The Coming Climate Revolt by Chris Hedges

Click for Source Article on TruthDig by Chris Hedges

USA was taken over by the last 3 decades of what John Ralston Saul calls a corporate coup d’état.

USA lost democracy and a functioning liberal class that once made piecemeal and incremental reform possible.

Liberals in the old Democratic Party worked with Ralph Nader to make the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Mine Safety and Health Act, the Freedom of Information Act and the OSHA law, who made common cause with labor unions to protect workers, who stood up to the arms industry and a bloated military—no longer exist within the Democratic Party, as Nader has been lamenting for several years.

But Real Democrats were pushed out as corporate donors began to transform the political landscape with the election of Ronald Reagan.

So Democrats have not enacted any major social or economic reforms since the historic environmental laws of the early ’70s

USA government is corporate totalitarianism or “inverted totalitarianism” that Sheldon Wolin describes as corporate power pretending to recognize electoral politics, the Constitution, the three branches of government and a free press, and uses the iconography and language of American patriotism. But has in fact seized all the important levers of power to render the citizen impotent.

Democrats ended addressing peoples’ grievances and injustices.

Self-identified liberals, like Obama, use the old language of liberalism but serve corporate power.

Clinton found that by doing corporate bidding he could get corporate money.

Clinton passed NAFTA + Destroyed our welfare system + Exploded mass incarceration + Deregulation the FCC + Turned valuable airwaves over to a half dozen corporations + Revoking FDR’s GLASS-STEAGAL REFORM that protected banking system from speculators + Clinton transformed the Democratic Party into the Republican Party forcingthe Republican Party to shift so far to the right it became insane.
Clinton used liberal rhetoric as a public relations game.

OBAMA is in continuity with the Bush administration

Obama expanded the assault on civil liberties

Obama continued the Bush bailouts of big banks

Obama continued the endless imperial wars

Obama failed to regulate Wall Street

Obama hired 95% corporate lobbyists and Wall Street lawyers to write legislation and serve in top government positions

Obama encouraged the explosion of drilling and fracking

Obama grew the security and surveillance state and police state

Obama persecuted government whistle-blowers.

Obama and New Democrats have squalid record on the environment

Documented in “The Kingpins of Carbon and Their War on Democracy.” = “a multi-decade war on democracy by the kingpins of carbon—the coal, the oil, and gas industries allied with a handful of self-interested libertarian billionaires.”

Obama cynically undermines international climate treaties = WikiLeaks proved

Obama thwarts caps on carbon emissions and pushes through useless, nonbinding agreements.

Obama has overseen a massive expansion of fracking.

Obama is pushing through a WORSE THAN NAFTA trade agreements = TPP + TAFTA that will increase fracking + Expanding exports of coal, oil and gas + Authorize excavation of tar sands in Utah and Alabama + Approved the southern half of the Keystone pipeline + Permitted seismic testing for offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico + East Coast + Florida + Alaska — a process that kills off hundreds of sea mammals = Obama reversed 20 years of federal policy to protect the environment.

Self-identified Establishment Liberals = NO Desire to carry out the radical reforms for Humanity = Purely Corporate goals.

Self-identified Establishment Liberals = Are useless to Humanity = a WORTHLESS BLACK HOLE THAT SUCKS HUMAN ENERGY.

Self-identified Establishment Liberals = Seeks whatever the corporate state seeks.

Self-identified Establishment Liberals = Perpetuate the facade of democracy to make us believe what is no longer real

Self-identified Establishment Liberals = Fake us into working within the system for nonexistent reform.

Self-identified Establishment Liberals = Has put in place a terrifying superstructure to silence all who step outside the narrow parameters it defines as acceptable.

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