A Republican agenda that could win nationally by Chris Ladd Nov 11, 2014 in Houstn Chronical

Click for Source Article by Conservative Chris Ladd in the Houston Chronicle



BILLIONAIRES = Greed and Arrogance = Corruption in business and politics

BILLIONAIRES = Produce a very unhealthy condition of Irritation in the popular mind — Teddy Roosevelt, 1906

Republicans = Forgot what it means to protect their Heart of Commerce.

Republicans = Swamped in an accelerating world of fear often dipping into paranoia.

Republicans = Won an election on the power of paranoia, but they refuse to govern.

SAVE THE GOP = That can thrive in these conditions = Refocus on a simple core value = All AMERICANS have a fair opportunity to develop, capitalize and reap the rewards of our talents and efforts in the marketplace.

Republicans = Do NOT guarantee outcomes = We leverage every ounce of our energy to pry open and hold open the gates of opportunity. = Commitment to free markets = Adam Smith repeatedly warned of the dangerous tendency of unrestrained markets to descend into monopoly + corruption + Then collapse. = Requires constant, careful regulation.

Republicans MISTAKES = So little regulation a few powerful people pervert Markets entirely = Destroyed the those markets rewarding merit and effort.

Republicans MISTAKES = Destroyed Markets under weak-inept government.

Republicans MISTAKES = Reward criminal and powerful interests with Government Welfare, TAX dodges, and legalized criminal ANTI-COMPETITIVE INSIDER Scams and related activities.

Republicans MISTAKES = Tied governments hands to prevent White-Collar justice being served + Violently stole the labor and resources of an enslaved people.

Republicans MISTAKES = VIEWS government and regulation as our enemy and the enemy of markets.

FACT: Americans are pessimistic as they see profits and the market at NEW HIGHS yet MOST Americans SHARE NONE OF THOSE BENEFITS as USA is RANKED #1 in WEALTH and INCOME INEQUALITY in the developed world.

FACT: Unemployment is approaching Reagan-era lows nut the JOBS DON’T PAY A LIVING WAGE

Republicans MISTAKES = GOP has PROPAGATED the ending of the USA the middle class as we knew it.

Republicans MISTAKES = Encouraged concentrated power, wealth and opportunity in fewer and fewer hands.

Republicans MISTAKES = Continue to peddle 20th century solutions that have NO relevance to today’s problems.

100 Years Ago Republicans = Were in vanguard of constructive efforts to use government to protect the integrity of markets.

Teddy Roosevelt and Taft = Regulate child labor + Broke down Monopolies + Led the fight against lynching + Supported women’s right to vote + Pressed for Federal laws mandating equal pay for women + Passed the nation’s first conservation and environmental protection laws + Created the Environmental Protection Agency + Nixon set a Federal minimum income + Laws to protect workers from dangerous and exploitative conditions.

GOP Challenges = Same commitment to limited but intelligent government holds the key to solving them + Open our minds to honestly look at today’s inconvenient realities all around us — Changing demographics and massive inequality of opportunity and income.

Health care – Americans increasingly understand, there can be no free, just access to markets so long as a simple illness can destroy everything one has earned.

Cultural values – Human and human values are too precious to be commoditized. Place Human factors and principles above PROFIT!

Authoritarian imposition of sectarian religious values on people = Fails everytime. Must be replaced with compassion, facts, evidence, and the pursuit of humane values that are vastly more successful.

Safety net – America today generates more profit than ever before with less demand for labor than ever before. Many people lack the family resources to support years of fantastically expensive HIGHER education + Years of career experimentation + Economic jolts of unplanned career changes = Rewards of this new economy are simply out of reach.

Safety net – To hold open the doors of opportunity for everyone, regardless of poor luck, illness, or other disadvantage.

GOP MISTAKE = Demonizing the poor

Safety net = Refocus greater investment to accessing the bottom rungs of the economic ladder — HELP GET A LEG UP + REDUCE DEBTS OF OUT YOUNG.

Safety net = Shift away from the welfare state (mostly going to the SUPER-RICH) toward a minimum income = Proposed by Nixon era Republicans

FACT: Climate change is real = Driven by human carbon emissions.

