“Caltech professor claims Israeli spy infiltrated JPL” by Zen Vuong, Pasadena Star-News Nov 13, 2014

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Case study of how U.S. taxpayer funded scientific technology is stolen by Israel.  A trial setting conference is on February 24, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.

Physics professor at Caltech = Israeli research assistant sent NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory secrets to a top Israeli government rocket scientist in violation of federal law.  Dr. Troian is employed as a tenured Full Professor at Caltech in Pasadena.

WHISTLEBLOWER ON THE ISRAELI ROBBERY = Distinguished physicist named Dr. Sandra Troian, recruited from Princeton, has won numerous scientific awards, and serves on national and international scientific boards.

Dr. Troian says an Israeli postdoctoral student blatantly violated US laws and transmitted information on potential space technology to Israel.

Caltech physics professor charged a small group of Caltech professors and administrators ignored Israeli spying and theft of taxpayer-funded U.S. technology.  Case describes subversion of one of America’s most important scientific institutions and robbery of USA National Technical Secrets.  So high-level Caltech Administrators retaliated against Professor Dr. Sandra M. Troian by making her working conditions intolerable after she reported to the FBI that Israelis robbed sensitive information from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory violating federal export laws.  Two firms filed a lawsuit against Caltech in LA Superior Court

The Caltech professor says an Israeli spy infiltrated JPL.

Professor Troian says CalTech allowed an Israeli spy on campus for two years.  The professor reported that the Israeli violated federal laws and shared classified information with his home country on the Internet.  CalTech ignored the school’s whistleblower policy and retaliated against her for the past four years.

$8 Billion Contract with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory =  Administrators were afraid of losing had they documented her concerns.

Deeply disturbing Israeli Robbery of Caltech Secrets = A small group of Caltech professors and administrators, with Israeli TIES, ignored Israeli spying and theft of taxpayer-funded U.S. technology and then retaliated against the professor for reporting it.

Caltech Provost Edward Stolper = Israeli TIES with an honorary Israeli degree = One of group leading the robbery.  = D.Phil.h.c., Hebrew University

Stolper = Repeatedly tried to intimidate Troian, saying people at Caltech “feared” him and that she would be “miserable” if she did not cooperate with him.

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Stolper = Used his power to deny Troian $1+ Million in grant funds

Stolper = Threatened Professor’s access to post-doctoral researchers

Stolper = Tried to tar her with (unfounded) accusations of scientific misconduct.

Stolper + Caltecn Israeli Symathizers = Launched an escalating retaliatory campaign against the Professor for trying to stop the Israeli’s illegal activities.

The complaint says that Stolper and others worked to impede information from reaching the FBI, which was investigating possible Israeli spying and infiltration at Caltech and robbed secrets from Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Professor Troian said she is frightened for her career = “I’m shocked at what happened because I know that I did the right thing, and I absolutely refuse to break the law…I thought Caltech would appreciate knowing about certain problems and security leaks.…Caltech is filled with good scientists and very honorable people. I think the group that decided to come after me — they themselves are very unethical.”

2010 Started with Israeli entering as research assistant.

2012 FBI agents interviewed Troian about security breaches at JPL by Israeli.

Israeli = Former Israeli assistant to Professor violated the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and possibly violated the espionage act during time at JPL and Caltech

Caltech officials = Threatened to terminate the tenured professor and protected the Israeli stealing the technical secrets.

Caltech officials = Denied Professor about $1.1 million in research funding

Caltech officials = Accused Professor of plagiarism and research falsification

Caltech officials = Accused Professor of mistreating the Israeli postdoctoral researcher that robbed the secrets

Professor = Accused University of added fictitious negative reports in her personnel file.

Professor = Demands a jury trial regarding Caltech retaliated against Troian for reporting robbery of National secrets = A breach of the contract and violated covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

Pasadena attorney = Said national security concerns are at stake by Israel robbery.

Attorney = Demands Caltech remove “false and slanderous defamatory comments” from Troian’s professional record.

