First we examine an example of ISRAELIS manipulating America’s Broadcasts and then the Even Deeper Problems of BRIBING AND INTIMIDATING POLITICIANS and suppressing discussion of Israeli Domination.

PRO-ISRAELIS ON A ‘Witch Hunt’ as Loyalties are Questioned and NOW MSNBC has ZERO Palestinian Contributors: MSNBC Contributor Rula Jebreal Fired for Speaks Out on Suppression of Israel-Palestine Debate = On-air protest of the network’s slanted coverage of Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip = ISRAELI Media suppression. MSNBC President Phil Griffin and NBC executives canceled all future appearances and terminated her contract. = Latest casualty of the pro-Israel pressure. “I have been told to my face that I wasn’t invited on to shows because I was Palestinian. I didn’t believe it at the time. Now I believe it.” = “I couldn’t stay silent after seeing the amount of airtime given to Israeli politicians versus Palestinians. They say we are balanced but their idea of balance is 90% Israeli guests and 10% Palestinians. She protested the network’s slanted coverage repeatedly in private conversations with producers. “I told them we have a serious issue here,” she explained. “But everybody’s intimidated by this pressure and if it’s not direct then it becomes self-censorship.”

Click for Source Article on Alternet by Max Blumenthall

An NBC producer speaking on condition of anonymity confirmed Jebreal’s account, describing to me a top-down intimidation campaign aimed at presenting an Israeli-centric view of the attack on the Gaza Strip. The NBC producer told me that MSNBC President Phil Griffin and NBC executives are micromanaging coverage of the crisis, closely monitoring contributors’ social media accounts and engaging in a “witch hunt” against anyone who strays from the official line.


Haaretz is one of the leading newspapers in Israel = Much freer media than the Jewish allow in American media.

FACT = IN ISRAEL PRESS = Israel literally controls the American government and warns that the American people “will get tired of it.” = NEVER SAID in NYT or WaPo

Never before has a small country dictated to a superpower

Seven wonders of the world = Israel’s wondrous power over USA

American presidential campaign = vying for who is the “biggest Israel-lover”

Rich Jews like Sheldon Adelson donate enormous war chests to candidates for the sole purpose of buying their support for Israel

USA President was forced to fold up, at lightning speed, the flag of peace in the Middle East simply because Israel said “No.”

FACT = Israel proves to the world that Size doesn’t matter in foreign policy.

FACT = Netanyahu flatly said “NO” to Obama. = Bluntly and explicitly

FACT = Obama begged for an extension of settlement freeze = Netanyahu took the issue off the agenda.

Pat Buchanan, was sacked from MSNBC because of very mild references to the fact that America is under the thumb of Israel.

FACT = America is now run by traitors who put the interests of Israel first, with catastrophic affects for the American people and for the world.

ISRAEL WANTS = The Iraq War + War against Iran + Russian WAR


The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt August 27, 2007 NYT BEST SELLER

John Mearsheimer, Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago
Stephen Walt, Professor of International Relations at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

ISRAELI LOBBY = “loose coalition of individuals and organizations who actively work to steer U.S. foreign policy in a pro-Israel direction.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = “focuses primarily influence on U.S. foreign policy and its negative effect on American interests”

ISRAELI LOBBY = COMPLETELY Owns the 100 members of the US Senate.

ISRAELI LOBBY = US Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution Supporting Israeli 2014 Assault on Gaza = No dissenting vote was cast, and no mention was made of the hundreds of Palestinian civilians, most of whom are women and children, that have been killed by Israel in the past ten days. = Senate Resolution 498 was authored by Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), with additional support by Ben Cardin (D-MD) and son of former Republican party politician Ron Paul, Rand Paul (R-KY). = The resolution was passed on the very same night Israel launched its current ground offensive into the Gaza Strip.

ISRAELI LOBBY = United States and Israel signed an agreement under which $429 million of mostly Middle Class American taxpayers’ money “will be transferred immediately to Israel” to further fund the Iron Dome missile system, which has recently come under scrutiny by prize winning Israeli defense and aerospace engineering expert Dr. Moti Shefer.

ISRAELI LOBBY = Authors say “the lobby’s impact has been unintentionally harmful to Israel as well”.

