“Israel Is A Discredit To America”

by Paul Craig Roberts


Click for Source Article by Paul Craig Roberts

ISRAEL LOBBY = Blocks reports and criticism of Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinians = USING “anti-semite” accusations.

ISRAEL LOBBY = Covers for Israeli armed forces shooting down Palestinian children in the streets and then bombing the funerals of the kids the Israelis have already murdered

ISRAEL LOBBY = Enjoys imposing twisted logic + bribery + lies upon Congress + White House + Media + Universities + American public

ISRAEL LOBBY = Violates Christian morality imposing instead the evil that the Israel Lobby represents.

ISRAEL LOBBY = Calls the criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu’s genocidal lies and propaganda his “Speech Of A Lifetime” = Unspeakable evils.

ONE HONEST JOURNALIST = Jeffrey St. Clair, Editor of CounterPunch

ISRAEL LOBBY = Jeffrey St. Clair, one of the few remaining Western journalists with a moral conscience, describes latest Israeli horrors to which we are all accomplices = “Just another funeral for a promising young man who died much too young. Under the implacable shadow of the Wall and in the rifle sights of Israeli soldiers, more than 200 mourners walked down the cobbled street toward the old cemetery in the village of Beit Ummar. Some shouted angrily at the soldiers, condemning Israel for yet another senseless death….The funeral was for a college student, Jafaar Awad, who slipped into a coma and died only two months after being released from an Israeli prison, where his serious illness had festered untreated for months. Awad was only 22 when he died, as have so many other Palestinian prisoners, from medical neglect at the hands of Israeli jailers….As his family huddled around his grave, the IDF launched a dozen tear gas canisters toward the mourners, scattering the stunned grouping. Then automatic weapons fire strafed the crowd, bullets hitting more than a dozen people, including Jafaar’s cousin Ziad Awad. Ziad was struck in the back, the bullet piercing his spine. He was rushed to the Al Ahli Hospital in Hebron, where he died of his wounds….Ziad Awad (28), killed by Israeli soldiers in Beit Ummar, April 10, as he protested his cousin’s death…A few hours after Ziad’s murder at the hands of Israeli snipers, the IDF issued a terse statement saying that Israeli soldiers fired on the crowd of mourners after people where seen throwing stones….I’m surprised the IDF even felt compelled to issue a justification for a kind of killing that has become routine…”

ISRAEL LOBBY = MURDER + MISERY + HUMILIATION ARE TO BE ENDURED BY “NON-JEWS” = 2,300 Palestinians MURDERED + 17,000 Wounded = Worst carnage since 1967 + 500,000 Palestinians displaced from their homes + Detentions of Palestinians inside Israeli prisons = Most in five years = ISRAELI MURDER MACHINE 80+% OF ISRAELIS WANT THIS SAVAGERY = SUPPORTED BY USA that drone strikes wedding parties.

ISRAEL LOBBY = $1.6 TRILLION FROM PMIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS (1972 to 2003) + Each year Congress drops another cool $3 Billion on Israel and ISRAELIS DEMAND MORE! = 33% of Israeli arms budget = Protection money paid to a gangster organization.

ISRAEL LOBBY = HARVARD LAW = Netanyahu’s most fervid American disciples = Ted Cruz + Tom Cotton = Harvard Law incubator of Zionist like Alan Dershowitz.

HARVARD LAW = Scarcely a micron of daylight between Ted Cruz and Elizabeth Warren = Work overtime to demonstrate her unrivaled fealty to the Jewish state.

ISRAEL LOBBY = BUILT IN ZIONIST SUPPORTERS arrived pre-conditioned to demonstrate their devotion to the Israeli cause + PAC money is JUST A BONUS to the hookers blackmailed with indiscrete cell-phone photos.

ISRAEL LOBBY = Coversup Israel assassinates of Iranian scientist(s) + Use of chemical weapons in Gaza + Torture of Prisoners + MASS MURDERS of Children + Murders a young American peace activist + ATTACKS burial parties + Attacks USS Liberty + Caught REPEATEDLY spying on American president + ROBBING NUKE AND NATIONAL SECRETS AND NUKE TRIGGERS + A KNEE-JERK CONGRESS THAT COMMITS CRIMES FOR ISRAELI NEOCONS + COVERSUP 911 PLANNED BY ISRAELI-NEOCONS.

ISRAEL LOBBY = In the face of ISRAEL’S = World’s longest running war crimes = MAKES SURE CONGRESS + OBAMA SENDS $BILLIONS FLOWING TO THESE CRIMINALS! = An ethical void = US approves $2BILLION MORE Arms to Israel

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