“The March to War: Fighting ISIL is a Smokescreen for US Mobilization against Syria, Iran” by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Global Research, Sept 26, 2014

ISIS(L) WAR = Smokescreen to Destroy and Splinter Syria, Iraq, and Iran into weak FAILED STATES for CORPORATE Extraction and Banker Domination + Extract Wealth from American Middle Class and Transfer Wealth to 425 MULTINATIONAL $BILLIONAIRES + HUNDREDS of $1 to 2 Million/CRUISE TOMAHAWK MISSILES and $BILLIONS/DAY MORE TO MIC + PROTECT THE BANKSTER SCAMS and the SAGGING PETRODOLLAR!

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US MSM Exaggerates strength of the ISIS(L) to inflated Middle Class willingness to fund the MIC-Pentagon WARS + Justify the illegal bombing of Syria + Justify a large-scale US-led military buildup in the Middle East — More firepower beyond ISIS(L) to Destroy Syria and Iran.

US GOV = Assured Americans “NO USA BOOTS ON THE GROUND” but already 1,600 USA Troops are on the ground to monitor and select targets and promises YEARS OF WARS or a permanent military deployment.

MIC + AIPAC + WALL STREET + GOP-McCAIN = USA GOV = WANTS Permanent Military Establishment in MIDDLE EAST that likely will morph into a broader assault force threatening Syria, Iran, Lebanon, and Russia.

FAKED USA COOPERATION DIALOG = With Damascus through Russian and Iraqi channels = Part of a sinister series of USA misinformation and disinformation + Similar claims were made about Iranian cooperation in Iraq. = USA MSM tried to give the impression that military cooperation was made with Tehran to fight ISIS(L) = Was widely refuted by numerous Iranian officials.

FAKED USA COOPERATION DIALOG = After Iranians rejected USA then USA MSM said US claimed that it would not be appropriate for Iran to join its anti-ISIS(L) coalition. Iran rebutted saying USA was dishonestly misrepresenting the facts, because US officials had asked Tehran to join the anti-ISIL coalition several times. = US ambassador to Iraq + John Kerry said on camera to world they want Iran to cooperate with them but Dr. Zarif ++ US Undersecretary Wendy Sherman. Khamenei additionally made it clear that he ruled out cooperation with USA because their hands are dirty — USA has ill intentions and nefarious designs in Iraq and Syria.

PETRODOLLAR THREATENED = Russia, Iran, Syria,  and Iraq are against ISIS(L) but will not joined with USA’s anti-ISIS(L) coalition that wants New Invasion(s) and Regime Change because of Syrian Pipeline to Europe = Eurasia Project that Threatens Petrodollar SCAMMING AND FRAUD!

2014 June 20 USA forces Al-Malaki to resign because he refused to join the US siege against the Syrians.

PETRODOLLAR THREATENED = Al-Malaki’s Iraq was aligned with Iran to sell oil to the Chinese, and buy weapons from the Russian Federation — To be part of the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline to supply Europe = Eurasian integration = But that undermines the PETRODOLLAR objectives of the US and its allies to control the flow of energy in the Middle East.  So USA said Malaki had to go.

USA found two other unforgivable Makaki sins = Bush NEOCON WAR MONGERS said “Anyone can go to Baghdad, but real men go to Tehran!”  Baghdad and Damascus (IRAQ + SYRIA) are the pathways to TAKING IRAN.  Malaki was blocking that path by evicting the Pentagon from Iraq end of 2011– Removed all US troops.

USA’s 2nd Reason for getting rid of Malaki was he wanted to expel anti-government Iranian militants from Iraq and to close Camp Ashraf.  USA wanted that Iranian Border Camp to use in a war for Iranian regime change.  Camp Ashraf was a base for Anti-Iranian MEK Organization in Iraqi called Mujahidin-e-Khalq (MEK/MOK/MKO) who want to TOPPLE IRAN.

Scott Peterson, Christian Science Monitor, Istanbul bureau chief says “US officials began to really put their weight behind the MEK during the start of the Arab Spring in 2011.” = USA’s regime change dreams.

Scott Peterson = Wrote US officials (LIE to Americans) rarely mention the MEK’s violent and anti-American past, and portray the group not as terrorists but as freedom fighters with ‘values just like us,’ as democrats-in-waiting ready to serve as a vanguard of regime change in Iran.

USA Has Not Abandoned Dreams of ANOTHER Regime Change in Tehran = SHAH! NO coincidence that US and EU support the MEK TOPPLING of IRAN, especially when the ISIS(L) threat in Iraq began to be noticed publicly?

600 Parliamentarians and politicians from mostly NATO countries were flown in for a large MEK gathering in the Parisian northeastern suburb of Villepinte that called for regime change in Iran on June 27, 2014.

Warmongers and morally bankrupt figures met with MEK to promote regime change and ENDLESS WARS — Supporters of the insurgencies in Iraq and Syria:

Former US senator Joseph Lieberman
Israeli mouthpiece and apologist Alan Dershowitz
JOHN BOLTON = Former Bush II official and Fox News pundit
Rudy Giuliani = Most hated mayor in NYC history that used 9ll to survive.
French former minister Bernard Kouchner

Effectively lobbyists for the Mujahidine-MEK. MEK said 80,000 people attended the rally for regime change in Iraq, Syria, and Iran — like they did in Libya.

