“The Rise of German Imperialism and the Phony ‘Russian Threat'” by Prof. James Petras, Global Research, Dec 07, 2014

Click for Source Article by Prof. James Petras on GlobalResearch

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Raised Massive financial support from Large Companies in 1930s and 1940s and NOW!


NAZI PRINCIPLES = FIGHT Communist threat.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = 67% of German military troops = Directed at Russia.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Focused on ‘Russian Threat’ for conquest and occupation of the Ukraine, the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Baltic states

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Germans defeated = Extension of Russian Power

NAZI PRINCIPLES = US reinstated the Nazi industrial and banking giants

NAZI PRINCIPLES = US reinstates Nazi officials and intelligence operatives to rebuild German domestic economy and consolidate political power

NAZI PRINCIPLES = By late 1960’s Germany regained economic primacy at forefront of European ‘integration’ with UK and France = Germany came to dominate the principle decision–making in EU = EU served Germany’s conquest by stealth = ‘Aid’ and low interest loans to German COMPANIES.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Germany’s market penetration and financial expansion = Through out south and central Europe = Germany set agenda for EU = Gained economic dominance benefiting from US subversion of Eastern Europe, Russia and the Baltic and Balkan states.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Germany’s Great Leap Forward: The Annexation of East Germany and the Demise of the USSR = Germany’s world power would never have occurred if it had not annexed East Germany

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Takeover of East Germany secured Millions of skilled engineers, workers and technicians + Takeover of factories and farms + Eastern European/Russian markets for industrial goods, worth $Billions/yr.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Germany with East Germany = Emerged as most dynamic expansionist power in Europe = Former Warsaw Pact economies.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Annexation of East Germany + Overthrow of Communist governments in the East = Allowed German capitalists to dominate markets in the former Eastern bloc.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Seized control of major industrial enterprises via corrupt privatizations decreed by the newly installed pro-capitalist client regimes = Czech Republic + Poland + Slovakia + Hungary + Bulgaria + Baltic States

NAZI PRINCIPLES = “Privatized” and “De-nationalized” Trade + Media + Social service sectors = ‘Unified’ Germany resume a privileged Status

USSR Collapse = Russia fell into the hands of gangsters, emerging oligarchs and political proxies of USA capitalists = LARRY SUMMERS = Entire industrial infrastructure was decimated + Russia was converted to a giant raw-material export region.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Germany converted its trade relations with Russia from being equals into a ‘colonial’ pattern: Germany exported high value industrial products and imported gas, oil and raw materials from Russia.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = German power expanded exponentially with the Annexation + Capitalism in Eastern Europe + New client regimes eager to submit to German Dominated EU + NATO military command.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = German political-economic expansion accompanied by a US led military offensive – sparked by separatist movements = Yugoslavia + Slovenia + Croatia + Serbia + Kosovo — Kosovo Liberation Army ( KLA) = Regime change led to neo-liberal client states. + Montenegro and Macedonia became EU satellites.

US built largest military base in Europe in Kosovo.

NATO = Expanded US military presence up to Russia’s borders

NAZI PRINCIPLES = US HELPED Germany became continent’s pre-eminent economic power. = PART of the New World Order heralded by President Bush and Clinton based on unipolar military supremacy

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Germany advancing new imperial order by exercising its political and economic levers.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Two power centers = Germany (EU Control) + USA (NATO) = Shared conquest of new capitalist regimes up to Russia’s borders = Implementation of savage neoliberal “shock policies” of client rulers.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Client states now must “apply” for membership as subordinates in EU and NATO = LOSING trading sovereignty, markets and national ownership of the means of production.

EU Membership = Massive DEBT handouts + ‘free’ movement of labor = Escape valve for Millions of newly unemployed workers as low wage second class workers = Skilled immigrant workers at below labor market wages

USA uses secured NATO military bases and recruited military forces = Imperial Wars in Middle East and South Asian.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = US-German military and economic dominance in Europe = Retain Russia as a weak resource state to exploit.