Attorney = Seeks punitive damages to hold Administration publicly accountable for their conduct. = Potential for multibillion-dollar verdicts

Edward Stolper, Caltech’s provost, is said to have told Troian that if she did not cooperate with him, he would help make her “miserable,” the suit says.

“God, if you think you’ve had a bad two years, wait for the next two years of being confrontational with Caltech. It just won’t be fun,” he allegedly said according to the suit.

The Israeli is a researcher named, Amir Gat. He is now back in Israel as a  assistant professor of mechanical engineering at an Israeli government institution.

Troian says a virus attack in May 2010 uploaded hundreds of project files on her computer to an unknown IP address outside of Caltech. The Israeli Gat,  she later discovered put the virus on her computer to Rob the files.  She repeatedly reported this robbery to Caltech officials, according to the lawsuit.

Gat admits he shared details of a top-secret new space micropropulsion system with his ITT doctorate advisor in Israel without getting permission from the U.S. government.  The Israeli advisor is a member of Israel’s National Steering Committee for Space Infrastructure of the Ministry of Science, chair of Israel’s National Committee for Space Research and chief scientist at the Ministry of Science and Technology, according to the suit.

Gat without approval from the U.S. Department of State, made 65 online postings containing key operating principles for the micropropulsion device, according to the lawsuit.

Stormer said Troian has never tried to hide anything, yet Caltech has done its best to hide everything.

“Lawsuit says Caltech Provost and others ignored Israeli spying and then retaliated against whistleblower”  by Alison Weir, If Americans Knew, January 14, 2015

Troian’s statements reveal significant subversion of one of America’s most important scientific institutions + SHOW how U.S. taxpayer funded scientific technology is stolen by Israel — A top espionage threat TO USA.


Troian began employment at Caltech in 2006 = Contract between her and Caltech + Only female faculty member in Applied Physics at Caltech + Holds research privileges at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (“JPL”) = federally-funded research by “NASA”.

Federal export control laws govern the conditions under which certain information, technologies, and commodities at JPL can be transmitted to other countries, or to unauthorized persons in the U.S. Several federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of State through its International Traffic in Arms Regulations (“ITAR”), administer federal export control laws.

Troian Reported Illegal robbery of USA secrets by her assistant – a Postdoctoral researcher, Amir Gat, to Caltech, but Caltech Refused to Take Action.

Gat, an Israeli foreign national, transmitted large amounts of information to Israel and now works at Technion in Israel = Electrospray Thruster Array Technology — New type of space micropropulsion system = Restricted technology = Means that Dr. Troian and all other project researchers could not divulge or export any project-related technical data to foreign end users or foreign destinations without U.S. government authorization.

Both Dr. Troian and Dr. Gat signed a Technology Control Plan (“TCP”) and addendum governing the Electrospray Project = Certified their understanding of their obligations not to disclose ITAR-restricted technical data to foreign persons or foreign countries without prior approval from the U.S. Department of State and that failure to comply with this obligation could subject them to criminal fines and penalties.

Gat refused to properly record and safeguard technical details of JPL device, as required by DARPA, the TCP, and ITAR. = Stored illegally on his personal computer.

Gat repeatedly entered erroneous numbers into the design software code when running project simulations, despite clear instructions from Dr. Troian and JPL researchers on which numbers to use.

Gat likely activated in May 25, 2010, a virus attacked Dr. Troian’s computer network at Caltech, causing hundreds of project files to be uploaded in rapid succession to an unknown IP address outside of Caltech and causing Caltech to disable Dr. Troian’s network for several days. = Traced virus to Gat’s computer, and notified Caltech officials of this fact.

ISRAELI CONTACT FOR GAT:  Daniel Weihs, professor at Israel’s Technion and a member of Israel’s National Steering Committee for Space Infrastructure of the Ministry of Science, Chair of Israel’s National Committee for Space Research, and Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Gat refused to tell Troian about the virus attack and to disclose the websites he had visited prior to the attack on the network.

