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CIA = Attempt to KEEP $40 MILLION REPORT FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! = AMERICANS  Paid for this Report and Demand to SEE IT!

Feinstein gets FIESTY in “defining moment” for HISTORIC CONSTITUTIONAL REASON! = “were a potential effort to intimidate” Senate investigators.

Festering conflict of CONSTITUTION BUSTING CIA and Senate Overseers = Senator Dianne Feinstein = CIA’s staunchest defender



FACT:  CIA removed documents from Senate computers = CIA REPORT CALLED PANNETTA


REVIEW MISSING = About mistreatment of prisoners and trying to intimidate committee staff members investigating.



6,300-page Senate report = CIA says contains inaccuracies = 122 page Response

Feinstein’s disclosures = Week after first report CIA monitored Senate computers = Gained access to CIAs own internal agency review of detention/interrogation program criticizing the American government’s response to the Sept. 11 attacks.

CIA + NSA Controversies = Broad ramifications for entire intelligence apparatus.

“Feinstein has always pushed the agency in private and defended it in public.  Now she is skewering the C.I.A. in public. This is a whole new world for the CIA….How this will be resolved will show whether the Intelligence Committee can be effective in monitoring and investigating our nation’s intelligence activities, or whether our work can be thwarted by those we oversee.”

 — Amy B. Zegart, Stanford University

John O. Brennan, CIA director = First admitted CIA spied on Senate Investigators and NOW forcefully denies CIA spied on the committee’s work. = “Nothing could be further from the truth.” — Brennan said at CFR Interview


Robert Eatinger, CIA Lawyer = Approved DESTRUCTION of Torture Tapes = NOW Tries to Intimidate Senate Investigators

Most important issue = Acting General Counsel of CIA, Robert Eatinger, Attempt to intimidate Senate staffers as they complete the investigation. = Eatinger is a key focus of the report. Named 1,600 times in Senate’s Torture Report = CIA’s decision that Eatinger sanctioned to destroy the torture tapes.

Eatinger supported Former CIA clandestine branch chief Jose A. Rodriguez Jr., ordered destruction of the tapes = Said BASED on CIA attorney’s legal advice. = CIA lawyers, Steven Hermes and Robert Eatinger = Did not endorse the tapes’ destruction but rather concluded there was “no legal impediment” to disposing of them. = Hermes and Eatinger, recently interviewed, continue to work at the agency.

Feinstein described Eatinger’s key role as the Counterterrorism Center’s chief lawyer. Some things CTC lawyers did were:

Approved use of sleep deprivation before DOJ considered the question

Altered the record of the original briefing to Nancy Pelosi and Porter Goss

Used a John Yoo freelanced memo as the basis of advice to CIA on torture

Collaborated with John Yoo to write “Legal Principles” authorizing unauthorized torture techniques

Lawyers associated with CTC also lied about the treatment of Hassan Ghul in 2004.

Eatinger = Contributed to a CIA cover-up attempt in a key State Secrets case.

Eatinger = A lawyer trying to protect his own ass + hide details of 1,600 name mentions in Torture Report = NOW targeted Senate Staffers. = torture tape destruction.

2002:  Origin of CIA’s detention and interrogation program began operations

Sept 2006: CIAs Hayden Briefed Intelligence Committee

Sept 2006 Hours after Hayden briefing = Bush disclosed the program to the public.

Dec 6, 2007 NYT article revealed that CIA destroyed videotapes of CIA’s first interrogations using so-called “enhanced techniques.” Over objections of Bush’s White House Counsel and the Director of National Intelligence.

Dec 2007 After NYT article Hayden briefed Senate Intelligence Committee = Was not destruction of evidence since Detailed Records of interrogations existed in CIA Cables describing detention conditions of day-to-day CIA interrogations = “a more than adequate representation” of what would have been on the destroyed tapes.

Dec 2007 Hayden offered Jay Rockefeller, chairman of the committee, Senate staff review these sensitive CIA operational cables given videotapes had been destroyed.

“the administration have been in regular consultation with Chairman Feinstein about the broader issues here.  We’ve made clear that we want to see the report’s findings declassified.”

 — Jay Carney, WH spokesman on CIA’s detention program, secret prisons, and brutal interrogation techniques.

January 2014: Brennan told committee CIA carried out a search of SENATE computers = UNCONSTITUTIONAL = SEARCHED a “walled-off committee network drive containing the committee’s own internal work product and communications” and BRENNAN was going to “order further forensic evidence of the committee network to learn more about activities of the committee’s oversight staff.” = To determine whether Senate investigators gained unauthorized access to CIA’s internal review of the detention program.

MARCH 11, 2014 Feinstein disputed Brennan’s allegations saying CIA’s Report was accessed using CIA authorized software.

