“Netanyahus’ Elbowed Presence in Paris” Interview of Shir Hever on The Real News Network by Sharmini Peries Jan 18, 2015



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NETANYAHU = Tried to present himself as the prime minister of the Jewish people, not just Israel

Shir Hever = Economic researcher in Alternative Information Center, a Palestinian-Israeli organization — Economics of Israeli occupation of  Palestine and boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns against Israel.

His first book: Political Economy of Israel’s Occupation: Repression Beyond Exploitation, was published by Pluto Press.

SHARMINI PERIES, EXEC. PRODUCER:  Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, publicly said Netanyahu was a hypocrite for attending the rally in Paris.  Why did Netanyahu attend the rally?

HEVER: President Hollande of France asked Netanyahu not to attend but Netanyahu when he heard that Avigdor Lieberman, of the extreme right, was planning to attend Netanyahu decided to go to Paris nevertheless. That infuriated Hollande, and he invited Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, as a sort of counter to Netanyahu’s presence.

HEVER: Netanyahu then made a big effort to try to be on the first line. He pushed himself to the first line of marchers to be on camera and send a message back to his voters at home in Israel, because Israelis are very concerned about the international pressure growing against Israel and its loss of international standing (after Israelis MURDER of 630 CHILDREN in 5 weeks).  Netanyahu’s elbow politics of pushing to stand in front of the cameras, was trying to show Israelis he is promoting Israel by force.

PERIES: France has been openly supportive of Palestinian statehood and has taken a position on that at the United Nations so, clearly, Netanyahu’s attendance in Paris was odd.

HEVER: France has advanced toward Palestinian statehood, especially on the parliament level — mostly for show, because France continues to have close military relations with Israel, which far surpass its relations with the Palestinian state. Israel used European and USA weapons to murder 1,000+ innocent civilians (630 of then MURDERED CHILDREN).  But France didn’t endorse a military embargo of  Israel or stop its arms deals with Israel. So France is NOT really taking the Palestinian side on this.

HEVER:  The friction came during the Netanyahu visit when Netanyahu responded to the attacks in Paris, by calling on French Jews to immigrate to Israel — a clear attack on France — His vote of non-confidence against France protecting its own citizens during a worrisome rise of anti-Semitic ideas, as people associate everything Jewish with everything to do with the state of Israel. That danger is posed by the Israeli government, which is normal for Israel.

HEVER:  Netanyahu is the most vocal on presenting himself not as the prime minister of the state of Israel, but somehow as the prime minister of the Jewish people.  When David Cameron of Britain came to visit Israel Netanyahu said, welcome to the Jewish parliament — as if the non-Jewish members of parliament just don’t count in his eyes. [SUPREMACIST!]

HAVER:  When Netanyahu says to Jewish citizens in France that they should leave their country and come to Israel, it feeds directly into this sort of anti-Semitic stereotype, as if Jews around the world are somehow more loyal to the state of Israel than they are to their own (Nations). New research published in Britain shows many British people believe Jews in Britain are more loyal to Israel than they are to Britain, and their loyalty to Israel undermines their loyalty as British citizens.

PERIES: Some of the bodies of those lost in Paris came back to Israel. How did Netanyahu politicize that moment?

HEVER: The politicization started even beforehand, because Israeli officials put pressure on French families of the victims to have their family members buried in Israel. That was of great symbolic importance to Netanyahu — he tries to promote an idea that Israel can be an ethnic state, an ethnic state only for the benefit of its Jewish citizens.  [NETANYAHU = PURE JEW STATE]

HEVER:  Netanyahu presents Israel as a nation state — he compares the nation state of Israel to the nation state of France.  But Netanyah understands Israel (unlike France) is an ethnic state for Jews exclusively in the nation — all non-Jewish really have no place in Israel and should leave.

HEVER:  Netanyahu idea goes further to say countries like France or USA or any other country in which Jews are some kind of minority = Like Palestinians are a minority that is not really wanted or accepted.  So Netanyahu by saying Jewish victims in Paris should be buried inside Israel, he’s saying Jews don’t have a place in France, not even in death even though they are citizens of France because of (RACISM) ethnicity — a very dangerous (GAME for) the ethnic state, but it’s the idea common to the extreme right in Israel and the extreme JEWISH right rising all over Europe.

HEVER:  You see the European extreme right expressing very strong pro-Israeli opinions in the last few years, where they see Israel as a kind of model, how minorities, and especially Muslims, can be treated as the enemy and pressure can be put upon them to leave, to emigrate. [Did Israel Intel setup the PARIS murders for this purpose?]

HEVER:  Netanyahu calling for the Jews to leave France he’s speaking directly to (JEWISH) extreme-right organizations, or even fascist organizations, like French extreme-right party of Marie Le Pen.  Netanyahu is trying to form a coalition with FASCISTS to create a clash of civilizations or a clash of religions bypassing democracy and citizen rights.

PERIES: Strange alliances the rise in the right in Germany aligned with the Zionist state. This doesn’t make sense.

HEVER:  To Netanyahu it does make sense as an ideology even though Zionism started as a movement against nazism’s hate of Jews.  But the extreme right in Europe is simply moving its HATE to Islamophobia as a replacement for anti-Semitism. But the ideology’s basically the same. And now it’s just more legitimate to be Islamophobic, as opposed to being anti-Semitic. Now there’s repression of Muslims and other non-Christian groups within Europe — But this can also lead to seeing Jews as some sort of foreign entity in Europe — even Jews that have lived there for generations.

HEVER:  That doesn’t bother the Zionist leaders or Netanyahu at all. He does not see himself as the protector of Jewish people around the world. His only solution for them is to leave and come to Israel. And that, of course, is not really a solution.

HEVER:  Israel is by no means a safer place for Jews, compared to France, even in light of the recent attacks — Israel is much more embroiled in conflict including inequality issues, as France has a much higher standard of living and much better chances to find employment and education.  France offers much more chances for socioeconomic development compared to Israel, which are lagging well behind.

PERIES:  The attacks on cartoonists in Paris is not unlike the suppression of the cartoonist in Palestine.

HEVER:  The hypocrisy is very clear, because Israel represses free Arab speech — Palestinian cartoonists. Most famous case is the murder of Naji al-Ali, the Palestinian cartoonist and the creator of the image of Handala murdered in 1987 by an Israeli gunmen in London. British authorities started to find out that the killers were Israeli, but didn’t actually put anyone on trial. Another famous case is from 2013, where Mohammad Saba’aneh was arrested for drawing cartoons criticizing the Israeli occupation.  Clearly, if this attack in Paris is seen as an attack on free speech, one should remember that Israelis prevent Palestinians from that same right.


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