Why aren’t the middle-classes staging a revolution? by Alex Proud, Telegraph (Thatcher Conservative NEWS) Sept 22 2014

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Why aren’t the middle classes revolting? Why aren’t we seeing scenes reminiscent of Paris in 1968? Moscow in 1917? Boston in 1773?

5,600 JOB LOST ON ROMNEY-STYLE SCAMS = Private Equity BC Partners LOADED UP Phones4U with £200m in DEBT = Then BC Partners paid themselves a £223m DIVIDEND BANKRUPTING THE Phones4U and it collapsed losing 5,600 JOBS. BC PARTNERS WALKED WAY WITH £20m in PURE FRAUD for THEIR PRIVATE EQUITY SCAMMING! EVEN the UK GOV was Stiffed of £90m in unpaid TAXES (VAT and PAYE). = You took a viable company, ran up ridiculous levels of debt, paid yourselves millions and then walked away, leaving unemployment and unpaid tax bills in your wake.

1987’s Wall Street MMOVIE = “Well, it’s not ideal, but really we need guys like him.”

If you’re part of the broad middle class, instead of shrugging and saying, “This is the world we live in” you should be in the streets, you should be calling for this sort of thing to be a jailable offense, and you should want to see these guys up in front of parliament (or, better yet, in stocks) explaining why they made around £3,500 for every person they put out of a job. The managing partner at BC Partners, should be ashamed to show his face in public and should be in PRISON for DESTROYING 5,600 FAMILIES LIVES making all of us POORER.

It’s just another example of people who “build and make nothing gutting businesses.

BC PARTNERS = Privatizing the profits and Socializing the losses = Makes us all poorer = All these guys care about is THEIR money — NOT society or JOBS.

This sort of utterly amoral screw-everyone capitalism has become much more prevalent in the last 15 years among the CRIMINAL financial elitists = Totally out of control. They learned from the crisis that the rest of us are so stupid to let them do THIS SCAM AGAIN and AGAIN destroying the middle classes for PERSONAL GAIIN.

THESE SCAMS have their roots in the early 80s with Reagan and Thatcher set a deregulatory train in motion that dismantled the legal framework that protected us from greedy scuzzballs.

1980s the middle classes went along with DEREGULATION SCAMS because we said “we were sick of the Left, tired of powerful unions” and we forgot about the inequality SCAMS of the 1920s that gave rise to regulations in the first place. + We thought the elitists had our interests at heart and would TRICKLE DOWN on 99.9%. The 0.1% must have found this pretty cute, as they knew the truth that they care nothing about SOCIETY or others and love the financial MIDDLE CLASS blood-letting.

MIDDLE CLASS = We had plenty of other distractions too. Booming house prices meant we felt rich while our incomes stagnated. Ditto easy credit and cheap consumer goods.

SUPER-RICH = Much more DEVIOUS and CLEVER than they once were with an army of people doing PR for them in various guises to COVERUP the SUPERRICH asset stripping of the world while pretending this is for everyone’s benefit. = A swarm of financial locusts have already DESTROYED MUCH of the middle middle classes and now they are after THE REST OF US = Jacking up your mortgage + Asset-stripping + Privatizing GOV service you rely on + Selling publicly-owned Assets used to OVERCHARGE MIDDLE CLASS.

SUPER-RICH = Won’t think twice. In fact, they won’t even think once. If they could figure out a way to sell your body from under you, they would. Then they’d get some business school shill to write an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about how this was inevitable – and how, really, you should be grateful.

SUPER-RICH = Have duped and screwed MIDDLE CLASS as “useful idiots” since 1980s.

MIDDLE CLASS REVOLT? It takes a long time to undo ALL THE GOOD that was done between the 1930s Reforms and the 1980. Plus we have plenty of entertaining distractions, but young people noticed that all those Facebook likes cannot buy a decent house. Sure INEQUALITY IS NOW AT 1920s HIGHS but still living standards are still OK except for the 50% living at or IN POVERTY in USA. Sure American YOUTH are BURDENED WITH STUDENT DEBTS their PARENTS MUST HELP PAY.

Troksky said “all revolutions were impossible until they became inevitable,” and we’re in that position right now. Everyone keeps telling us that FINANCIAL SCAMS causing losses of 5,600 JOBS are just the way things are so NO PAY RAISE this year. You’re used to it. But Paul Farrell of MarketWatch says 2017 may be the point when the middle classes really does snap.

Occupy Wall Street was the first sign of this rebellion. A howl of anguish from those who feel the SUPER-RICH FINANCIAL CLASS ARE NOTHING BUT SCAMMERS with UNWARRANTED AND UNEARNED WEALTH. There were many nice, well-educated, well-spoken people in OCCUPY who were angry enough to sleep on the GROUND in PROTEST. So some of the MIDDLE CLASS have already REVOLTED and MORE ARE READY to SOON as they see the LACK OF FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES for so many even NOW in places like St Louise and Chicago.

MIDDLE CLASS REVOLT = Start identifying downwards, rather than upwards that is when elitists really need to start watching their backs = Especially ROMNEY-STYLE FINANCIAL SCAMMERS.

PRIVATE EQUITY = SCAMS like Phones4U speeds up the 2017 timeline as The 0.1% have abandoned any sense of restraint and NO enlightened self-interest; it’s all naked self-interest. They want everything, they want it now and they want from it from you.

The next time will MAKE OCCUPY WALL STREET look like a small DINNER PARTY as WORK STOPPAGES and MASS ANGER SHOW UP everywhere. People on ordinary incomes won’t be hiding their homes, they’ll be joining in or at least cheering from the sidelines.

Boy, ya gotta hand it to the superrich. When they want to distract, they are masters.

I hope we can rebalance our society before this has to happen, but I rather fear we’ve passed that point.


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