May 28, 2010, Gat admitted to Troian he shared details of the Electrospray Project with Dr. Daniel Weihs, his Ph.D. advisor at ITT in Israel, without proper U.S. government approval. Gat refused to disclose to Troian what he sent to ISRAREL and Weihs.

June 3, 2010, Troian found Gat wandering alone, unauthorized, in one of her access-restricted experimental laboratories. Gat say Israel and Weihs recommended he “look around” at other ongoing aerospace projects so he could be hire by ISRAEL & Weihs — And he was.

Marionne Epallé, Caltech administrator who removed Gat’s papers after Troian reported him = Violated ITAR regulations. Epallé said she was ordered to do so — Probably by Stolper

Summer 2010, Troian reported to Caltech, her growing concerns that Gat was transferring information to Israel without proper U.S. government approval.

June 4, 2010, Troian met to request Epallé document Gat’s apparent violations. At least two JPL supervisors also reported Gat’s illegal activity to the JPL Special Programs Security Manager, who handles espionage concerns.  Caltech did not investigate Gat or take any actions to stop him.

Ares Rosakis, division chair, was one of the first people informed about Gat’s behavior. After Troian was questioned by the FBI Rosakis warned Troian her behavior was becoming “dangerous” for Caltech.

Aug 3, 2010 Troian dismissed Gat because of security concerns and instructed Gat to return all material belonging to the Project, but he refused. Troian did not have the power to terminate Gat’s employment.

Aug 4, 2010, Gat emailed a JPL supervisor and asked for permission to continue working on Troian’s project or other aerospace project. The supervisor denied Gat’s request and instructed Troian to secure all his materials in his possession.

Aug 8, 2010, Troian discovered Gat did 65+ posting literature on the Project on a public website since March 22, 2010 so users worldwide were linking to the site = All unauthorized and a key violation of JPL practices and ITAR and the TCP limits.

Aug 16, 2010, Troian met with Dr. Gharib. As Caltech’s Vice Provost of Research, responsible for investigating Gat’s violations and for securing his work-related materials.

Troian explained Gat’s erratic behavior and his admission that he had improperly transferred ITAR-controlled technical data to Dr. Weihs. Gat refused to document his fraud and refused to give her access to his laptop.

Gharib told Troian that he was “best friends” with Dr. Weihs, Gat’s Israeli advisor Gat’s Israeli accomplice. Gharib had already offered Gat a postdoctoral research scholar position in his own research group since she had terminated him.

No one at Caltech ever made Dr. Gat return his work files, or ever reviewed his laptop for ITAR information. It took several weeks to get Gat’s office keys. Gat removed the project-related information he improperly posted online illegally, after Troian terminated him from the Electrospray Project.

Gat worked in Gharib’s research group at Caltech from Aug 2010 to July 2012.

June 28, 2012, FBI agents told Troian there had been several security breaches at JPL and Gat was a focus of a larger investigation involving ITAR violations and possibly espionage, and asked her for information pertaining to his activities at JPL and Caltech.

FBI asked Troian about Gat’s whereabouts, and she replied that he was still on campus, because Gharib had taken Gat into his own research group immediately after she dismissed Gat. Agents asked why Gharib hired Gat, and she told the agents about Israeli Weihs’s relationship with Gharib.

FBI agents urged Troian to execute an affidavit but her fear of retaliation caused her to decline.

Caltech Israeli sympathizers accused Troian of Calling the FBI. They Retaliated and Intimidated Her.

Gharib admitted Gat spoke to Israeli Weihs about the Electrospray Project. He said Gat had “made a mistake” in violating laws.

Rosakis and Gharib threatened to bar Dr. Troian from hiring future postdoctoral research scholars, which would seriously impede her ability to perform her research. Troian pushed Gharib and Rosakis and they admitted that no formal complaints existed.

Stolper, Caltech provost told Troian she would be “miserable” if she didn’t cooperate.