USA = Uncontested NATO military supremacy throughout Europe = Springboard for imperial expansion in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and Latin America. = NATO now an ‘internationalized’ offensive global military power = Somalia + Afghanistan + Iraq + Libya + Syria + Ukraine

NAZI PRINCIPLES = New Cold War on Russia starting with SANCTIONS AND EMBARGO of Russian Goods

NAZI PRINCIPLES = ‘Decade of infamy’ (1991-2000) = Extreme NEO-LIBERAL privatization of Russia on behalf of EU and USA Gangster Oligarchs to do vast Pillage of the entire economy + Public treasury + destroyed NATION = MAKE RUSSIA SUBSERVIENT TO EU with NO independent Russian foreign policy + NO semblance of a modern functioning economy.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Maintains conquering Russia by EU + USA (NATO) = Make Russia a subservient failed state couched as the LIE of a “liberal democracy” in WESTERN MEDIA.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Hates rise of Vladimir Putin and the gradual replacement of some of the most egregious ‘sell-out’ neo-liberal officials + Reconstruction of the Russian state with a proper budget and functioning national institutions = Immediately a threat to US military supremacy and German economic expansion.

PUTIN = Russia’s transition from Western slave to regaining its status as a sovereign independent state

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Aggressive counter-offensive against Russia and Putin by the US-EU. = Financed a neo-liberal-oligarchy backed political opposition in an attempt to restore Russia to lave status using CIA MOTIVATED street demonstrations.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = FAILED Efforts to oust Putin and re-establish Western slave state. NOT like 1991 Yeltsin’s power grab + Gorbachev ineffectiveness.

PUTIN TEAM = In new century set new ground-rules, which allows oligarchs to retain their illicit wealth/conglomerates BUT oligarchs CANNOT use their economic levers to seize state power. + Putin revived scientific + technical + military + industrial + cultural institutions + centralized trade + investment decisions = Decision makers not beholden to Western policymakers.

PUTIN TEAM = Repair Russian security agencies to address threats emanating from West = EU + USA (NATO) sponsored ‘color revolutions’ in the Ukraine and Georgia.

PUTIN TEAM = Russia continues a capitalist state + Russia would consider a economic, political, and even NATO partnership + Even join NATO and EU.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = West encouraged Putin to join NATO + EU as they escalated their backing for Putin’s internal opposition.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Prepared a series of imperial wars and sanctions in the Middle East, targeting traditional Russian allies in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = ‘Internal’ subversive strategies failed to dislodge President Putin as he moved Russia from a slave state.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = So Western Media has demonized Putin constantly and with ever increasing shrillness = An ‘outsider strategy’, to isolate, encircle and undermine the Russian state by undermining Russia’s allies and trading partners.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = USA + Germany (EU+NATO) now confront Russia = With Faked Manufactured “Russian Threat”

NAZI PRINCIPLES = USA + Germany (EU+NATO) enticed Russia to support their wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya in exchange for the promise of deeper integration into Western markets.

USA + Germany (EU+NATO) = Accepted Russian co-operation, including military supply routes and bases, for their invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. NATO even secured Russian support of sanctions against Iran + Russia’s naïve support of a “no fly zone” over Libya to launch a full scale aerial war.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = While Russia cooperated USA financed so-called “color revolutions” in Georgia and the Ukraine overt = Dress rehearsals for the 2014 violent seizure of power to impose NATO and anti-Russian rulers as willing slave states to Germany and USA.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Germany spearheaded EU imperial advance in the Balkans and Moldavia, countries with strong economic ties to Russia. High ranking German officials “visited” the Balkans to bolster their ties with slave regimes in Slovenia, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Croatia.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Under German direction, the EU ordered the slave Bulgarian regime of Boyko “the booby” Borisov to block the passage of Russian owned South Stream pipeline to Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia and beyond. = Bulgarian state lost $400 Million/Year in revenue.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Germany (EU) + USA (NATO) slave politician Iurie Leanca as Moldavian Prime Minister = Lost $150 Million in exports to Russia — 57% of citizens see Russia as its most important economic partner + 40% of Moldavian working age population works in Russia + 25% of Moldavians’ $8 billion GDP is accounted for by exports.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders steamrolled over dissenting voices in Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Moldova, and Bulgaria who depend on Russian economy and exports to survive + block Russian gas and oil pipeline.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Germany’s all out economic warfare against Russia takes precedent over the interests of its slave states who sacrifice their quality of life for NAZI GOALS.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Another Emerging German Empire + USA (NATO) military are encircling Russia for an OVERTHROW AS ROMNEY PREDICTED HE WOULD DO!

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Extremely crude dictates of German imperial interests articulated through the EU, and the willingness of slave states like Balkan and Baltic regimes to sacrifice fundamental economic interests = Best indicators of the emerging German empire in Europe.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = Parallel to Germany’s rabid anti-Russian economic campaign, the US via NATO is engaged in a vast military build-up along the length and breadth of Russia’s frontier.

