85% of energy currently from Fossil-based fuels (oil, coal, and natural gas)

FOSSIL FUELS = Finite Amount = constantly being depleted = Reserves-to-Production ratio (R/P) = length of time the reserves will last at the current use rate.

OIL = 46 years
Natural gas = 58 years
Coal = 118 years

FOSSIL FUELS = Results in Emissions into our environment = climate change.

Renewable energy (RE) = Constantly replenished naturally = never exhausted

Renewable energy (RE) = Much lower environmental impact than Fossil Fuels = GREEN

Renewable energy (RE) = Boost US energy security = Reducing dependence on imports = growing interest in using alternative sources of energy.

Green technologies = Large-scale + Small-scale use on private homes = rural areas


State Department’s Keystone XL Contractor Selection Did Not Violate Federal Rules: Report on environmental review of the oil pipeline = No conflict of interest.

London-based (like BP) contractor, Environmental Resources Management (ERM) disclosed its previous work with Calgary-based TransCanada = Report raised no major environmental objections to the TAR SANDS pipeline = SAFE AND GREAT.


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