July 22, 2012, Troian wrote a letter to Stolper asking him to address Drs. Gharib’s and Rosakis’s harassment and baseless allegations. Stolper told Troian that Caltech (he) did not like employees calling the (FBI) authorities. He repeatedly said, “You’re difficult. He told Troian he was “feared” on campus.

Stolper accused Troian of mistreating her researchers. Stolper again told her “everybody is afraid of me” and said he wondered why that was so. That same day, Gharib and Rosakis placed a false disciplinary warning in Dr. Troian’s personnel file without her knowledge. — that 3 researches “had serious complaints about working with [her]” – Complaints never shown but Caltech refused to remove the disciplinary letter from her file.

Dec 21, 2012, Stolper telephoned Troian to reiterate the “seriousness” of Gharib’s and Rosakis’s allegations that she had misappropriated a researcher’s work. He told Troian that her actions constituted “research misconduct,” and had “irreparably harmed” the reputation of the Institute. = Among the most serious and damaging CHARGE against a faculty member.

Stolper asked Troian to send him the slides from her APS presentation, and she immediately did so via intra-campus mail.

Stolper honored by Israel’s Hebrew University in 2012 is a longtime friend of the Hebrew University who also headed the first international academic review committee at the Faculty of Science”

Christmas Eve 2012, Stolper emailed Troian that he had not received the APS slides, and insinuated that she was delaying sending them in order to change them. Troian therefore spent part of Christmas Eve in her office at Caltech, re-transmitting the presentation files to Dr. Stolper.

December 29, 2012, Stolper wrote to Troian: “there can be no mitigation [of the alleged misconduct] based on any circumstances I can envision,” which effectively declared Troian guilty before any investigation.

January 4, 2013, Troian sent Stolper a detailed letter explaining that Gharib and Rosakis’s allegations were in retaliation for her speaking to the FBI, and that she had never engaged in any misconduct.

Caltech’s Whistleblower Policy = Prohibits “retaliation against an individual who makes a good faith disclosure of suspected wrongful conduct”

January 4, 2013 Troian sent second letter to complained to Stolper about Rosakis and Gharib’s retaliation against her for her disclosures to FBI. Stolper Instead of investigating Troian’s complaints as per Whistleblower Policy, Stolper further conspired with Gharib and Rosakis to silence Troian and to push her out of her job at Caltech.

February 26, 2014, Stolper told Troian that he intended to move forward with an investigation of Troian based on new documentation on her alleged misconduct from Gharib and Rosakis, but refused to share it with her. Caltech Conducted a Sham Investigation into the Charges Against Troian and Issued False Findings Against Her. Caltech’s charges against Troian amounted to charges of plagiarism and falsification of the research record = “research misconduct” Troian was therefore entitled to the protections set forth in the faculty Handbook’s Misconduct Policy.

Stolper March 1, 2013 letter said that Caltech was using the Misconduct Policy only as “guidance,” which, in effect, allowed Caltech to bend the rules and find Troian guilty regardless of the evidence uncovered in the investigation.

Throughout Caltech’s investigation, members of the Investigation Committee repeatedly denied that Troian had been charged with research misconduct and reiterated that they were merely using the Misconduct Policy as a “framework” for the investigation.

Stolper’s hand-picked Committee interviewed witnesses and collected evidence related to the charges against Troian. Troian submitted 198 pages of supporting documentation in her defense, though Caltech refused to show her the purported complaint as to which text, slides, plots, equations, data, or results were in dispute. Troian submitted an additional 200 pages of emails between herself and the researcher to the Committee that definitively proved the parties were in a friendly working relationship.

July 1, 2013, Stolper Committee released a Draft Report that ignored Troian’s exculpatory evidence, and presented new and unfounded allegations that Caltech had never given her an opportunity to address.

The Draft Report revealed there was never a formal complaint against Troian. Researcher refused to cooperate with the Investigation Committee, refused to be interviewed by the Investigation Committee, and refused to provide the Investigation Committee with actual evidence of plagiarism or misappropriation.

Aug 19, 2013, Dr. Troian responded to the Draft Report with a 125 page point-by-point rebuttal in her defense.

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