“Budget Skewed Against the Necessities of the People” – Intrview of RALPH Nader by Sharmini Peries on The Real News Network Dec 14, 2014



Click for Source Interview and Text of Nader Interview by Sharmini Peries on The Real News Network

RALPH NADER = Named as one of the MOST INFLUENTIAL FIGURES IN AMERICAN by The Atlantic + Time + Life magazines. Nader has helped make Americans safer within a safer environment over 4+ decades. He was instrumental in the creation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC), and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). He starting dozens of citizen groups to increase corporate and governmental accountability.

SHARMINI PERIES, EXEC. PRODUCER, TRNN: The $1.1 Trillion omnibus spending bill passed Dec 14, 2014 with American taxpayers footing the bill. Ralph Nader, only defense of American peope was Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) objecting to changes of the Dodd-Frank law on financial derivatives. What do you think?

RALPH NADER, FOUNDER, CENTER FOR STUDY OF RESPONSIVE LAW: The provision makes it once again easier for 5 BIG BANKS to speculate on abstract bets on bets that we call derivatives. Elizabeth Warren has opposed it, but she’s being overcome by her own president, Obama, who is urging the Democrats in the House vigorously and successfully to support the bill sponsored by GOP and written by Citgroup. That’s the awful dissonance inside the Democratic Party. Warren’s not going to be successful, but she’s at least taking a stand and arousing the ire of the American public useful for future struggles.

NADER: The budget is very badly skewed against the necessities of the American people and in favor of Corporate Militarism.

FACT: 50% of this $1.1 Trillion budget goes to the military + military aid to Israel of $3.1 billion + other aid.

NADER: A severe cut once again to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) = 21% Lower than in 2010 to cover even more burdens = Air + Water + Soil + Food + Human beings.

NADER: There’s an insane cut again to the IRS budget = GOP CUT $500,000,000 last year + $300,000,000 this year. = Every time they cut IRS the deficit GOES UP as IRS doesn’t have enough agents and investigators to deal with $300+ Billions in evaded taxes.

FACT: GOP complain about deficits = BUT Cuts the IRS’s ability to collect corporate taxes or other taxpayers’ taxes.

NADER: Judging this budget on human sanity = Indictment of twisted priorities and insane declarations by USA Congress = $BILLIONS for killing and destroying and warring + NEAR NOTHING for rebuilding our public works + More destruction of the social safety net for children + deprive + injured + poor + those exposed violence of pollution.

NADER: The Democratic Party is incapable of defending the American people from the worst Republican Party in history. Both are dialing for the same corporate dollars for campaigns. MONEY TALKS in WASHINGTON = Congress is a rogue branch of government = Worst Congress in USA History.

NADER: We’ve got to get to work back home in every congressional district to turn Congress around. Less than 1% of Americans organize the congressional districts = 3 million people represent the demands of the majority of Americans.

PERIES: What could the Democrats have done to bring about a better budget?

NADER: Democrats let the Republicans put them on the edge of the cliff of a government shutdown. Democrats allowed the Republicans to win the House in 2010, ’12, and ’14 when the GOP agenda is opposed by 70% to 80% of the American people. Democrats really did not campaign for the people. They campaigned for money from corporate executives to ensure their reelection.

PERIES: The executive decision Obama made on immigration was made almost impossible by Congress.

NADER: Some rabid Republicans wanted to block the budget bill, like Warren, just on the issue of immigration alone.

NADER: We’re proposing next year the Dismantling (in my book Unstoppable) of the Corporate State = An Emerging Left-Right Alliance to form an unstoppable majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate to stop corporate welfare, bailout subsidies, handouts, giveaways of the taxpayer money, of the natural resources on our public land, of our public airways. A left-right coalition = To fight crony capitalism and corporate welfare + Restore the minimum wage supported by 80% of voters.

NADER: The left-right coalition will challenge unconstitutional wars and destruction of our civil liberties under the notoriously named Patriot Act.

NADER: We stop the corporate-managed trade agreements = Trans-Pacific (TPP) trade agreement Obama wants Congress to pass next year. = Our Global Trade Watch alliance of right-wing groups see these trade agreements as devastating infringements on our local state and national sovereignty by CORPORATIONS. = We now have the votes in the House to block President Obama.

By using a left-right coalition we can get something done in this country. Media divide anf conquer uses the left-right battle to distract our attention from agree on many important redirections for our country.


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