ISRAELI LOBBY = “has a core consisting of organizations whose declared purpose is to encourage the U.S. government and the American public to provide material aid to Israel and to support its government’s policies, as well as influential individuals for whom these goals are also a top priority”.

ISRAELI LOBBY = “Not every American with a favorable attitude to Israel is part of the lobby”

ISRAELI LOBBY = “the bulk of the lobby is comprised of Jewish Americans”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Has some Christian Zionists.

ISRAELI LOBBY = Right-Wing and includes neoconservatives.

ISRAELI LOBBY = The book includes an expanded definition of the lobby

ISRAELI LOBBY = Book offers suggestions on how the U. S. should advance its interests in the Middle East.

ISRAELI LOBBY = “No lobby (EXCEPT ISRAEL) has diverted U.S. foreign policy as far from American national interest, while simultaneously convincing Americans that U.S. and Israeli interests are essentially identical.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = What sets the Israel Lobby apart is its extraordinary effectiveness” using “loose coalition” that makes the Lobby have “significant leverage over the Executive branch.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Has the ability to make sure the “Lobby’s perspective on Israel is widely reflected in the mainstream media.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Authors say American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in particular has a “stranglehold on the U.S. Congress” = Its “ability to REWARD legislators and congressional candidates who support its agenda, and to PUNISH those who challenge it.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Authors Decry the misuse of “the charge of anti-Semitism”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Authors Decry pro-Israel groups emphasis on “controlling debate” in American academia

ISRAELI LOBBY = Authors maintain the Lobby has FORTUNATELY NOT yet succeeded in its “campaign to eliminate criticism of Israel from college campuses”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Authors Decry that the Lobby succeeds in shaping U.S. policy in the Middle East, then “Israel’s enemies get weakened or overthrown, Israel gets a free hand with the Palestinians, and the United States does most of the fighting, dying, rebuilding, and paying.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Authors say “it’s becoming difficult to use “anti-Semite” or “self-hating Jew” to label those who criticize the lobby or Israel.

ISRAELI LOBBY = Authors say dissatisfaction with Iraq war and criticism of Israel’s war in Lebanon and the publication of former President Jimmy Carter’s book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid as making it somewhat easier to criticize Israel openly.

ISRAELI LOBBY = Authors say the Israel lobby’s influence has distorted U.S. Middle East foreign policy away from what the authors referred to as “American national interest.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Research resulted in the Dutch Backlight (‘Tegenlicht’) program produced a 50 minute documentary entitled “The Israel Lobby.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Former U.S. Ambassador Edward Peck wrote that “The expected tsunami of rabid responses condemned the report, vilified its authors, and denied there is such a lobby — validating both the lobby’s existence and aggressive, pervasive presence and obliging Harvard to remove its name.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Peck agrees that “the lobby’s views of Israel’s interests have become the basis of U.S. Middle East policies.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Affects our foreign policy choices and distorts American decisions. Future generations of Americans will wonder why international reputation of the United States are so closely aligned with one small, controversial Mediterranean client state.

ISRAELI LOBBY = Israel has engaged in one of the most successful campaigns to influence public opinion in the United States ever conducted by a foreign government. Scheuer said, “I hope they move on and do the Saudi lobby, which is probably more dangerous to the United States than the Israeli lobby.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Brzezinski said the authors “adduce a great deal of factual evidence that over the years Israel has been the beneficiary of privileged — indeed, highly preferential — financial assistance, out of all proportion to what the United States extends to any other country. The massive aid to Israel is in effect a huge entitlement that enriches the relatively prosperous Israelis at the cost of the American taxpayer. Money being fungible, that aid also pays for the very settlements that America opposes and that impede the peace process.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Identification of American with Israeli interests can be principally explained via the impact of the Lobby in Washington, and in limiting the parameters of public debate, rather than by virtue of Israel being a vital strategic asset or having a uniquely compelling moral case for support”.

ISRAELI LOBBY = Columnist Christopher Hitchens agreed that “AIPAC and other Jewish organizations exert a vast influence over Middle East policy.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Plitnick agrees their influence in Congress is considerable.

ISRAELI LOBBY = Joseph Massad, professor of modern Arab politics and intellectual history at Columbia University, writes, “Is the pro-Israel lobby extremely powerful in the United States? As someone who has been facing the full brunt of their power for the last three years through their formidable influence on my own university and their attempts to get me fired, I answer with a resounding yes.