Irony is the money for the event likely came from the US government itself + BIG OIL MONARCH — SO CALLED ALLIES that funded 9ll.

These former high-ranking US officials = Paid $10s or $100s of Thousands to speak support for Mujahidine-MEK according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Giuliani 2010 TO 2014 = Publicly pushed for regime change in Tehran and Damascus at Mujahidine-MEK gatherings. = “We need regime change in Iran, more than we do in Egypt or Libya, and just as we need it in Syria.”

Joe Lieberman (fellow war monger of McCain) addressed the regime change Mujahidine-MEK gathering via video.

Congressman Edward Royce, the chair of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, also showed his support for regime change in Iran through a video message to Mujahidine-MEK.

Senator Carl Levin supported for regime change in Iran through a video message to Mujahidine-MEK.

Senator Robert Melendez also supported for regime change in Iran through a video message to Mujahidine-MEK.

Mujahidine-MEK = Had Large War Mongering delegations from US, France, Spain, Canada.

2014 June 27 Mujahidine-MEK attendees to OVERTHROW SYRIA AND IRAN — Fox News gave the event special coverage — included:

Newt Gingrich
Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont
John Dennis Hastert
Michael B. Mukasey, a former attorney-general of the US;
George William Casey Jr., Former CIA
Hugh Shelton, Computer software executive + former chairman of US Joint Chiefs
James Conway, the former chief of the US Marine Corps
Louis Freeh, former director of the FBI
Lloyd Poe, US House REP on Subcommittees on Emerging Threats/Terrorism
Daniel Davis, a US Representative from Illinois
Loretta Sánchez, a US Representative from California
Linda Chavez, a former chief White House director
William Richardson, the former secretary of the US Department of Energy
Robert Torricelli, Former USA senator who legally represents MEK in Iraq
Francis Townsend, former Homeland Security advisor to GW Bush Jr.;
Robert Joseph, former US undersecretary of Bureau of Arms Control
Philip Crowley, former assistant-secretary of state in public affairs
David Phillips, restructured the Iraqi police
Marc Ginsberg, Senior VP of public relations firm APCO + Former US ambassador
Alexander Carile, member of British House of Lords

FRENCH SUPPORT FOR Mujahidine-MEK present at MEK in June 2014:

Bernard Kouchner
Michèle Alliot-Marie, responsible for the military and foreign affairs
Rama Yade, vice president of the conservative Radical Party of France
Gilbert Mitterrand, President of the human rights foundation for Kurds
Martin Vallton, the mayor of Villepinte

Spain notable Mujahidine-MEK attendees were the following:

Pedro Agramunt Font de Mora, Spanish chair of European People’s Party (EPP)
Jordi Xucla, Spanish chair of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Alejo Vidal-Quadras, one of the fourteen VPs of the European Union’s Parliament
José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, former prime minister of Spain

Other notable Mujahidine-MEK attendees:

Pandli Majko, the former prime minster of Albania
Kim Campbell, the former prime minister of Canada
Geir Haarde, the former prime minister of Iceland
Ingrid Betancourt, a former Colombian senator
Giulio Maria Terzi, the former foreign minister of Italy
Adrianus Melkert, former Dutch cabinet minister + World Bank executive

Mujahidine-MEK talked regime change + Condemned Iranian support for Iraq in fight against ISIS(L).

Since USA BOMBINGS STARTED = Mujahidine-MEK is silent

MEK’s leader Maryam Rajavi who MEK calls designated President of Iran since 1993 — Rajavi and SNC leader Ahmed Jarba meet to discuss cooperating for regime change in Tehran and Damascus.

USA + NEOCON AIPAC GOALS = Regime Change in Damascus through Mission Creep in Syria

USA bombing of Syria is illegal and a violation of the UN Charter so USA invented KHORASAN to try to make it legal


sept 25, 2014 — khorasan group called by Brookings institute “the worst terrorists in the world … far worse than ISIS(l)” = debunked by FBI’s James Comey saying khorasan “may have been just made up by USA intelligence community.” after all the hype and bull crap fear tactics by Brookings institute! = Brookings is totally discredited by FBI!

USA TRIED TO MAKE SYRIAN BOMBING LEGAL = USA Pentagon had to claim US-led Syrian Bombing was prompted by the threat of an”imminent” attack on USA = Warped argument under Article 51 of the UN Charter that allows a UN member to legally attack another country if an imminent attack by the said country is about to take place on the UN member.

US-led BOMBINGS of Syria = Have NO backing of the UN Security Council

FLIP-FLOP = John Kerry mentions Syria violated Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and also admitted Syria did not use any material prohibited by the CWC.

USA intends to do regime change in Syria + the fact that the USA will use Saudi Arabia (Wahabism OVERWHELMING VIOLENCE AND MURDER) to train more anti-government forces. Saudi Arabia + Qatar FUNDS $3+ BILLION to ISIS(L) TERRORISTS!

