“Je Suis CIA” by Larry Chin, in Global Research, Jan 17, 2015


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FALSE FLAG = Imperial playbook = Time-tested tactic

FALSE FLAG = Facilitate a spectacular atrocity = Blame the Chosen Enemy

FALSE FLAG = Media continuously repeats lie-infested official corporate narrative

FALSE FLAG = Media/Politicians Rile up HATRED of ignorant militant crowds

FALSE FLAG = Stoke hatred + War-mongering Noise = Get public approval.

FALSE FLAG = Charlie Hebdo = Sold as “the French 9/ll” = 2,260 Palestinians Murdered but NO MEDIA FUSS.  17 FRENCH Killed = MEDIA OUTRAGE

FALSE FLAG = Tragic that France used like USA on 9/ll = Deceived masses marching to USA-NATO’s WAR drumbeat again.


FALSE FLAG = All signs lead from French intel back to Langley, Virginia AQ

FALSE FLAG = Al-Qaeda (AQ) narrative = Classic CIA deception since they CONTROL AQ + ISIS(L) = A massive and elaborate CIA false flag operation

FALSE FLAG = Charlie Hebdo AQ/ISIS(L) Contract Killers = Dead CIA asset Anwar Al-Awlaki Connected to Washington-CIA = No alarm bells but lots of  mass produced Je Suis Charlie signs magically appear.

FALSE FLAG = Signs of an inside job = Pristine, undamaged passports found on scene + convenient suicide of INVESTIGATING Paris police commissioner

FALSE FLAG = AQ + ISIS(L) Murderers = Well known to French intelligence/CIA = Tracked and monitored over many years, arrested many times + allowed to train and plot in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, etc. = Telltale signs of guided military-intel operation.

FALSE FLAG = NATO war agenda = MAIN BENEFICIARY from this.

FALSE FLAG NEEDED = Reason attacks took place = France suffers from USA-sanctions against Russia. = Shipyards unable to deliver Russian orders + French economy is adversely impacted by sanctions on Russia.

FACT:  French president said sanctions against Russia should end = USA NO

OLD FALSE FLAG = Resurrected “Operation Gladio” = CIA bombing of Europeans after WW II that Washington blamed on communists = Now Muslims blamed when CIA’s AQ were the murderers.

FALSE FLAG = Now France is militarized = Like US after 9/ll = Empower French right-wing = Hostile takeover of the public mind

LAST 2 FALSE FLAGS = Sony-North Korea film The Interview + Charlie Hebdo = Both revolve around “free speech” and “free expression” = Phantom battle by those who care nothing for “freedoms”

FALSE FLAGGERS = LOVE NEW WARS that transfer wealth from MASSES TO THE SUPER-RICH + WIPE AWAY FREEDOMS = Another Patriot Act — This time for the French = Give up their rights to stop the contract “terrorists”

FALSE FLAG = The Powers impose forceful pro-war Propaganda on the uninformed public.

FALSE FLAGS = Weaponize a stupid movie + Crude magazine Charlie Hebdo

FALSE FLAG = Watch people become bloodthirsty, vengeful, unthinking and war-loving.

CIA = Ongoing mission = Plant its assets and propaganda into the media and arts to control all debate. = Huge push relishing the speed and effectiveness of technology and social media.

FALSE FLAGS = Over the years = Loss of thousands of innocent lives in endless, brutal and criminal wars.

FACT:  No CIA = No Al-Qaeda + No ISIS = No Charlie Hebdo MURDERS.

FACT:  No CIA = No 9/ll = No “war on terrorism” = No ISIS(L) deception


HOW MANY FALSE FLAG AGENTS does it take to pull off a false flag?

FALSE FLAG = One agent for getaway car ready at a Kosher Restaurant

FALSE FLAG = Perpetrators’ 1st Car, a black Citroen = abandoned at restaurant

FALSE FLAG = Grey Renault provided for the murderers to flee

FALSE FLAG = Look at how carefully getaway car was parked at Kosher Deli = Attackers in no hurry to escape since another car was ready for 2nd leg.

FALSE FLAG = French police claim Renault getaway vehicle was “carjacked” to cover fact it was provided by Jewish accomplices.

FALSE FLAG = Anomalies support false flag operation = Shouts of “The Prophet Has Been Avenged” enunciated in perfect French but Muslims express in Arabic.

FALSE FLAG = Anomaly = How did perpetrators know Charlie Hebdo HQs was holding a full member staff meeting at the very hour of their attack? Insider?

FALSE FLAG = Anomaly = How did gunmen know the names of their targets = Asked people from a list of names who they are, before shooting. No random shooting like normal terrorists.

FALSE FLAG = Anomaly = Neatly parked ‘abandoned’ car conveniently had ID of one of ‘terrorists.’ = Typical Mossad Trick to set up a patsy “ID” on commando?

FALSE FLAG = Further inflame Islamophobia in French establishment that has put forth pro-Palestinian overtures of late…greatly “disappointing” Tel Aviv.

FALSE FLAG = Right on cue, Netanyahu chimed in, “The heinous acts in Paris today won’t be the last.” = Yet another Jewish deception fools the Goyim.

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