ISRAELI LOBBY = Michael Massing, contributing editor of the Columbia Journalism Review, writes: “The nasty campaign waged against John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt has itself provided an excellent example of the bullying tactics used by the lobby and its supporters.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Noam Chomsky, professor of linguistics at MIT, said the authors took a “courageous stand” and said much of the criticism against the authors was “hysterical”. He said that Stephen Zunes has rightly pointed out that “there are far more powerful interests that have a stake in what happens in the Persian Gulf region than does AIPAC [or the Lobby generally], such as the oil companies, the arms industry and other special interests whose lobbying influence and campaign contributions far surpass that of the much-vaunted Zionist lobby and its allied donors to congressional races.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = David Remnick writes, “The duplicitous and manipulative arguments for invading Iraq put forward by the Bush Administration, the general inability of the press to upend those duplicities, the triumphalist illusions, the miserable performance of the military strategists, the arrogance of the Pentagon, the stifling of dissent within the military and the government, the moral disaster of Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo, the rise of an intractable civil war, and now an incapacity to deal with the singular winner of the war, Iran—all of this has left Americans furious and demanding explanations. Mearsheimer and Walt provide one: the Israel lobby. In this respect, their account is not so much a diagnosis of our polarized era as a symptom of it.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Madeleine Albright noted America’s special relationship with Israel and said “clearly the U.S. has linked itself to Israel in many ways”. She equally acknowledged that “[t]here is no doubt that there is a very strong Israeli lobby, and she spoke of the resistance she encountered from the lobby over airplane sales to Saudi Arabia in 1978, during her tenure on the National Security Council in the Carter administration.

ISRAELI LOBBY = Symptomatically, The American Jewish Committee (AJC): executive director David A. Harris has written several responses to the paper and more recently to the book. AJC also published several critiques of the paper, many of which were reproduced in newspapers around the world. They seek to destroy the “moral” case for Israel by pointing at alleged Israeli misdeeds, rarely noting the terror and anti-Semitism that predicates Israeli reactions.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Symptomatically, The Anti-Defamation League (ADL): National Director Abraham H. Foxman wrote a book in response entitled The Deadliest Lies: The Israel Lobby and the Myth of Jewish Control where he rebuts the existence of a powerful Jewish lobby.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Symptomatically, Former Secretary of State George Shultz wrote “… the notion. U.S. policy on Israel and Middle East is the result of their influence is simply wrong.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Symptomatically, In a review in the Denver Post, Richard Cohen writes, “Where Israel is wrong, they say so. But where Israel is right, they are somehow silent. By the time you finish the book, you almost have to wonder why anyone in their right mind could find any reason to admire or like Israel. … They had an observation worth making and a position worth debating.”

bin Laden endorse the book and Stephen Walt responded: Bin Laden endorsed the book “because he understands — along with plenty of other people — that the combination of unconditional U.S. support for Israel and Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians is a source of great resentment in the Arab and Islamic world. This is hardly an original insight on his part either….Ironically, bin Laden’s ‘endorsement’ of our book could even be a self-defeating gesture. If enough people were to read our book and U.S. policy were to evolve in the manner we recommend, bin Laden’s call to arms would fall on deaf ears and he’d become even more irrelevant than he is today.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Forced Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government to disclaim the paper. “The only purpose of that removal was to end public confusion; it was not intended, contrary to some interpretations, to send any signal that the school was also ‘distancing’ itself from one of its senior professors” and stated that they are committed to academic freedom. Even removing the Harvard Logo.

