“Former IAEA Director Says No Basis for Netanyahu Iran Claims” on The Real News Network

Robert Kelley says Netanyahu avoids facts and evidence to push conflict to a point where war is the only answer – March 4, 2015

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Robert Kelley = Licensed nuclear engineer and Expert on nuclear nonproliferation and a chief inspector in Iraq nuclear weapons inspections with IAEA.


PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Robert Kelly what do you make of what Netanyahu said — I guess he means at the end of that ten-year period Iran may get nukes?

NOTE: Netanyahu says Iran nuclear infrastructure will PRODUCE BOMBS IN NO TIME and (LIKE NEOCONS DID IN IRAQ) He says we can’t rely on inspectors – TURNED OUT TO BE A MASSIVE LIE IN IRAQ!

Netanyahu’s speech to Congress = “If the deal now being negotiated is accepted by Iran, that deal will not prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons: it would all but guarantee that Iran gets those weapons–lots of them.” — Iran will have a vast nuclear infrastructure providing a short breakout time to the bomb — NOT a single nuclear facility would be demolished + Thousands of centrifuges that enrich uranium would be left spinning. Because Iran’s nuclear program would be left largely intact.

KELLEY: A lot of astounding nonsense so it’s hard to work through. Breakout time = So uninformed + So ill educated = If Iran pulled a rabbit out of a hat. That’s breakout time.

KELLY: Netanyahu is trying to say Iran can reach a slow methodical threshold while being monitored by IAEA observers + Rest of the world. = His “RABBIT OUT OF THE HAT” idea is “absolutely peculiar.” = Netanyahu has NO understanding of arms control, unfortunately.

KELLY: Netanyahu idea that Iran would destroy any or all of their nuclear facilities is also bizarre – Never been real. Israel can step up and destroy and destroy and destroy facilities, but I don’t think Iran ever agreed to destroy facilities. Lots of nuclear facilities in Iran have nothing to do with a weapons program.

JAY: Netanyahu says Iran nuclear infrastructure will PRODUCE BOMBS IN NO TIME and (LIKE NEOCONS DID IN IRAQ) He says we can’t rely on inspectors – TURNED OUT TO BE A MASSIVE LIE IN IRAQ!

KELLEY: Iran’s adherence to restrictions would be supervised by international inspectors — Inspectors document and report violations but don’t stop them. North Korea got the bomb by turning off the cameras and kicking out the inspectors.

JAY: Netanyahu is saying inspectors won’t be able to stop the BOMB.

KELLEY: Netanyahu is talking nonsense. Inspectors in North Korea were doing a great job, and then North Korea threw them out. What was the message from that? The message was the inspectors are gone, you’d better do something about it.

KELLY: Now you’ve got 1,000 man days inspections in Iran per year = LARGE NUMBER = International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) knows exactly what’s going on Iran and they’re doing a difficult job well.

KELLY: If Netanyahu screws this up, he forces CHAOS which is what he seems to want = Then there will be a war. Right now the inspectors are preventing it.

KELLY: It is NONSENSE THAT AFTER 10 Years suddenly IRAN is free to make BOMBS. IAEA inspections will continue for as long as needed – NO 10 Year LIMIT. These were bizarre claims.

JAY: Netanyahu is quite contradictory = He says North Korea had to throw the inspectors out to make the BOMB = AN obvious flag everyone would SEE – Yet he says inspections are worthless.

KELLEY: Netanyahu ignores that IAEA inspectors ensure people understand what’s going on in the programs. INSPECTORS are there to make sure that these facilities that have Netanyahu is upset about operated in a safe and sane way. That’s what they’re doing.

JAY: Netanyahu makes the argument a secret program EXISTS = There’s no evidence. Netanyahu then says there’s NO point inspecting and NO point having a deal. Does Netanyahu PLAN on bombing anyway? = NO SENSE! Is there a secret program that WORLD NEVER FOUND?

KELLEY: Inspectors have no idea about secret programs. They don’t have the tools to. They’re like bank auditors who make sure the banks are run honestly. They don’t look for counterfeiters somewhere else. So a secret program is not within the purview of the IAEA.

KELLY: IAEA audits what is known to go on and make sure that it stays within bounds including transfers of materials or any changes in what Iran is doing, changing the number centrifuges = Speed + Quality + Quantity.

KELLY: IAEA is our best hope and Netanyahu trying to destroy the IAEA and their ability to monitor IRAN, almost guarantees a war.

JAY: Did IAEA report say Iran has not been as OPEN as they should be? Netanyahu said Iran was also caught twice operating secret nuclear facilities. Is that true?

KELLEY: Netanyahu is WRONG, but IAEA has said Iran has not provided information to the IAEA that the IAEA can understand about the questions they’re asking – IAEA is saying Iran is providing information. They’re saying they don’t understand it. = Could by the fault of the IAEA = IAEA Proved they don’t understand what an exploding bridge wire detonator is. So IAEA is saying they just don’t understand what they’ve been told.

KELLY: Netanyahu mentions facilities in Qom and Fordow — Neither one is being operated now but IAEA knows about them. So Netanyahu’s statement is not true.

JAY: This issue of a secret program Netanyahu said: Iran could be hiding nuclear facilities — IAEA in 2013 said – if there’s no undeclared installation today in Iran, it’ll be the first time in 20 years. Is it true Iran has a history of secret sites?

KELLEY: You can say that in any country in the world including Israel. Finding secret sites is the job of the CIA and intelligence agencies. IAEA is not an intelligence agency and they don’t finding secret facilities.

JAY: American intelligence agencies have said there is no secret nuclear weapons program. There seems to be no intent on behalf of the Iranians to create a nuclear bomb at this time.

KELLEY: I can Not answer that. If there’s a change in USA intelligence they’re going to keep to themselves until it’s politically useful to release it. The last we heard from the intelligence community is there is NO secret program.

KELLY: A secret program would have to be very large = Uranium mining + Conversion to chemistry + Producing UF6 + Many more centrifuges. Such a massive secret could be exposed by ONE SPY or ONE LEAK by one person – Such a large program would be virtually impossible to hide.

KELLY: I suppose Iran could have a secret program to put a man on the moon — It’s a stretch to say that with all the tools USA has.

JAY: Is there any evidence that they actually intend to build a bomb?

KELLEY: USA Intelligence can answer that. If Iran doesn’t build facilities and put the people on program and spend the money, then you probably don’t have intent.

KELLY: Many Nations have acquired nuclear knowledge and capabilities that will enable you to make a BOMB (Princeton published a Theses that describes the methods). Many other countries including European countries, that didn’t go forward to a bomb.

KELLY: In listening to the discussions at the congressional meeting today, I didn’t hear anything about the Arak plutonium reactor = Part of the discussions in Geneva. There are technical solutions being proposed to keep that reactor from being a threat. It’s one of the very positive outcomes of these discussions in Geneva ON IRAN.

KELLY: I didn’t hear CONGRESS compliment the teams of inspectors that have done a really good job of reducing the threat.

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