British merchant bank, Morgan Grenfell and a syndicate of the United States, Kuhn Loeb, Lehman Brothers International, the French Lazard Freres and Britain’s Warburg are discreetly acting as financial advisors to about ten debt-plagued African states.” = INFECTING THE WORLD WITH THEIR EVIL = Same names as 1910 to 1914 FED RESERVE SCAM MANAGE THE SCAMS EXTRACTING FROM HUMANITY AROUND THE WORLD.

REAGAN ADMINISTRATION = ROTHSCHILD MAFIA RUN BY J. Henry Schroder, Brown Brothers Harriman, and other leading components of “The London Connection”.

Lopez Portillo, President of Mexico 1982 called the ROTHSCHILD MAFIA world credit boom a financial pestilence = to the Black Death that swept Europe in the fourteenth century. = “As in medieval times, it flattens country after country. It is transmitted by rats and it yields unemployment and misery, industrial bankruptcy and enrichment by speculation. The remedy prescribed by faith healers is forced inactivity and depriving the patient of food.”

Forbes Magazine Oct 11, 1982 = “The world gasps for liquidity, not because the supply of money has contracted but because too much of it now goes to pay off old debts rather than fund new productive investments.”

VOLCKER = ROTHSCHILD MAFIA POLICIES = 18% to 20% MORTGAGE RATES IN 1980s in USA = High interest rates and tight money = DESTROYS the USA BY FED’s unseen manipulators control of the money supply = CREATES CRISES = The Nation Dec 11, 1982 stated, “The blame for all this lies at the door of the Federal Reserve System working as usual on behalf of the international banking system.”

ROTHSCHILD MAFIA EVIDENCE = Graphically illustrated by a series of charts drawn up by the staff of the Committee on Banking, Currency and Housing of the House of Representatives 1976 in 120 page report, “FEDERAL RESERVE DIRECTORS: A STUDY OF CORPORATE AND BANKING INFLUENCE” on p. 49 = Shows interlocking directorates of David Rockefeller + Frank R. Milliken + Alan Pifer + = LINKED to Main BANKSTERS at Jekyll Island in 1910 = SAME LIST OF CRIMINAL MONOPOLIST MAFIA + J. Henry Schroder + Federal Reserve Bank of Boston = SAME main cast of personages functioning today as in 1914.

RITHSCHILD MAFIA = Chairman of above Committee, Henry S. Reuss, (D-Wis) wrote = “This Committee has observed for many years the influence of private interests over the essentially public responsibilities of the Federal Reserve System. As the study makes clear, it is difficult to imagine a more narrowly based board of directors for a public agency than has been gathered together for the twelve banks of the Federal Reserve System. Only two segments of American society–banking and big business–have any substantial representation on the boards, and often even these become merged through interlocking directorates . . . . Small farmers are absent. Small business is barely visible. No women appear on the district boards and only six among the branches. Systemwide–including district and branch boards–only thirteen members from minority groups appear….”

FED = FALSE CLAIM of “independence” = DIRECT LINKS TO ROTHSCHILD MAFIA = Massive interlocks revealed by this analysis traced to original Federal Reserve Act = LETS ROTHSCHILD MAFIA SELECT two-thirds of the directors of each district FED RESERVE bank.

FACT = Federal Reserve System AVOIDS ANY public responsibilities to help HUMANITY progress and SERVES ONLY THE MAFIA BANKSTERS despite the System’s mandate to help the nation’s welfare WHICH IT IGNORES AND MINIMIZES IN FAVOR OF THE MAFIA’S EXTRACTIONS OF WEALTH FROM THE PEOPLE = EXTREME Concentration of economic and financial power in HANDS OF THE ROTHSCHILD MAFIA = “The (MAFIA) Club System”, the Committee noted = “This ‘club’ approach leads the Federal Reserve to consistently dip into the same pools–the same companies, the same universities, the same bank holding companies–to fill directorships.” + Study concludes = “Many of the companies…have multiple interlocks to the Federal Reserve System…have two or more director ties to district or branch banks. In Summary, the Federal Reserve directors are apparently representatives of a small elite group (ROTHSCHILD MAFIA) which dominates much of the economic life of this nation.”


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