ISRAELI LOBBY = Mark Mazower, a professor of history at Columbia University, wrote that it is not possible to openly debate the topic of the article: “What is striking is less the substance of their argument than the outraged reaction: to all intents and purposes, discussing the US-Israel special relationship still remains taboo in the U.S. media mainstream….Whatever one thinks of the merits of the piece itself, it would seem all but impossible to have a sensible public discussion in the U.S. today about the country’s relationship with Israel.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Criticism of the paper was itself called “moral blackmail” and “bullying” by an opinion piece in The Financial Times: “Moral blackmail — the fear that any criticism of Israeli policy and U.S. support for it will lead to charges of anti-Semitism — is a powerful disincentive to publish dissenting views…Bullying Americans into a consensus on Israeli policy is bad for Israel and makes it impossible for America to articulate its own national interest.” The editorial praised the paper, remarking that “They argue powerfully that extraordinarily effective lobbying in Washington has led to a political consensus that American and Israeli interests are inseparable and identical.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Mearsheimer stated, “[w]e fully recognized that the lobby would retaliate against us” and “[w]e expected the story we told in the piece would apply to us after it was published. We are not surprised that we’ve come under attack by the lobby.” He also stated “we expected to be called anti-semites, even though both of us are philo-semites and strongly support the existence of Israel.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = To the accusation that they “see the lobby as a well-organized Jewish conspiracy” they refer to their description of the lobby “a loose coalition of individuals and organizations without a central headquarters.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Authors “pointed out that support for Israel is hardly the only reason America’s standing in the Middle East is so low.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Complaint that they “‘catalog Israel’s moral flaws,’ while paying little attention to the shortcomings of other states,” they refer to the “high levels of material and diplomatic support” given by the United States especially to Israel as a reason to focus on it.

ISRAELI LOBBY = Claimed U.S. support for Israel reflects “genuine support among the American public.” THe authors argue that “this popularity is substantially due to the lobby’s success at portraying Israel in a favourable light and effectively limiting public awareness and discussion of Israel’s less savory actions.”

ISRAELI LOBBY = Claim that countervailing forces “such as…Arab and Islamic advocacy groups..,'” Authors say these are no match for the lobby.

ISRAELI LOBBY = Claims oil rather than Israel drives Middle East policy. Authors say United States would favor the Palestinians instead of Israel, and would not have gone to war in Iraq or be threatening Iran if that were so.

ISRAELI LOBBY = Has smearing the authors as they do all those who criticize the lobby as anti-Semitic racists. = Alan Dershowitz for example.

ISRAELI LOBBY = Symptomatically, The authors had to respond December 2006 by privately circulated a 79-page rebuttal, “Setting the Record Straight: A Response to “The Israeli Lobby.”

London Review of Books organized a follow-up debate on the paper, moderated by Anne-Marie Slaughter, Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, also professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University.

2014, August 1 = CHINK IN ISRAELI LOBBYIST RECORD: US Senate votes down Israeli Iron Dome aid of $200+ Million for replenishing Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system was rejected on the Senate floor. = Conservative right-wing hawks, fierce proponents of Israel, blamed the defeat on the Democrats. = Harry REID: “We’ve all watched as the tiny state of Israel, who is with us on everything…Our number one ally — at least in my mind — is under attack. If this isn’t an emergency I don’t know anything that is.” as ISRAEL MURDERS 2,200+ PALESTINIANS. NO WONDER ONLY 5% SUPPORT FOR THESE EVIL AIPAC BOUGHT MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.

2014, August 1 = 12 hours later in day US Senate votes unanimously for Israeli Iron Dome aid. To hell with Americans! That AIPAC is fast as 100% of Senate approved an giving $225 million to Israel so they could continue MURDERING PALESTINIAN CHILDREN while being protected by USA Iron Dome missile defense system. = “They’re running out of Iron Dome missiles to protect themselves,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) said at the hearing. “We are with you. Here are the missiles.” + “We are with the Israelis, because if they don’t have the Iron Dome, they can’t defend themselves,” added Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona). = What we all watched was that every american’s taxes became weapons used by a trigger-happy IDF to demolish entire communities in Gaza and blow to pieces hundreds of Palestinian children.


Finest US Senate That Israeli Money Can Buy — Dec 2003

Article by Israeli Knesset member Uri Avenim, published originally in Haaretz.


Clarence Long, member of the U.S. Congress and Chairman of the Foreign Relations Sub-Committee = The “man in charge” of paying the allocations granted to Israel. Long hinted — not very subtly — that Israel would get all it had asked for, as a result of the careful and very positive spirit in which the US had considered its demands. This will come as a surprise to no-one.

Clarence “Doc” Dickinson Long, Jr. = Democrat in Congress from 1963 to 1985 supervised the foreign aid budget = Support for anti-Soviet Mujahideen = Film Charlie Wilson’s War — Long was played by Ned Beatty.