Mr. Brennan said that the committee WAS NOT entitled to CIA internal review. = contained “sensitive, deliberative, pre-decisional CIA material” protected under executive privileges. Eatinger, CIA’s acting general counsel referred the matter to DOJ as a possible criminal offense, a move Ms. Feinstein called a strong-arm tactic by someone with a conflict of interest in the case as defined above = Lawyer in the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center running the detention and interrogation program mentioned over 1,600 times in the committee’s report = aided in 2005 destruction of CIA videotapes of brutal interrogations of AQ detainees. = Feinstein says CIA destruction of the tapes = Justification for Senate “preserve and protect” copies of parts of the internal CIA review in committee’s offices on Capitol Hill = CIA REVIEW “corroborates critical information” in Senate committee’s own investigation.

Feinstein said TWICE CIA in 2010 removed 100’s of page documents from the computer server used by Senate investigators

When SENATE Investigators confronted CIA they received a number of answers:

# 1 Denial that the documents had been removed

# 2 Must have been removed by PRIVATE contractors working for CIA

# 3 Removal of documents was ordered by the White House. WH DENIED order.

Senator Reid, majority leader, was “disappointed” by CIA’s conduct.

Mc Cain (R-AZ) called the allegations “very disturbing”

Conflicts with Executive Branch = Unite SENATE = “The Senate is bigger than any one senator.  The members of the Senate must stand up in defense of this institution, the Constitution and the values upon which this nation was founded.”  — Senator Leahy, rallied lawmakers for Feinstein



Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA by Tim Weiner 2008, Pullitzer Prize WINNER on National Security for the New York Times

Click for Reviews of Tim Weiner’s Book

Interviews on the record = 10 Directors + 100+ agents + 50,000 recently declassified documents = A devastating book ON CIA.

CIA = Shocking FAILURES = Each CIA Director left agency in worse shape than he found it and jeopardize our national security.

“What the CIA did after the second world war to ruin the world for most people, including its own agents.”

Extensive, exhaustive history of the CIA = Failed in almost every aspect of its mission = Provided NO good intelligence to policy makers = Missed mark on Castro + Failed on eastern Europe and Soviet Union + Completely wrong ON WMD’s in Iraq + Most damning is CIA’s failures at covert operations around the world.

Failed in public view = The Bay of Pigs + in Guatamala and Iran it sowed the seeds of future foreign policy disaster + Troubling obsession with small-scale covert operations in Europe and Asia which almost entirely resulted in loss of life of agents.

CIA’s attempts to influence world affairs through its schemes and SCAMS = AQ

CIA = Staffed by amateurs or incompetents drawn from eastern elite universities = Struggled to recruit and retain truly professional skilled staff.

Misuse of agency = Violation of its charter by Notorious Nixon + Johnson + BUSH + even Kennedy.

CIA = SUBVERSION + MALICE = BREEDS National Paranoia = Delusional and Over the Top Responses by Our Government = NO Good Will or Following Our Ideals as a Nation.

CIA = LONG OVERRATED = Kissinger told Chou that he “vastly overestimates the competence of the C.I.A…..they don’t deserve it.”

CIA = 1979 Iranian revolutionaries seized the American embassy in Tehran and C.I.A. case officer named William Daugherty. The Iranians were offended the Americans had such an inexperienced spy. = “beyond insult.”

CIA = FAILED in Communist China
CIA = FAILED on Iranian revolution of 1979
CIA = Missed explosion of an atom bomb by the Soviet Union in 1949
CIA = Missed invasion of South Korea in 1950
CIA = Missed popular uprisings in Eastern Europe in the 1950s
CIA = Missed installation of Soviet missiles in Cuba in 1962
CIA = Missed Arab-Israeli war of 1973
CIA = Missed Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979
CIA = Missed the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989
CIA = Missed Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990
CIA = Missed the explosion of an atom bomb by India in 1998
CIA = Culminated in the agency’s wrong call on Iraq’s WMDs in 2003 = “Slam Dunk”

CIA = Early days = 100’s of agents dropped behind the Iron Curtain to be killed

CIA = Wastes UNGODLY amounts of money while adopting swagger = “God, we had fun.”

CIA = 1963 backed a coup to install the Baath Party in Iraq = IRAQ WAR = GAS OF IRAN = Saddam Hussein.

Donald Gregg, a former C.I.A. station chief in South Korea and national security adviser to Vice President GHW Bush: “The record in Europe was bad. The record in Asia was bad. The agency had a terrible record in its early days — a great reputation and a terrible record.”

