“US Congress on sale” by KEVIN BARRETT on Press TV



Click for Source Article by Kevin Barrett on Press TV

Cuban-Israeli cartel = Apparently owns Sen. Menendez and MUCH of the American political class — Series of investigative reports by Veterans Today

USA Congress = Runs on Legalized Bribery + Threats + Intimidation + Even Blackmail

“LA Times: Romney’s a Drug Money Launderer,” 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been involved with the same Cuban-Israeli cartel. – Might be reason he dropped out of 2016 run.

FACT: ROOT CAUSE OF CORRUPTION = Global Crime Syndicate with front man Netanyahu to spew lies and propaganda to deflect from their existence.

CUBAN-ISRAELI MAFIA = Own Most of the Western mainstream media = WON’T read the gory details in the corporate newspapers or media.

ISRAELI MAFIA = OWN ALL the members of Congress who showed up for Netanyahu’s speech. The louder they cheered, the more Israeli-supplied cocaine-fueled junkets and child sex slaves they have presumably enjoyed.


ISRAELI MAFIA = OWN US Congressmen that cheered for their boss man, Netanyahu = LIKE workers cheer for their boss at a workplace pep talk = On the Israeli payroll, one way or another.

FACT: This Syndicate has assassinated Presidents and anyone who stands i their way. Obama himself has reputedly stated, “I don’t want to end up like JFK.”

RESULT = Instead, expect them to go after Menendez = Set an example that if you choose to betray your country (and Commander-in-Chief) by pledging fealty to Netanyahu, you may end up paying a price. = Mild form of discipline unlikely to drain the stinking swamp of corruption in Washington.

Charging a US Senator/Rep with corruption = Like handing out speeding tickets at an auto racetrack.

Perfection in Congressional corruption = NJ Senator “the Senator from Tel Aviv” Robert Menendez

MENENDEZ = Report by Los Angeles Times = DOJ will file criminal charges for NO reporting lavish gifts from Salomon Melgen, extremely wealthy Florida ophthalmologist = A Cuban-Israeli crime ring including prostitution & Drugs

MENENDEZ = Used his Foreign Relations Committee post to help Melgen’s suspicious “business interests.” — LA Times

MENENDEZ = Pressured the Dominican Republic to allow Melgen’s “security firm” to take over security – meaning drug screening – at cargo ports.

MENENDEZ = Claims he was “only interested in stopping drug shipping in the Caribbean.” Crossed out “stopping” and replace with “facilitating”

MENENDEZ = “Menendez also faced reports that he and Melgen consorted with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, some of them underage, but those reports were later discredited.” = “obligatory disclaimer” = “non-denial denial.” = “Menendez was nailed for consorting with child prostitutes, but if we open that can of worms, we will step on the toes of too many powerful people, so let’s just call it a ‘rumor’ and leave it at that.”

NOTE: Watch the documentary “Conspiracy of Silence” on youtube and/or read Nick Bryant’s book “The Franklin Scandal” = Top American officials are routinely blackmailed for pedophilia by intelligence agencies + their organized crime partners, who set them up with children, film them, and subsequently “own” them for life.

Romney’s firm Bain Capital = Averaged a 173% return over a decade due to criminal activity = Beating Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scam = LA Times articles suggested, and Veterans Today sources confirmed = Romney made 173%/year profits by laundering drug money through Panamanian corporations.

Romney + Menendez = Linked to same Cuban-Israeli organized crime Syndicate = Based in Israel with a worldwide network of criminals

MENENDEZ = Impending arrest = Attempt to rein in obscenely corrupt Congress = LOYALTY TO ANTI-AMERICAN MOSTLY CRIMINAL CAUSES

CONGRESS = ANTI-AMERICAN + Anti-Constitutional + LOYAL to the leader of a covertly hostile foreign state = ISRAEL.

CONGRESS = Forces of sanity MAY RESULT IN DOJ exposing the whole stinking morass of corruption enveloping Washington, DC


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