Charlie Wilson’s War recounts the true story of U.S. Congressman [LONG (D-MD)] Charlie Wilson (D-TX) who partnered with “bare knuckle attitude” CIA operative Gust Avrakotos to launch Operation Cyclone, a program to organize and support the Afghan mujahideen in their resistance to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. = Describes how the mujahideen became terrorists [AQ CONTRACT KILLERS and NOW ISIS(L) Contract Murderers] which does NOT make people in the rest of the world laugh. Movie shows how USA used the miseries and determinations of Afghan people to beat Soviet Union. USA funded Afghan mujaheedeen (now terrorists) and armed them with sophisticated weapons and taught them how to bring down helicopters with Stinger missile launchers. USA used Pakistani politicians to motivate Afghans = Same way USA now uses Pakistanis to fight Afghans. = Largest Covert Operation in History.

Being persuaded by a friend to help the Afghan people, Charlie had visited the Pakistani leadership. He later went to a major Pakistan-based Afghan refugee camp and he was deeply moved by the miseries of the camp inmates but was frustrated by the regional CIA personnel’s insistence on a low key approach against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Charlie returns home to lead an effort to substantially increase funding to the mujahideen.
As part of this effort, Charlie befriends the maverick CIA operative Gust Avrakotos and his understaffed Afghanistan group to find a better strategy, especially including a means to counter the Soviets’ formidable Mi-24 helicopter gunship. This is how the story goes on in the movie.

Wilson since recounted (not part of the movie) that, “I always, always, whenever a plane goes down, I always fear it is one of our missiles. Most of all I wanted to bloody the Red Army. I think the bloodying thereof had a great deal to do with the collapse of the Soviet Union.” He now surmises that some of the weapons probably wound up in the hands of the Taliban regime, which took power in Afghanistan and harbored Saudi fugitive Osama bin Laden, organizer of the September 11 attacks. “I feel guilty about it,” he said. “I really do.”

Bribes listed below were not small at the TIME in the US for elections cost far less than they do in Israel. A $50,000 donation to any candidate is considered substantial in the US.

Clarence Long received in one year $97,500 from Israel = A paid agent employed by Israel.

The NYT published a detailed investigation of the methods used by pro-Israeli lobbies to influence presidential elections in the US = $4.25 Million to buy the minds and votes of Senate and Congress members = Guaranteed maximum return to Israel.

$576,000 was handed to the members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee which backed, without any reservation, every single act by the Israeli government.

Pro-Israeli money influenced 29 of 33 Senate constituencies + 154 Congress constituencies.

$147,870 = Paid to Paul Simon, a new figurehead from Israel’s supporters

Charles Percy has been consistently critical of the Israeli government and was courageous enough to say that the Palestinians also have their own legitimate rights.

$140,063 = Paid to Carl Levin because he is a member of Military Committee.

$130,350 = Paid to James Hart to BEAT conservative Jesse Helms who provoked Israel’s wrath by discussing the Palestine issue as member of Foreign Affairs Committee..

$95,100 = Paid to Senator Roddy Posvic by Israel = Indifferent attitude on Palestinians.

Mysterious pro-Israeli circles = Buy and sell members of US Senate and Congress = “Israeli lobby” = None of the pro-Israeli groups identify themselves by any names that might point to Israel. = A small gang is trading in the American people’s votes.

$100,000 in Israeli lobby money to a Congress = Member will never dream of backing a motion which limits the government of Israel.

Prime Minister Shimon Peres in the US = Expects a warm welcome from members of Congress and the Senate = Money already paid to every one of those Congress and Senate members who met him = Will satisfy the wishes of Israeli government. = Most generous increase in aid from the US amounting to every Israeli family receiving $2500/year. But Israel is NO superpower but acts like the 51st state.

Bribery of US administration officials is considered one of the most vital sections of Israeli expenditure to guarantee, in return, huge sums of American money.

6O,OOO% RETURN ON BRIBES = $4.25 Million Israel Bribed US Congress got Israel $2.6 BILLION.

SAD FACT = ALL THOSE $BILLIONS YEAR AFTER YEAR and it does not cure the Israeli economic disease = The problem is all this cash flow is to no avail according to many economic experts = Makes the situation even more complicated.

FACT = Israel is not the 51st state of USA = US Congress is an occupied territory of Israel.


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