ISIL = POWERS BEHIND THE ISLAMIC STATE = SAUDI + QATAR + AMERICAN ALLIES FUND ISIL by Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, Investigative journalist – August 24, 2014

FACT: Very same US GOP that LOUDLY recruited funding to ARM these groups (ISIL) are now calling for boots on the ground and ALL OUT WAR ON ISIL! = McCain + Graham + NEOCONS LIARS!

Click for Source Video of Interview of Dr. Nafeez Ahmed on The Real News Network by JESSICA DESVARIEUX, TRNN PRODUCER

Dr. Nafeez Ahmed is a bestselling author, investigative journalist (Guardian) and international security scholar of geopolitics is author of “A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilization and How to Save It.” and has a new novel called “Zero Point,” that anticipated the Iraq crisis.

Project for the New Middle East

2005 in the Armed Forces Journal

ISIL = ISIS = The same group = Followed the US faked WMD War in Iraq.

AHMED: Origins of ISIL come from AQ Contract fighters engaged in all kinds of militant activity active in responding to U.S. 2003 invasion of Iraq + Includes Elements of the Saddam’s Ba’ath party Recruited by AQ Contractors. If you follow the money tracks to the Big Oil Monarchs (The Gulf States) Wahhabis who have funded ISIL with $3 BILLION to MURDER OF SYRIANS AND IRAQIS AND ANYONE THAT THAT GETS IN THEIR WAY and Commit Mayhem. QATAR + SAUDIS FUND ISIL recruiting + training + arms/equipment/weapons + supplies.

DESVARIEUX: Do we have proof of this?

AHMED: The big batch of files that was obtained by WikiLeaks from the private intelligence company Strategic Forecasting and Stratfor = A matter of public record and different forms of evidence = Documents from Westpoint military analysts + Investigative reports by journalists in NYT + WaPo + Official confirmations from the CIA + People in the State Department + People in the Pentagon + British officials. Still more disturbing is evidence of the role of the Saudis and the Qataris and Kuwait, which has been confirmed by various different sources, is really the way in which the U.S. and the U.K. have overseen that process. = Ignore USA + UK involvement purposefully by the US/UK MSM because it TRACKS DIRECTLY to AQ Contractors that did 9ll.

British officials have coordinated the Gulf states supplying of ISIL (AQ) to topple Assad that has overflowed into Iraq = They often change their names from AQ to ISIL to the Islamic State.

AHMED: The Batch of Wikileaks files contains correspondence from senior executives at Stratfor describing meetings that they had had with senior Pentagon officials and senior U.S. army officials where those officials openly described how U.S. special forces and British special forces supported ISIL operating in Syria long before the kind of major, major civil unrest. = It was very clearly stated by these officers in emails (See my Guardian articles) explicitly said that this is about destabilizing the Assad regime from within. They even explored the possibility of airstrikes on Syrian targets, but favored using a proxy force to destabilize Assad’s regime.

DESVARIEUX: Why do they want to destabilize Assad so badly?

AHMED: I focused on the role Assad in cozying up to Russia to develop a foothold in the region and a Energy pipeline across Syria to supply Europe from Oil Fields in Iran that Qatar somehow has underground access to = Exact border of that field is disputed by both Iran and Qatar and both want that field to go into production — Has been going on for years. COMPETING PIPELINES = Iran signed a memorandum with Syria + Qatar is negotiating with Saudi and Turkey and other countries — US FAVORED Qatar and was against Syria-Iran-Russia, who they want SIDELINED. So these were kind of two competing pipeline routes.

US was ANGERED by Syria signing up with Iran and Russia so USA overthrowing Assad was decided. + Russia has a military base in Syria. This may explain why USA did a similar OVERTHROW operation in Ukraine to HURT RUSSIA. + Syria has provided support to Palestine and Hamas = GW Bush’s defining Syria as the so-called axis of evil (TO ROB OIL FIELDS FOR MULTINATIONAL CORPORATE LOOTERS). = ROBBERY WAS USA MOTIVATION!

FACTS ON A WEAKENED SYRIA: USA saw a WIDESPREAD DROUGHT in Syria due to CLIMATE CHANGE + ECONOMIC Crisis as FOOD PRICES Soared = Source is State Department cables, leaked by WikiLeaks, show USA officials predicting civil unrest in Syria as food prices jumped due to the droughts effect on farmers causing a possible uprising of some kind. USA planned to exploit that by getting AQ Contractors (ISIL) to hijack that movement, direct it in a way that they felt that they could control.


