UPDATE:  Is Washington Planning an AQ CONTRACTOR attack against Syria after Elections?

Syria somewhat peaceful after AQ Contractors retreated from Homs in early May.

Elections have NOT been disrupted + NO AQ events reported = High turnout

Washington = Announced it will not recognize the Election Results = NYT says “Fear and Pressure” make elections “illegitimate” = Obstacle?? to achieving real democracy = “Continuation of the civil war” = USA Foreign Policy to implement Regime Change. = Confirmed by US statements = CIA agenda is to foster a civil war to rebuild AQ Contractor destruction. = Planning a new wave of destabilization involving the influx of weapons and death squads to be carried out in the wake of the June 3 Elections. = Supported by a new package of US military aid announced by President Obama on May 28th, less than a week before the June 3 elections.

Mid-May Kerry = Confirmed US + NATO “would increase all aspects of support for the mainstream AQ Contractor overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad = Weapons + AQ Contract fighters

May 28 Obama at West Point formally confirmed a new military aid package to be channeled to Syria’s “(AQ Contractor) freedom fighters”. = Weapons will arrive “within weeks” = “two-pronged support aimed at assisting the armed (AQ) opposition” against Bashar + Against IRAQ organizations

Evidence confirms that AQ CONTRACTOR opposition are supported by US-NATO + Israel +Qatar  with training in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. = Financing and training. = Bulk of US military aid is channeled covertly to AQ Contractors supported by US-CIA intelligence.

Syria’s Ambassador to the UN accused the UN + France + USA of facilitating a plot against the Syrian GOV. = “piling up political pressure on the Syrian government and throwing into confusion the presidential elections so as to end up in a state of constitutional, political and security vacuum.”

Latest reports out of  Damascus = Security is under control + No incidents were reported on the day of the elections.


HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH = RIGHT WING THINK TANK HYPING WARS = 2nd time accuse Syria of SARIN Attack when the 1st time it was AQ Contractors that used crude sarin on innocents.

THE Right-Wing Think Tanks put out propaganda for faking more wars that DRAIN THE RESOURCES of the American Middle Class and Make MORE MIC and BANKSTER $Billionaires.

CHART of the Right-Wing War Propaganda Think Tanks surrounding Human Rights Watch:

Click to view Human Rights Watch Think Tank Propaganda Mill

Syrian AQ Contractors

AQ Contractors paid $3 Billion by Qatar to kill Syrians = Believed to have used Sarin on Civilians


Israeli regime = Supports foreign-backed AQ Contractors operating Syrian GOV = “has sponsored, trained and hosted” the new commander of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA). = Hundreds of AQ Contractors have received medical treatment in Israeli hospitals and then return to Syria to battle government forces.

US + TURKEY = lending support to the Takfiri Contractors inside Syria = Funding + training the AQ Contractors who cross over from the border into Syria.

Turkish daily Aydinlik = Report former commander of the FSA acted as a middleman in the transfer of the US-made TOW anti-tank missiles from Turkey to the AQ Contrators in Syria.

USA Double Standard = AQ Contractors in Syria are GOOD BUT AQ Contractors (Takfiri) in Nigeria are terrorists.

Western powers + Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey = Support AQ Contractors with $BILLIONS to operate inside Syria.



Audio Recording on YouTube = Turkish Officials False Flag Attacks to Create “Humanitarian” War on Syria = Plan attack on their own forces = Pretext to attack Syria.

Turkish Officials Discuss organizing an attack from inside Syria across the Turkish-Syrian border, or on the Tomb of Suleiman Shah. = 1921 Treaty of Ankara = tomb is Turkish territory = “must be seen as an opportunity for us.” = “I’ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey…on Suleiman Shah Tomb…”

COVERUP: Turkish officials BANNED access to YouTube inside Turkey.

Turkey Holding Elections = Erdogan’s central role in Turkey’s local elections

High-profile races of Erdogan’s AKP Party = Signs of his influence is waning. = 39% in 2009 = Dominated Turkish politics for last decade of prosperity.

AKP rocked by a corruption scandal of leaked tapes = Brought down four ministers = Bribe-taking + cover up + FALSE FLAG

Erdogan + family members = Allegations as a plot orchestrated by U.S.-based Muslim cleric = Election will let the people decide if the tapes are significant.

War on Syria = Led by Washington and EU = Recklessly arming AQ Contractors in a semi-covert dirty war for regime-change in Damascus = West devastated Syria.

Erdogan regime = NATO Powers = UN officials stated poison gas was used by US-backed AQ CONTRACTORS = Turning to military provocations to launch a war.

Erdogan regime = Faces sharp losses in elections tomorrow = Economic and export slowdown. = Foreign policy becomes more aggressive to cover = backing Syrian war despite its unpopularity in Turkey.

West imperialist powers turned on the Erdogan = Turkish military’s decision to shoot down a Syrian fighter jet. = Backing and arming AQ Contractors inside Syria = underscores the criminal character of NATO policy in Syria + Back ultra-right regime installed in Ukraine.

Turkey = Like imperialist ruling elitists use war as a tool to divert attention from social and political tensions at home. = “National security has been politicized”

Leaked Audio Recording: Turkey Plans False Flag Attacks to Create Pretext for “Humanitarian” War on Syria By Alex Lantier, Global Research, March 29, 2014

Click for Source Article


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