Nemtsov and Yuschenko in Ukraine

Nemtsov worked for Yuschenko in Ukraine until relieved in 2006

Nemtsov had previously received death threats on social media sites for a few months.

An investigation team is working at the scene.” — Police — illegal arms use, dubbing the operation ‘Interception.’

Nemtsov was accompanied by a woman at the time of the murder, a visitor from Ukraine. = “The woman who was with him is currently being interrogated in a police department.”

Voiced opposition to President Vladimir Putin, criticizing the government and its policies. He co-chaired the pro-business Republican Party of Russia.

Nemtsov’s assassination comes just one day ahead of the “Spring” opposition rally slated for March 1 in Moscow.

“Putin has stressed that this brutal murder has all [the] signs of a contract murder and is extremely provocative….The president has expressed his deep condolences to the family of tragically deceased Nemtsov.”

Leading Russian opposition politician, Boris Nemtsov (55) = MURDERED by attacker in a car – shot four times in the back = “several people” had got out of a car and shot him = He died hours after calling for END to war in Ukraine. = Leading economic reformer said he feared Mr Putin would have him killed because of his opposition to war in Ukraine

Putin = Condemned the Nemtsov murder.

Nemtsov’s LAST TWEET = “If you support stopping Russia’s war with Ukraine, if you support stopping Putin’s aggression, come to the Spring March in Maryino on 1 March.”

Nemtsov = FEARED FOR HIS LIFE = Earlier this month he told Russia’s Sobesednik news website. = “I’m afraid Putin will kill me. I believe that he was the one who unleashed the war in the Ukraine. I couldn’t dislike him more.” — Feb 10, 2015

5,800 People have died and 1.25 million have fled their homes to Russia


Boris Nemtsov (1959 – Feb 27, 2015), a current member of regional parliament of Yaroslavl Oblast, a co-chair Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

He earned his Ph.D in Physics and Mathematics, defending his dissertation at the age of 25.

Outspoken critic of Putin was murdered in Moscow

In 1998 he founded the Young Russia movement. In 1998, he co-founded the coalition group Right Cause and in 1999, he co-formed Union of Right Forces, electoral bloc and subsequently political party. He was elected several times as Russian parliament member.

In 2010, he co-formed coalition For Russia without Lawlessness and Corruption

Since 2012 Nemtsov was co-chair of the Republican Party of Russia, a registered political party.

An author of several publications criticizing the Putin administration, and was an active organizer and participant of Dissenters’ Marches.

His mother was Jewish abd his Russian Orthodox paternal grandmother had him baptized as an infant.

He was a practicing Orthodox Christian.

1991 Nemtsov was appointed Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region and re-elected in that position by popular vote in December 1995.

He implementation of a wide-ranging, market reform program and resulted in significant economic growth for the region. Nemtsov’s reforms won praise from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

2004 Nemtsov co-authored article entitled “Appeal to the Putinist Majority”, warning of the dangers of an impending Putin dictatorship.

2004 Nemtsov was appointed as a director of the Neftyanoi Bank, and Chairman of Neftyanoi Concern, the bank’s parent company.

2005 Prosecutors announced that the bank would be subject to an investigation following allegations of money laundering and fraud. Nemtsov subsequently stepped down from both his positions in the company citing that he wanted to minimize the political fallout.

2004 Ukrainian presidential elections, Nemtsov came out as a strong supporter of the eventual winner Viktor Yushchenko, while the Russian government backed his opponent. Yushchenko appointed Nemtsov as an economic advisor with main goal to improve business ties between Ukraine and Russia.

Putin strongly supported Yushchenko’s opponent in the presidential election.

2005 The relationship between Nemtsov and the Ukrainian government became unstable when a group of legislators called for Yushchenko to fire Nemtsov following accusations that Nemtsov criticized Ukrainian cabinet decisions.

2006 Ukrainian president announced that Nemtsov had been “relieved of his duties as a free lance presidential adviser”.

2007, Nemtsov withdrew his candidacy for the 2008 presidential election to avoid drawing votes away from Mikhail Kasyanov.

2008 Nemtsov co-founded the political opposition movement Solidarity to unite the various opposition forces in Russia.

2009 Nemtsov, came in second in run for Mayor of S

2010 Nemtsov was among the 34 original signatories of the online anti-Putin manifesto “Putin must go”

2010 Putin stated, in a live television broadcast, that during the 1990s, Nemtsov, Milov and Ryzhkov “dragged a lot of billions along with Berezovsky and those who are now in prison… They have been pulled away from the manger, they had been spending heavily, and now they want to go back and fill their pockets”.

2011 Nemtsov, Milov and Ryzhkov brought the case of Putin’s statement before the Moscow City Court, but the following month the suit was dismissed.

2007 Nemtsov was arrested by police during an unauthorized protest against Putin — Jewish run The Economist called his arrest “a new low” in the governance of Russia.

2011 Nemtsov was once again arrested, with at least a hundred other demonstrators, during the December 6 protests in Moscow.

Nemtsov’s political beliefs are a “new liberal”.

2013 Nemtsov “We support Ukraine’s course toward European integration…By supporting Ukraine, we also support ourselves.”

Nemtsov condemned the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in war-torn eastern Ukraine: “My condolences to the families of the victims. The bastards, who did this, must be destroyed.”

Nemtsov has stated that he views Crimea as an integral part of Ukraine.

2014 Nemtsov wrote in the Kyiv Post: “…current events indicate that the most nightmarish, the most bloody scenario of fratricidal war is already developing. This is not our war, this is not your war, this is not the war of 20-year old paratroopers sent out there. This is Vladimir Putin’s war.”

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