AHMED: USA + its allies = QATAR + SAUDI + other Big Oil Monarchs have played a major role in fomenting these crises we see using ISIL = Using civil wars in Syria and now Iraq.

FACT: Very same US GOP that LOUDLY recruited funding to ARM these groups (ISIL) are now calling for boots on the ground and ALL OUT WAR ON ISIL! = McCain + Graham + NEOCONS LIARS!

AHMED: Obama WH gives lip service to funding moderate rebels but has actively coordinated the financing that has came from the Gulf states to ISIL AQ CONTRACT MURDERERS.

AHMED: Looking at Wikileaks reports we see USA plans for the region by the Pentagon and neoconservatives planned the rise of ISIL as a boon to reconfigure the Middle East and HURT Russia. = Evidence comes from publicly available RAND report a couple years ago commissioned by the U.S. army. = A Policy Thought Piece for USA reconfiguring the Middle East = Machiavellian Policies and very worrying range of scenarios explored. = Divide-and-rule called for Empowering Salafi jihadists (ISIL) to weaken Iranian’s influence and empower the Gulf states BIG OIL WAHHABI MONARCHS, because they have access to the petroleum resources, and could funnel support to ISIL to create a vortex of Muslim Versus Muslim Conflict with extremists on both sides destroying each other. = WEAKENED AND SPLINTERED FAILED STATES THAT ARE EASY FOR MULTINATIONALS TO EXPLOIT BOTH RESOURCES AND PEOPLE FOR $BILLIONS AND PERHAPS $TRILLIONS!

RAND report to Pentagon NEOCONS = Makes it Clear that, if we look at what’s happening now is is almost exactly what the Rand Report said years ago = Including Big OIL MONARCHS funding of ISIL. THIS NEOCON HUBRIS HAS TO WORRY ALL AMERICANS AND THE WORLD.

Evidence = 2005 MAP in the Armed Forces Journal = USA Senior adviser to Pentagon proposed Middle East be broken up along ethnic and religious lines. BRITISH EMPIRE LEVEL NEOCON HUBRIS of redrawing borders to tame the savages. = A WARPED NEOCON MENTALITY REPEATED including $TRILLIONS FOR BOOTS ON THE GROUND! = FURTHER BANKRUPTING THE MIDDLE CLASS!

DESVARIEUX: What do we do as ISIL is out of control in its MURDER AND MAYHEM?

AHMED: The Juggernaut of a military-industrial complex is very opaque so we don’t know what they are Fomenting NEXT. BUT PUTTING BOOTS ON THE GROUND or JUST BLOWING PEOPLE UP or DEMONIZING THE ENTIRE CIVILIAN POPULATION are certainly NOT the Answers. We did that in Falluja. USA + UK militaries have a HORRIBLE TRACK RECORD OF FAILURES in doing counterinsurgency wars. MASSIVE mismanagement = TRILLIONS WASTED + LOST oil production + MILLIONS OF LIVES LOST OR DESTROYED. = Created a Groundswell of Opposition to WAR AS A SOLUTION AND USA USE OF WARS.


DESVARIEUX: But then what do we do, Nafeez? I’m going to push you on this a little bit.

AHMED: #1 We need to cut off the source funding for ISIL = QATAR + SAUDIS + BIG OIL MONARCHS = DID 9ll = Money trail from the WAHHABI Gulf states. = Abundant evidence from U.S. military + State Department + FBI = NO move to stop THEM = Regulatory mechanisms must LOCATE AND END THE WEAPONS AND FUNDING AND RECRUITING AND TRAINING. Why are we not doing that? If we’re not willing to cut off the source of funding for ISIL then what are we DOING?

#2 USA focus in Iraqi is NOT democracy, It is accessing their oil — getting that oil production going — trying to facilitate American contracts = That’s been the focus. It’s not been about the Iraqi people or democracy and participation or Humanitarian Concerns. THAT IS NOT EVEN PART OF THE USA PLAN! MORE AIR STRIKES seem to be the PLAN PAID FOR BY THE DYING USA MIDDLE CLASS.


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