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IMAGE SPEAKS 1,OOO WORDS = Israel’s supporters NYT AD with 2 photos side by side = #1 Titled ISIS of James Foley kneeling, guarded by a black-hooded UK executioner + #2 Titled Hamas in Gaza with masked similarly masked killer stands over two victims, who cower in fear. = Headline stating, “This is the face of radical Islam” = to equate the two organizations.

Why Netanyahu’s Relentless War Will Backfire


Netanyahu = tweeted this line repeatedly “Hamas is ISIS” after the video of Foley’s beheading aired.

Netanyahu = After Steven Sotloff beheading, another ISIS’s victim, he called Hamas and ISIS “tentacles of a violent Islamist terrorism.”

Netanyahu’s = depiction of Hamas and ISIS as “branches of the same poisonous tree” is a travesty of the truth. = The two have opposed political goals. ISIS goal is Era of pure Islamic rule under God’s laws VERSUS Hamas’s goal is a national liberation movement, seeking to create a Palestinian state with no more than the historic borders of a Palestine that existed a few decades ago. + ISIS aims to sweep away Palestine and every other Arab state in the region.

ISIS killed Foley, dressed in Guantanamo-style orange jumpsuit, purely as spectacle – a graphic message to the world of its menacing agenda.

Hamas’ cruelty was directed at those in Gaza who collaborate with Israel against the hope of Palestinians for liberation from Israel’s DOMINATION and bi-annual “Ethnic Cleansing” called “Mowing the Lawn” to keep Israelis as the 51% Majority + Destroy any quality of Life for Palestinians — NO CLEAN WATER + NO SEWERS + NO ELECTRICITY + SURVIVAL RATIONS for undernourished Children (50% OF POPULATION)!

Hamas’ execution of traitors = Long tradition of fighting asymmetrical wars = Marxist revolution in Latin America + Catholic nationalists in Ireland + Allied resistance in Nazi Europe + Jewish underground against the British in Palestine = NO MUSLIMS in their ranks but just as brutal.

ISIS’s = From 2,000 to now reportly 20,000 foot soldiers have quickly taken over swaths of Iraq and Syria in using MASS MURDER and OVERWHELMING MAYHEM against anyone who rejects not only Islam but their specific WAHABISM interpretation of it.

Hamas = Has shown itself both pragmatic and accountable to the Palestinian public. It won the last national election, in 2006, and after its recent fight against Israel in Gaza is by far the most popular Palestinian movement. = Not implemented sharia law nor targeted the enclave’s Christians. + HAMAS recently formed a unity government with its secular political rivals in Fatah + More than willing to negotiate with Israel. + Hamas leader Khaled Meshal joined Mahmoud Abbas in seeking the most diminutive Palestinian state possible, inside the 1967 borders.

Netanyahu’s fundamentalist right wing = Refuse to negotiate, with either Hamas or Abbas.

Netanyahu = DEMONIZED a popular resistance movement like Hamas as ISIS

Netanyahu = Tarred all Palestinians as bloodthirsty Islamic extremists.

Netanyahu = Real goal in equating the two groups = Ariel Sharon after 9ll attacks made a similar equivalence between AQ and the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. = Sharon called Arafat the head of an “infrastructure of terror” to justify Israel’s crushing the uprising of the second intifada.

Netanyahu + Israel’s intelligence officials = Called the destruction of the Twin Towers a “Hanukkah miracle” = “9ll was GOOD FOR US!”

Netanyahu = described 9ll attack years later as beneficial, adding that it had “swung American public opinion in our favor.”

Netanyahu = Understood that 9ll reframed the debate about the Oslo-accord about the Palestinians needing statehood to one BUSH “AXIS OF EVIL”

Netanyahu = Efforts are designed to discredit all Palestinian resistance to Israel’s occupation. = Silent partner to Obama’s new coalition against ISIS.

Foreign Policy’s Aaron David Miller, an adviser to US on Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, said ISIS would be a serious setback to Palestinian hopes of statehood = Netanyahu CELEBRATES ISIS(L) = Concern repeated by Arab League delegates at meeting in Cairo. = Netanyahu and “Israel’s demands for a continued Israeli presence [in the West Bank] and a lengthy withdrawal period will only harden further,” wrote Miller.

Netanyahu = CONSPIRACY THEORIES = Hamas coups + ISIS cells formed in West Bank & inside Israel = Fear-mongering to undermine the UNITY GOV + JUSTIFY THE ISRAELI MASS MUDER OF 2,2OO+ Palestinians (70% to 80+% Civilians)

REALITY = Israel should unite with Palestinian leaders (Fatah + Hamas) = Against ISIS

Netanyahu = Would rather forgo his country’s long-term interests for a short-term gain in his relentless war to keep the Palestinians stateless.

Jonathan Cook won the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His latest book, “Israel and the Clash of Civilizations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” (Pluto Press)

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