“The secret report that helps Israel hide fact: The slickness of Israel’s spokesmen is rooted in directions set down by the pollster Frank Luntz” by PATRICK COCKBURN 2014

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Israeli spokesmen must explain how they MURDERED 2,167 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 500 Children in 5 weeks — many children were sleeping in UN Schools, Hospitals, or in their homes.

FACT: On Israeli television, radio, and newspapers, Israeli GOV spokesmen like Mark Regev appear slicker than their predecessors, who showed complete indifferent to Palestinian MURDERS. They use the playbook based on a professional, well-researched and confidential study on how to influence public opinion used in America and Europe — Written by GOP PROPAGANDIST Frank Luntz. The study was commissioned 5 years ago by The Israel Project, with offices in the US and Israel. Report is for those “who are on the front lines of the media war for Israel”.

Every page of the 112 page Luntz booklet is marked “not for distribution or publication” and it is easy to see why as “The Israel project’s 2009 Global Language Dictionary”, was leaked almost immediately to Newsweek Online.

The Luntz report should be required reading for everybody, especially journalists, interested in any aspect of Israeli policy because of its “dos and don’ts” for Israeli spokesmen — Illuminating the gap between what Israeli officials and politicians believe, and what they say that Americans want to hear. Israeli spokesman use themes and phrases from the report = Mr Regev and his colleagues.

Luntz booklet is meaty saying “Americans agree that Israel ‘has a right to defensible borders’, but never define exactly what those borders are or should be — Never talk about borders as pre- or post-1967 — LOSES 30% of its favorability — because it reminds Americans of Israel’s AWFUL military history.

The right of Palestinian refugees to return home after being expelled/fled in 1948 or following years — Luntz advice is say “the right of return is a tough issue for Israelis to communicate effectively because much of Israeli language sounds like the ‘separate but equal’ words of the 1950s segregationists and the 1980s advocates of Apartheid. Luntz found conservative Americans don’t accept the concept of ‘separate but equal’.” So call it a “DEMAND” since Americans don’t like “demands.” “Then say ‘Palestinians aren’t content with their own state. Now they’re demanding territory inside Israel’.” — WORD Propaganda is the Luntz speciality.

Luntz notes Americans are fearful of mass immigration into the US, so mentioning “mass Palestinian immigration” into Israel will gain American support for Israel. Or say the return of Palestinians would “derail the effort to achieve peace”.

Luntz = Has a whole chapter on “isolating Iran-backed Hamas as an obstacle to peace”. Unfortunately, Operation Protective Edge created a problem for Israeli propagandists because Friendly relations with the PLO Fatah thanks to past Israeli invasions.

Luntz’s advice is mostly about the tone and presentation of the Israeli case. He says it is absolutely crucial to exude (FAKED) empathy for Palestinians: “Show Empathy for BOTH sides!” So Israeli spokesman are supposed to worry about the plight of Palestinians being MURDERED by Israelis and their bombs and shells.

LUNTZ in bold, underlined, capitalized Type says Israeli spokesmen must never, ever justify “the deliberate slaughter of innocent women and children” and they must aggressively challenge those who accuse Israel of MURDER and CRIMES. UN SCHOOL BOMBING MURDERED Palestinian Children in UN shelters — Very Hard for Israelis to explain.

LUNTZ provides a list of words and phrases to be used.
LUNTZ provides a list of WORDS to be avoided.


“The best and only way, to achieve lasting peace is mutual respect.”

“Israel’s desire for peace with the Palestinians should be emphasised at all times because this what Americans overwhelmingly want to hear.

If pressured for peace Israelis should say “one step at a time, one day at a time”, which will be accepted as “a commonsense approach to the land-for-peace equation”.

Luntz’s example of an “effective Israeli sound bite” = “I particularly want to reach out to Palestinian mothers who have lost their children. No parent should have to bury their child.”

Luntz study admits Israeli GOV does not want a two-state solution, but 78% of Americans do want 2-state solution and economic betterment for Palestinians should be emphasised.

Luntz got Netanyahu to say that it is “time for someone to ask Hamas: what exactly are YOU doing to bring prosperity to your people?” = ISRAELI hypocrisy saying this beggars belief after Israelis 7-year-old economic siege that reduced Gaza to ABJECT poverty and HORRIBLE misery.

LUNTZ wants every occasion or presentation by Israeli spokesmen geared to maximizing American and European impressions that Israel wants peace with the Palestinians and is prepared to compromise to achieve this. BUT all the evidence is that it does not.

ASIDE: Though it was not intended as such, Luntz guidelines reveal far more about modern Israel in times of war and peace than any other source.


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