Ralph Nader’s new book, “Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance To Dismantle The Corporate State”

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Most pivotal moment USA’s political history = Americans HIGHEST disillusion with political leaders + Large majorities say big corporations have too much political power + MSM ever-tightening hold by big business = Americans have ZERO VOICE!

UNSTOPPABLE = Nader demonstrates an emerging Left-Right alliance to dismantle the corporate-government tyranny. = Progressives + Conservatives + Libertarians = Aligned in opposition CORPORATE destruction of civil liberties + Corporate welfare state + perpetual wars + Extracting free trade agreements + Unpunished crimes of Wall Street against Main Street.

UNSTOPPABLE = Nader’s blueprint for how free Americans on both sides of the aisle can fight against the corporate state and crony capitalism.

25 Potential Reforms to accomplish a Left-Right alliance = Convergent Action

AUDIT Defense (DOD) budget annually
Disclose all government budgets for accountability.
Rigorous Evaluation of businesses looking for government welfare and bailouts.
Promote efficiency in government contracting and government spending.
Adjust the minimum wage to inflation.
Introduce taxation reform to regain uncollected taxes.
Break up the “Too Big to Fail” banks.
Expand contributions to charity to increase jobs by drawing on “dead money.”
Allow taxpayers to sue governments and corporations.
Further direct democracy—initiative, referendum, and recall, for starters.
Push community self-reliance.
Clear away the obstacles to a competitive electoral process.
Defend and extend civil liberties.
Enhance civic skills and experience for students.
End unconstitutional wars = Enforce Article 1, section 8, of Declaration of War Act.
Revise trade agreements to protect US sovereignty+Full congressional deliberations
Protect children from commercialism = physical and mental exploitation and harm.
Control more of the commons that we already own.
End corporate personhood.
Get tough on corporate crime, providing penalties and enforcement budgets.
Ramp up investor power = investor-protection laws + Create a watchdog agency.
Oppose the patenting of life forms, including human genes.
End the ineffective war on drugs.
Push for environmentalism.
Reform health care.




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