We Dehumanize Those We Want to Exploit – Eddie Conway on Reality Asserts Itself — Mr. Conway, Leader of Black Panthers, says police are asked by society to control the poor as if they are fighting a war, so anything goes – Interview by PAUL Jay on THE REAL NEWS NETWORK – November 26, 2014

Click for Source Interview “EDDIE” Conway and Text by Paul Jay on THE REAL NEWS NETWORK

Marshall “Eddie” Conway = Was a Leader of the Baltimore chapter of the Black Panther Party and was released from prison on March 4, 2014 after 44 years in prison. He published a and is now a producer at the Real News Network.

PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: The extremely secretive Ferguson grand jury declined to indict the officer that shot Michael Brown. We’re told Michael Brown moved towards the officer. If there’d been a trial, information could have come out and people could have had some transparency. It just plays on essentially racist imagery.  The point is we don’t really know what happened.  The main themes in your book was your decision early on to defend your humanity, that the prison system, part of what it does is try to grind down your humanity, kind of turn you into an animal that will then be herded by guards. But that’s true outside this link of racist ideology and dehumanization of those we want to super exploit.

CONWAY:  In prison the guards keep authority by continuously dehumanizing every person — they took away all of our personal items — No individual identity.  And that same process takes place out in the community and I rode past several young men setting on the side of the street with handcuffs behind their back with police standing over them — Constantly reinforcing their authority by dehumanizing the population.

JAY: Back during slavery, they eliminated individual identity — It was illegal to read or learn how to read to prevent slaves from being a fully conscious human — To super exploit them — Mass incarceration is pretty close to slavery with extremely low-wages – super-exploitation of what they consider “subhuman people.”

CONWAY: The people benefiting from this slavery are the multinational corporations as they grow their bottom line profits.  Slavery and prisons proved White-Security of their stuff from the unemployed, or hungry, or in dilapidated housing, or no housing — keeping them anyway as they fight over crumbs.  Sometimes they look for money and goods and might strike out.

Police as guardians of society try to find out who represents a threat, who might organize, who might stand up and speak out against society — Police use a constant level of harassment to see who will respond. And once that person responds by resisting arrest or not obeying an order, that person goes to the prison system, that person is labeled — And loses his right to vote.

Police encounters are primarily for the community to see that any outspoken person — See what happens to any person that stand up?

JAY:  Like a prison guard the police need to establish authority using fear that is part of that dehumanization by authority figures — Cops are doing that on the beat with harassment and pushing and prodding or stop-and-frisk or beatings to enforce authority — You just have to be afraid of us.  Elitists in the community want this oversided fear to be internalize so they don’t act out — They want the police force to be the hammer and to go to extraordinary means.

CONWAY:  You see COPS constantly doing harassment for very petty things. 10% of people arrested have done violence in the community.  The other 90% are locked up for either small amounts of marijuana or loitering — nonviolent offenses — Directly related to the police harassment — 75% of the people in the prison system are people of color.

This irrational system that dehumanizes the people also desensitizes the police who quickly view the community as enemy territory — like Vietnam — a hostile war zone and they act accordingly to protect the elitists.

JAY:  The economic side of this is the Elitists wants a massive pool of unemployed people to put pressure on keeping wages low.  But some  segments of the unemployed are super-exploited — taking jobs at the lowest end of the pay scale — Mostly people of color — Elitists see it as a competitive advantage for the USA — Using racism and police oppression to keep people living in poverty from acting out using the hammer.

CONWAY:  One of the things as the USA deindustrialized was a boom in the prison-industrial complex. As the factories were closed these communities began giving tax incentive to recruit prisons and keep them at 80% of capacity = Elitists’ profit-making was insured by keeping the poor population incarcerated in prison –  Fill up those prisons for enormous profits.

CONWAY:  They’ve created divide and conquer MINDSET — White people can’t work with black people or urban youth — constantly in clashes with the population that’s black. And so it distracts everybody from what’s really going on. Both groups of people are being super-exploited. But we can’t organize and we can’t get together and look at the common cause of our problem, because we’re right there in each other’s face.

JAY:  The Elitists, STATE, and Media are always in defense of the police to maintain CONTROL.  The Elitists will not allow civilian review of the police that would have real authority to hire and fire the chief, hire and fire cops, simply make force used beyond reasonable force illegal and charge cops and send them to jail.

The undermining coercive authority enforces these unfair social conditions and racism is a tool that underlies it all — The black man’s a threat and so mass incarceration continues.

CONWAY:  Black and Latino officers can be just as aggressive and committed to suppressing people in the poor communities as the white officers are. = It’s a mindset created by concept of white supremacy and institutional racism. All guards and police see the community as a threat.

JAY:  Cops take impoverished areas with higher crime and violence as a given.

CONWAY:  The problem is Socialization and education in the community–Early on, young people are socialized to see society to think the people around their neighborhood are not humans — they’re diminished in some capacity or simply not using their God-given talents to change their conditions. = They are taught to blame themslves — THE VICTIMS.

JAY:  So since it’s their fault, police can use force to control them, because if they did better, they’d be out of the neighborhood.  And the Circle of reinforced poverty and prison continues.

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