One/two state debate = Irrelevant as Israel-US consolidate by Noam Chomsky

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Crucially flawed = Shin Bet chief warned Israel = Israel becomes Palestinian-Arab majority = the “demographic problem” = a civil rights, anti-Apartheid struggle that will lead to secular democracy


3rd Option = Israel-US pursuing = Binational (one-state) secular democracy in former Palestine – from the sea to the river. Proposing a binational (“one state”) settlement without moving on to advocacy in effect provides support for the third option, the realistic one.

3rd Option = 1st step = Create “a disturbing new city” called “Jerusalem”extending far beyond historic Jerusalem, incorporating dozens of Palestinian villages and surrounding lands – designated as a Jewish City and the capital of Israel with lands reaching to Jericho bisecting the West Bank.

Israel = Continues to takes land water and resources on Israeli side of the illegal “separation wall” = separating Palestinian villagers from their fields = Forcing a highly intricate bureaucratic procedure for Palestinians to gain temporary entry to farms or exit for medical care. = Severe disruption of Palestinian lives = + 80% less farmers cultivating their lands + 60% less olives produced = Security for illegal Jewish settlers as 85% of wall SPLITS the occupied West Bank.

Israel = Also continues to take over the Jordan Valley = Fully imprisoning residents with huge infrastructure projects that link illegal settlers to Israel’s urban centers while never having to see Palestinians. + Traditional neocolonial model lets a modern center remains for Palestinian elites, in Ramallah – The remainder of Palestinians languishe = Regular expulsions of Palestinians in the Jordan Valley = reduced Numbers from 300,000 in 1967 to 60,000 today = each action is limited in scope so as not to arouse too much international attention = Cumulative effect and intent COMPLETE TAKEOVER (see Map above).

Israel = To separate Greater Jerusalem from Palestinian must take over the E1 region. Obama = 1st US president to allow unlimited Israeli actions = wink of the eye.

      1. Oslo Accord = declared Gaza and West Bank are unified
      2. US-Israel = Committed to separating the two regions = Palestinians allowed no access to the outside world.

Israel = Takeover Result = A Greater Israel with a substantial Jewish majority. = NO “demographic problem” and no civil rights or anti-Apartheid struggle = So-called “Jewish and democratic”

US-Israel insist upon crucial preconditions = NO NEGOTIATION SINCE 1976:

      1. Negotiations mediated by USA = A participant in the conflict = NOT NEUTRAL
      2. Illegal settlement expansion must continue (20 years now) = Obama = “not helpful to peace” WINK = He vetoed a Security Council resolution ending settlement expansion.

New negotiations with these preconditions = Achieve Israel carrying forward its takeover of whatever it finds valuable in the West Bank and Syrian Golan Heights = annexed in violation of Security Council orders + Ongoing Siege of Gaza = USA SUPPORTED = 3rd Option from the river to the sea with Palestinian rights and aspirations shelved.

EU could exclude West Bank settlements from any future deals with Israel = Step in Right Direction.

If Israel-Palestine conflict is not resolved = Broader implications = “the gravest threat to world peace” = Obama + MULTINATIONAL MEDIA tying in Iran’s nuclear programs. = Who regards the threat as of such cosmic significance? And what is the perceived threat? = Answer: US and Israel and Arab dictators = “the standoff between the international community (USA) and Iran” over perceived threat = Pentagon says NO military threat + intelligence reports no evidence of Iran developing nuclear weapons BUT would be part of Iran’s deterrence strategy and IRAN NEEDS a deterrent more than any other country. = Tormented by the West since 1953. = US-Israel = Regard an Iranian deterrent as an intolerable threat to CONTROL of the ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST and Mediterranean using violence.

NOTE: Iran’s internal repression is of NO concern to the great powers.

Threat Mitigation – Most reasonable = Establishing a nuclear weapons-free zone (NWFZ) in the region = Israel refused to attend a USA sponsored NWFZ conference but Iran announced that it would take part without conditions. = US cancelled the conference calling it premature = Zero in US Press on SUCH A ZONE to reduce “the gravest threat to world peace.”

US and Israel = INSTEAD demand regional security = Security for Israel as a PRE-CONDITION to eliminating such weapons. = Israel has 200 to 400 advanced nuclear weapons

US-Israel: Connecting Israel-Palestine conflict to the alleged Iranian threat = Blocks the international consensus on a two-state Solution = No regional (Israel) security = No moves towards a nuclear weapons-free zone = No solution to “the gravest threat to peace.”

UK + USA = Special OBLIGATION to establishing a Middle East NWFZ. = Faked WMDs in IRAQ = A thin legal cover claiming IRAQ must end their nuclear weapons programs in UN Resolution calling for “steps towards the goal of establishing in the Middle East a zone free from weapons of mass destruction…”

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