USA = Envisions a long-term bombing campaign at $2 MILLION PER MISSILE PAID FOR BY SHRINKING AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS. Bomb both Iraq and Syria using ISIS(L) as a smokescreen like in Pakistan = Af-Pak model of Taliban spillover from Afghanistan into Pakistan as a pretext for bombing Pakistan.

Iraq + Syria = Merged as one conflict zone called “Syraq” by Ibrahim Al-Marashi

USA-SAUDI Petrodollar Broader Objective = Disrupting Eurasian Integration of Russia-China-Iran-Iraq-Syria Trade Route and pipeline(s) Serving OIL to Europe and China using a NEW BRIC’s CURRENCY = USA Pretending to fight ISIS(L) — Saudi Invented and funded like Saudi Arabia who also funded 9ll (15 of 19 hijackers were Saudis) — To stop Eurasia routes, pipelines, and competing currency. The Chinese and their partners have been very busy working to integrate Eurasia — China and Germany via the New Silk Road:

Definition: NEW Silk Road = 1990 was opened with the competition of the Eurasian Land Bridge which was the last link in a railway route along the Old Silk Road from China and Kazakhstan connected in Alataw Pass (Alashan Kou). This railroad line is used for passenger service from Urumqi in China’s Xinjiang to Almaty and Astana in Kazakhstan. 2011 July the route was extended to Duisburg, Germany by freight rail across Eurasia shortening the traditional sea trade routes from China to Europe from 36 days to just 13 days by freight train. 2013 HP was moving large volumes of laptop computers and monitors along this rail route.

USA’s “Global War on Terror” = Runs paralleled to the 1990 opening of the NEW Silk Road with GHW Bush 1991 attack on Saddam in Kuwait = the real beginning of USA motivation to fight and remobilize in the Middle East is to STOP the Eurasia System — Both Trade and Currency competition of a United Eurasia. Ukrainian effort is being done for the reason against Russia — Sanctions on Russian Federation actually encourage the growth of the Eurasia Strengthening.

USA wants to disrupt the New Eurasia (New Silk Road) now expanding trade. While Kerry and USA MSM have been busy frightening American and EU audiences about ISIS(L) atrocities and the NONE EXISTENT Khorasan BS (proved NONEXISTENT), the Chinese have been busy sweeping the map by making deals across Asia, the NEW SILK ROAD, and the Indian Ocean.

As Kerry travels so does Chinese President Xi Jinping with visits to Sri Lanka (Maritime Silk Road project) and the Maldives a newer entry in the New Maritime Silk Road network and infrastructure that China is busy constructing to expand maritime trade between East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Parallel to east-west trade, a north-south trade and transport network is being developed.

FACT: Two Chinese destroyers docked at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas in the Persian Gulf to conduct joint drills with Iranian warships in the Persian Gulf.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was in Kazakhstan visiting President Nursultan Nazarbayev, to confirm that trade was due to see manifold increases with the completion of the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway, which will create a north-south transit route. = Cooperation between Tehran and the Eurasian Union was also discussed by the two presidents.

On the other western side of the Caspian Sea, a parallel north-south corridor running from Russia to Iran through the Republic of Azerbaijan has been in the works.

Anti-Russia sanctions are beginning to cause uneasiness in the European Union. The real losers in the sanctions in Russia are the members of the European Union. Russia has demonstrated that it has options. Moscow has already launched the construction of its mega natural gas Yakutia–Khabarovsk–Vladivostok pipeline (also known as the Power of Siberia pipeline) to deliver gas to China while BRICS partner South Africa has signed a historic deal on nuclear energy with Rosatom.

Moscow’s influence on the world stage is very clear. Its influence has been on the rise in the Middle East and Latin America. Even in NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan, Russian influence is on the rise. The Russian government has recently compiled a list of over one hundred old Soviet construction projects that it would like to recuperate.

$70 BILLION EURO = An alternative to US and EU sanctions is beginning to emerge in Eurasia. In addition to the oil-for-goods deal that Tehran and Moscow signed, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak announced that Iran and Russia had made several new agreements worth seventy billion euro. Sanctions are BACKFIRING on the EU and isolated them from future Eurasia Trade.

Iranians announced they are working with Chinese and Russian partners to overcome the US and EU sanctions regime.

America NOW BUSY for YEARS WITH ISIS(L) in Middle East cannot DO THE OBAMA PIVOT to the Asia-Pacific. Many years delay. Meanwhile Russia, Iran, Syria, China and the BRICs are constructively building a NEW WORLD trade and Competing Currency.

USA is feebly doing its best to disrupt, divide, redraw, bargain and co-opt power in the OLD WORLD via ENDLESS WEALTH DRAINING WARS instead of REBUILDING for a NEW GREEN FUTURE with more desirable partners than VILE SAUDI ARABIA and the BIG OIL MONARCHS AND ISRAEL!

Instead USA’s main concern is about preserving its crumbling OLD empire and preventing Eurasian integration and competition.

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