GOP MISTAKES = Ignores Climate Change that is a threat to civilization unmatched by any challenge we have ever confronted. Denial is a humiliating scandal that undermines our credibility on every other issue.

NEW GOP GOAL: Be on the leading edge of carbon reduction and climate mitigation strategies that preserve the influence of market forces and preserve the potential of carbon reduction technology to stimulate prosperity and employment.

FACT: Markets bring freedom and prosperity

FACT: NO organized National Military offers a meaningful challenge to USA Security.

GOP MISTAKES = Subvert markets with foreign violence has DESTROYED MARKETS and our goals = Cannot be tolerated = Violates the spread of our values of freedom and prosperity abroad and creates chaos that destroys markets. Chaos more than any organized deliberate enemy threatens us.

NEW GOP GOAL: America should use its influence and resources to build peace and prosperity and tackle the civilian challenges. Imagine if we poured our energy and resources into the Peace Corps at the same level we devote to the military + those resources are combined with the resources and talents of other free nations.

Immigration – An tremendous asset throughout our history = One of the greatest drivers of our success is our constant influx of ambitious new immigrants.

GOP MISTAKES = Depressingly self-defeating history is our consistent fear and suspicion of these CRITICALLY IMPORTANT new arrivals. + Current immigration policy makes LEGAL immigration into the US nearly impossible for most — Costing us and our economy enormously.

GOP MISTAKES = Counter-productive fear of cultural changes new migrants bring hobble our efforts to incorporate these new neighbors and open the doors of opportunity to their contributions.

NEW GOP GOAL: As the party of commerce our natural allies are immigrants who must have a path to legalization and full integration including their productivity = New, rational, enforceable laws for orderly, legal immigration.

FACT: Drug prohibition – Drug War and Prohibition = A catastrophic failure costing $Trillions and damaging or destroys many MILLIONS OF LIVES.

NEW GOP GOAL = Remove prohibition and make more intelligent laws to minimize the impacts of addiction.

GOP MISTAKES = TAX CODE REWARDS THOSE WHO HURT OUR COUNTRY AND OUR ECONOMY by rewarding those who dodge their tax obligations = Big Corporations pay NEAR ZERO TAXES and MANY actually pay NEGATIVE TAXES via $BILLIONS or at least $Millions in incentives.

NEW GOP GOAL: Remove most of the TAX DODGES and MOST of the 14,000 LOOPHOLES that CPAs and Tax Attorneys INSTILLED in the TAX CODE. STOP $BILLIONAIRE hedge fund managers who in many cases are EXTRACTING FROM OUR ECONOMY (no productive activity) earn $ Billion or at least $10s of Million while paying taxes HALF THE TAX of MOST Americans (capital gains rate).

NEW GOP GOAL: End tax breaks for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th….MULTIPLE-Homeowners — $BILLIONAIRES AND BANKSTERS who live a few dats at most in each home — Many in foreign lands. = Significantly greater Benefits than we spend on food stamps each year.

NEW GOP GOAL = END Tax Exceptions, exemptions, loopholes and their accompanying complexity = Invitation to mischief and Fraud = A punishment to honest taxpayers = EMPLOYS SPECIALIZED TAX CHEATERS.

FACT: None of these goals are on currently part of the Republican policy agenda.

Republican hero Teddy Roosevelt and many in GOP up to Eisenhower recognized that restraining the excesses and failures of capitalism is essential to preserving the power of markets. + Commerce depends on competition, and competition is weakened when fewer and fewer of us are allowed in the ring.

SAD FACT: These policy shifts are essential to Republican survival = But current GOP reality has NO coherent, practical vision other than DENYING CHANGE to the STATUS QUO.

FACT: For GOP to survive Republicans must collectively gather the courage to participate in a world of facts and rejoin the debate over America’s future with eyes wide open AND be in a position to help lead the way toward a wealthier, freer, most just America.

The way is open, at least for now, if we are ready to take it.

“No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the greater part of the members are poor and miserable. It is but equity, besides, that they who feed, clothe and lodge the whole body of the people, should have such a share of the produce of their own labour as to be themselves tolerably well fed, clothed, and lodged.”

— Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, Book 1, Ch. VIII



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