Menendez Is to Face Corruption Charges, U.S. Official Says NYT

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Senator AIPAC Menendez (D-NJ) = DOJ filing corruption charges after 2 year investigation of gifts and lavish vacations in exchange for political favors to Salomon Melgen – RICH DOCTOR

Menendez = 61 year old son of Cuban immigrants = Aggressively raising money for a legal-defense fund for more than a year.

Menendez = Spent holidays with at Dr. Melgen’s home in the Dominican Republic, a gated oceanfront resort where the neighbors included Oscar de la Renta.

Menendez = Melgen delivered $100s of thousands to benefit Mr. Menendez + 2 round-trip flights aboard Dr. Melgen’s private jet for personal vacations in the Dominican Republic in 2010, but failed to report them as gifts or to reimburse Melgen at the time, as required under Senate disclosure rules. Once caught he paid Melgan $58,000.

Menendez = Court papers show he improperly tried to persuade the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services officials in recent years to change reimbursement policies in a way that would make $MILLIONS for Dr. Melgen.

Menendez = Lawyers have also told prosecutors that the discussions with Medicare officials were part of the normal lawmaking process and were shielded from prosecution under the Constitution.

Melgen = NO RESPONSE by his lawyer and spokesman.

Menendez = Entered politics as a reformer and SOLD OUT TO AIPAC-NJ MACHINE

Menendez = One of least wealthy members of USA Senate

Menendez = Republicans called for his immediate resignation.

Menendez = Relationship with Melgen and whether he had traded gifts for favors from the senator. January 2013, federal agents raided Dr. Melgen’s offices in South Florida who was in the midst of a billing dispute with the government over his reimbursement for Lucentis, a costly medication used to treat macular degeneration = That is when Menendez contacted the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Menendez = Was involved in a deal with Melgen to sell port-screening equipment to the government of the Dominican Republic + Menendez + Senator Harry Reid advocated for Melgen in meetings with Kathleen E. Sebelius, then the secretary of health and human services.

Menendez = Claims Melgen is his buddy and friend = Echoed that assertion in his brief appearance before reporters. = May be his only defense. = “As to Dr. Melgen, everyone knows he and his family, and me and my family, have been real friends for more than two decades.”

Menendez = One other defense is a legal argument that a senator’s activities are shielded from prosecution under the Constitution’s speech-or-debate privilege, which prohibits federal agents from using their law enforcement powers to interfere with lawmaking. DOJ battles over how broadly that protection applies.

Menendez = Frequent critic of the Obama administration on Cuba and Iran.

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