NAZI PRINCIPLES = USA stooge, NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg, boasts that NATO has increased 5-fold (in a YEAR) the warplanes and bombers patrolling Russian maritime and land frontiers, carried out military exercises every two days and vastly increased the number of war ships in the Baltic and Black Sea.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = Absolutely clear USA (NATO) + Germany (EU) = Want Russia returned to SLAVE STATE STATUS of the 1990’s.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders do not want any ‘normal relations’ with Russia.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = HATE Putin restoration of the Russian state and economy.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = USE Western powers to sanction and threaten Russia and Putin by eliminating Russian allies/trading partners in Syria and Iran.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = Created NAZI extremist anti-Russian regimes in Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania to serve as the forward shield for NATO advancement and German economic encroachment.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = Hitler’s ‘dream’ of conquest of the East via unilateral military conquest. = Prime Minister Merkel GOAL of conquest by stealth in Northern and Central Europe + Economic blackmail in the Balkans + Violent OVERTHROWS in the Ukraine and Georgia.

German economic ruling class is DIVIDED between BIG GROUP that wants USA-NATO to DOMINATE while sacrificing lucrative trade with Russia today in order to dominate and pillage the entire Russian Economy = ‘reborn undr Yeltsin clones’ as a SLAVE STATE to NAZIS.

German minority industrial sector = Wants to end sanctions and return to normal economic relations with Russia.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = Germany fears its slave nations in the East (Especially Balkans) will have a popular upheaval due to the economic sacrifices imposed by NAZIS on the population.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = So Germany wants the new NATO rapid deployment force to be used to counter a non-existent “Russian threat” = Reality is to prop up faltering SLAVE regimes that might be OVERTHROWN.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = MEDIA SPIBS The ‘Russian Threat’ to drive the USA (NATO) + German (EU) offensive = Replay of same HITLER doctrine used for securing domestic industrial bankers + RICH Conservative right wing USA extremists USED to TAKE Ukraine, Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = US-EU seizure of power using slave regimes backed by corrupt oligarchs and Nazi street fighters in Ukraine detonated the current power grab = Top security threat to the very existence of Russia as an independent state.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = Created a Kiev take-over with NATO stooge regime in Kiev = GOAL is militarily eliminating the independent regions in the Southeast and seize back Crimea = Eliminating Russia’s strategic position in the Black Sea.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = Russia is victim of power grab But WESTERN MSM demonized Russia as the “aggressor”. = ECHO THE BIG LIE!

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = Two decades of US NATO military advances on Russia’s borders and German-EU economic expansion into Russian markets.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = Ukraine is Strategic military platform for USA-NATO to launch attack on the Russian heartland = Single largest market for Germany since the annexation of East Germany — ASIDE They also Loves Ukraine conquest for extreme value as GRAIN BELT.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = Launching an all-out offensive to strangle Russia’s economy via sanctions and dumping oil and to militarily threaten Russia. = Reduce Russians to poverty to create a CIA OVERTHROW of the Putin government and RETURN it to a SLAVE STATE to NAZIS.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = USA + Germany Imperial Elitists = Look beyond Russia to encircle ,isolate and attack China from the West as well as the East.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = Rabid proponents of a permanent war to end Russia’s presence in Europe and to undermine China’s emergence as a world power, they are willing to go to the BRINK of a NUCLEAR WAR.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = Centerpiece of US-German imperial expansion and conquest in Europe and the Caucuses = MEDIA HYPES the non-existent “Russian Threat” to implement sanctions damaging EUs SLAVE STATES = Phony justification.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = Impose frightful sacrifices on EUs SLAVE STATES for IMPERIAL GAINS by USA + GERMANY.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = Fearing rebellion in the EUs SLAVE NATIONS as excuse FOR NATO ATTACK ON RUSSIA.

CONCLUSIONS OF NAZI PRINCIPLES = German (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders = Hope under siege, Russia will be forced to make sacrifices and the oligarchs will flee westward + Liberals will crawl under their beds.

LOOK OUT NAZIS = Just as the Soviets turned the tide of war in Stalingrad, the Russian people will survive, thrive, and become once again a beacon of hope to all people looking to get out from under the tyranny of NAZI PRINCIPLES and Germany (EU) + USA (NATO) empire-builders and AIPAC-LONDON-WALL STREET dictators.


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