CIA = KNOW NOTHING = living on myth of an all-knowing, all-powerful spy agency = BS on American television and moviegoers FOOLED most modern US presidents

CIA = Promise of a secret intelligence SPY organization that influence events abroad, by low cost sleight of hand = JUST PURE LIES = Bumbling = Eisenhower told director, Allen Dulles, “I have suffered an eight-year defeat on this.”

CIA = James Bond = Fat, alcoholic, unstable William Harvey = Botched attempt to eliminate Fidel Castro by hiring the Mafia.

CIA = Under Reagan = CIA director, William Casey = “unleashing” the agency = Iran-contra affair = Casey mumbles and lies + almost mad from by the end.

CIA = Resembles Charlie Brown trying to kick the football = Lucy is scheming AND inept directors.

CIA = TELLS PRESIDENTS WHATEVER THEY WANT TO HEAR = 1969 Helms doctored CIA estimate of Soviet nuclear forces = REMOVED “analysts doubted the Soviet will or capacity to launch a nuclear strike.”

CIA = Bogus intelligence on Iraq known as Curveball ON FAKED WMDs

Johnson CIA manufactured evidence of a Communist attack on American destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin to PASS a pro-war Congressional resolution on Vietnam in 1964.

CIA = MISSED Iraq invasion of Kuwait 1990 = Robert M. Gates Bush’s deputy national security adviser, was at a family picnic = asked him, “What are you doing here?” Gates asked, “What are you talking about?” “The invasion!”

CIA = When Berlin Wall fell, Milt Bearden, leader of CIA’s Soviet division watched CNN to advise urgent calls from White House officials.

CIA = FOUND OUT in 1975 = Church Committee hearings exposed CIA as “the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.”



CIA and Congress, a Secret Report on Interrogations

Early December CIA = An embarrassing computer breach = Investigators for the Senate Intelligence Committee obtained an internal agency review summarizing thousands of documents related to the agency’s detention and interrogation program = Harsh light on the program

CIA officials scoured the digital logs of the Senate staff members to learn what the Senate DID AND KNEW = Constitutional questions about CIA investigating its congressional overseers = 2 NEW parallel inquiries by DOJ = CIA + the committee. = “It’s always been a dicey proposition to be investigating Congress. You don’t do it lightly.” — W. George Jameson, a CIA lawyer

FACT: CIA review of detention and interrogation program = Program WORTHLESS = yielded little valuable intelligence.

History of CIA’s detention operations President Obama officially ended:

Began in the months after 9ll
Expanded into a network of secret prisons in Thailand, Romania, Lithuania….

Intelligence committee announced it will investigate all classified CIA cables = White House said Senate would cross a fairly significant threshold, but a deal was struck between CIA Director Panetta and Feinstein, the intelligence committee’s Democratic chairwoman to examine 5 Years of documents covering 5 years to Sept 2006 when all CIA’s prisoners were transferred to GITMO.

Panetta ordered the CIA to review all the documents to help the agency better understand = “Panetta Review” = Center of dispute between CIA and Congress = GOAL = provide short summaries of the documents provided to CONGRESS. = Particularly scorching analysis of extreme interrogation methods like waterboarding = Providing little intelligence of any value.

CIA loaded thousands of files into a database on a separate “network share drive” to work in private = 3 years work at end of 2012 Report was submitted to CIA = Setting off months of closed-door sparring between the two sides.

Brennan became Director of CIA early 2013 = Veteran of CIA during Interrogation program = Pledged greater transparency of CIA operations. = He said after reading the executive summary of CIA report it changed his VIEWS of the interrogation program. = “I don’t know what …the truth is. So, I really need to look at that carefully and see what the C.I.A.’s response is.” = Brennan delivered CIA’s 122-page response that vigorously disputed facts and conclusions of the Senate report.

Senate committee investigators obtained parts of the Panetta review by penetrating a firewall that the CIA never intended to give to the Senate under executive privilege authorities.

Late 2013 Democrats increased pressure on CIA to formally release internal review = Feinstein letter to Brennan + Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) open hearing Dec. 17.

Udall said he believed the CIA review = Senate review but “conflicts with the official CIA response. = CIA LIED TO SENATE! = Why is CIA REVIEW “so different from the CIA’s formal response to the committee study.” = CIA became suspicious that SENATE investigators had at least a version of the internal review. = CIA ordered a search of digital logs that monitor its computer systems. = January CIA ignited a confrontation. = Next day Feinstein wrote a letter to Brennan demanding to know why CIA searched the LOGS, violating the constitutional separation of powers and undermined the committee’s oversight role. = DOJ became involved.

CIA General Counsel started inquiry into whether committee staffers gained unauthorized access to parts of the agency’s computer network. = DOJ Review

SAD FACT: 5 years AND $40 MILLION IN MIDDLE CLASS COST and PUBLIC has not seen either CIA or Senate Reports.

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