“The Murder of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow”

Who killed Boris Nemtsov? He was neither a leader nor real opposition, according to Aleksandr Buzgalin, professor of political economy at Moscow State University – March 12, 2015

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Nemtsov and Yuschenko in Ukraine



SHARMINI PERIES, EXEC. PRODUCER, TRNN: The murder of Boris Nemtsov, one of the opposition leaders in Moscow, has the Western press buzzing with whodunit. But who is Boris Nemtsov, and what did he stand for politically in Russia? Aleksandr Buzgalin is a professor of political economy at Moscow State University and editor of the independent democratic left magazine Alternatives.

PERIES: A lot of speculations and arrests are going on — A whodunit. But what is going on in Moscow about this?

BUZGALIN: I cannot give you the answer who killed Boris Nemtsov and who organized this crime. I can discuss this person and this crime. Two years ago or more a very important person, democratic left leader Stanislav Markelov, the defender of many minorities in our country, trade union leaders, immigrants, was killed in the center of Moscow — there really was no discussions on CNN. Sergei another left leader is now in prison in terrible conditions bordering on death. But there are NO Media discussions, because he is communist. But he is the real leader of opposition, among others. He wants big changes in economic, social, and political life in our country — Real democracy. When Stanislav Markelov was killed, a real and great Left leader the Media ignored it. He was the real defender of human rights.

When Boris Nemtsov was killed, CNN and WESTERN MEDIA speculation went wild for a month or more. Boris Nemtsov was made by the media as the so-called leader of the democratic opposition. Media made him into a so-called victim of bloody KGB. But in reality he was not.

I can comment on the kinds of ideas discussed now in intellectual and political space in Russia. NEMTSOV was associated not with democratic opposition, human rights, and so on; But he is associated with a bloody economic policy and war in Chechnya — The Economy collapsed 50% in gross national product, 30% decline in average incomes, and 50% decline of real incomes.

NEMTSOV = A leaders of this Right-Wing shock therapy policy without therapy policy and politicians. He had no support from ordinary Russians or majority of intellectuals. His only support was so-called glamor intelligentsia = Part of pro-Western liberal politicians — a small minority.

Two years ago we had big demonstrations in Bolotnaya Square – means swamp is a symbolic name. Nemtsov was among the leaders of red social democrats, center leaders, some representatives of glamour intelligentsia, — Nemtsov was among these people — A very big contradiction.

Nemtsov = Symbol of necessity to change economic policy in favor of corporations and NOT in favor of people. He claimed to support absolute democracy, but when he was a leader, we had almost no democracy. We had a period of terrible corruption and bloody criminal atmosphere — Good forthe oligarchs .

Media has made him so popular as a playboy leader of democratic opposition. But he was a right-winger but this lie is very useful for many right-wing leaders here and abroad.

FACT: NEMTSOV is as symbol of a terrible right-wing regime in our country.

I am very critical of our leaders policies in Russia. The real big economic, social, and political contradictions are not discussed.

Nemtsov’s murder is about money. Many leaders of so-called democratic opposition became victims not of political terror or oppression, but victims of terrible factions inside their group on how to divide up Big money. |

Nemtsov – was not businessman and had no status but he was very rich and spending a lot of money. So people bought these people from caucus to kill Nemtsov because it was necessary to solve their argument.

Another version by liberal so-called democrats = Like Pinochet = Think murder was organized by Putin, KGB, or something like that. = Untrue since for Putin this is big, big headache, and he did not benefit at all. Alive, Nemtsov was nobody but a symbol of something terrible and dangerou.

A strange version is that friends of Nemtsov decided to kill him to create a symbol of a good and beautiful person to make something very big and important to change the situation. I don’t think this is true, but it is popular.

Generally speaking, the question is NOT who had Nemtsov killed. The main question is what problems will this create in RUSSIA and internationally.

We have big problems and disagreements on very important questions and this is interconnected with violence.

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