Why Obama Must Bomb ISIS(L):  Information Clearing House (ICH) by Steve Bremen, October 07, 2014

Click for Source Article on the Information Clearinghouse by Steve Bremen

Every national peace group opposes Obama’s war against ISIS(L).

Every national peace group opposes Congress-sanctioned arming of “moderate” Syrian rebels = $500,000,000

FACT: ISIS leader al-Baghdadi was brutalized in Abu Ghraib

The anti-war movements uses irrefutable historical, political, economic and cultural analysis focused on the past thirteen years of bloody, wasteful, failed wars.

FAILED WARS = Afghanistan + Iraq + Libya + Pakistan + Yemen + Somalia

  • The anti-war movement advance positive agendas with “better choices”:
  • Diplomacy and Real humanitarian assistance
  • Improved relations with Iran
  • United Nations to halt the flow of financing and weapons to ISIS(L) from Oil Monarchs
  • UN-directed negotiations to end the civil war in Syria
  • Mobilize to solve REAL problems in the region—poverty, hunger, drought, joblessness.

What to Do About ISIS(L) – A randomized List:

  • Recognize US policy has become little more than a New Enemy Creation Process
  • USA cracks down on those financing ISIS(L) and removes them from Allies List
  • USA can crack down on the banks that store the loot
  • Recognize thirteen years of failed experience, pain, shame and waste
  • USA War on Terror spawned new offices that restrict funding to terrorist
  • Strong paper regulations forbidding banks to service terrorists/organized crime
  • Hit ISIS(L) economically – Cut all funding sources
  • Crack down on ISIS’s weapons supply — Stop shipping arms
  • Address political grievances of local populations
  • Stop those with fantastical worldviews making/implementing US foreign policy
  • End US acting as world policeman and benign hegemon
  • Be skeptical of ALL humanitarian claims for war
  • Rein in presidential war making powers
  • Stop bombing – It creates more enemies and more radical enemies
  • Make restitution for damages inflicted on Iraq and Libya
  • US joins the International Criminal Court
  • Begin withdrawing US forces from overseas
  • Lead a multinational international response
  • Reduce the Power of the Vested interest in the Terror-Industrial-Complex
  • Provide humanitarian aid
  • Target Turkish, Iraqi, and other oil dealers who purchase Black Mkt OIL
  • Close routes along 750 mile Turkey-Syria-Iraq = smuggling routes
  • Negotiate end to Turkey’s war against Kurds
  • Restrict ISIS’s Weapons and Ammo Supplies
  • Reduce flow of weapons and foreign fighters across Turkey’s border into Syria
  • Stop sending arms+tanks+armored personnel carriers as ISIS(L) gets them
  • NOTE: Mosul invasion – ISIS(L) picked up USA WAR TOOLS left by Iraqi Army
  • STOP Obama and bipartisans in Congress = Want Saudis to Train MORE KILLERS
  • Avoid completely the deployment of “boots on the ground”
  • Stop training Killers — Formerly “moderate” Syrian killers now fight for ISIS
  • Stop justifying any level of violence and collateral damage in service to policy
  • Attempt to heal the wounds inflicted on Syrian and Iraqi Sunnis
  • Recognize and End Policies that gather momentum + lose flexibility over time
  • Reduce the recruitment and flow of Westerners to ISIS(L)
  • END conflicts that fuel “ISIS(L)’s appeal = ISIS(L) thrives on conflicts
  • Remove those who see US bombs as problem solvers
  • Focus War on Terror-Industrial Complex on reforming foreign policy
  • End trying to Maximize generating enormous sums for contractors
  • Include Iran in peace talks
  • Increase US+West+Big Oil food, water, shelter, medical aid – millions of refugees
  • STOP repeating same mistakes USA has made for 13+ years
  • Stop ‘declared war’ on a smallish bunch of brutal criminals elevating their status
  • Stop making ISIS type-organizations the choice for aspiring jihadis
  • Choose diplomacy and humanitarian aid over war

Includes: 5-point program ”To Combat ISIS Without Bombs” — Win Without War (WWW)


USA spends $1.4 Trillion per year on War and Home Security – Motivates WARS

  • For USA Airstrikes are always the FIRST THING TO DO!
  • ARMING Mercenaries are the NEXT THING TO DO!
  • Structure of USA national security policy — institutions, practices and think tanks
  • USA Allied with Authoritarian/Dictatorial Regimes
  • Stop Repeating past mistakes over and over
  • USA ‘policy momentum’ = War is always the FIRST CHOICE
  • USA MULTINATIONAL Corporate Power — Super-Rich on Wars
  • USA and Foreign ideologies promote wars
  • USA officials worldviews promote wars
  • USA stepped right into the trap set for them by al Baghdadi
  • Politicians love funding Cruise missiles+boondoggle F-22+outdated Tanks
  • USA lack of genuine American democracy
  • Blinders restricts decision-makers’ options to war, and more war
  • All peace and negotiations run up against deep-grained US foreign policies
  • USA standard operating procedures
  • USA completely ignores non-military solutions

BUT Obama convinced UN Security Council to criminalize participation in armed jihad + John Kerry engineered replacement of Nouri al Maliki by Haidar al Abbadi.


WASHINGTON POST = 2013 “…the tiny, oil-rich country had put as much as $3 BILLION into funding anti-regime Syrian rebels. Many people believe a good chunk of that money has made it into Islamic State hands.” = ISIS(L) = HIGH QUALITY MEDIA PRODUCTION BY COMPANY RUN BY EX-ISRAELI AGENT IN Washington, DC + Get Saudi Arabia and other Gulf oil sheikdoms to shut down the money funnel to ISIS(L)

Click for Source Article in Washington Post

  • Big Oil Monarchs provide the most funding of ISIS(L) and similar AQ groups
  • Individual citizens some part of Dictatorships fund ISIS(L)
  • STOP sales of Oil ISIS via Turkey — ISIS(L) self-financing
  • USA is #1 Petroleum Producer in World = Presidents end OIL MONARCH relations
  • ISIS(L) = Worth $3+ Billion from Big Oil Monarchs + whatever they steal and sell
  • ISIS(L) = Demands 10-20% of receipts from businesses in cities it controls

See Also this link to the USA Terror-Industrial Complex:


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