Objective of Corporate Elitists = Separate “issue oriented” protests encouraged and generously funded BY MULTINATIONAL ELITISTS. = Oppose cohesive mass movement that terrifies the ELITISTS.

“Manufacturing Dissent”: The Anti-globalization Movement is Funded by the Corporate Elites using non-profits the $BILLIONAIRE ruling class co-opts leadership from grassroots communities to make social justice work virtually impossible = TOO COSTLY


New World Order = Inviting political and “civil society” leaders into the inner circles of power + repress the rank and file = Globalization is a MUST + the global elites RUN a democracy = rule legitimately + “there is no alternative” to globalization + toss in a few progressive phrases = So engage with these rulers in an ineffective “give and take” = OWO fundamental goals are not challenged.

“civil society mingling” reinforces the clutch of the corporate establishment and weakens and divides any protest movement. = COMPLETE co-optation of anti-globalization Movement to get impoverishment of millions and destruction of Earth

Challenge the “Globalizers” rule requires new strategy = Mass movements to SHOW WHAT globalization is doing to ordinary people

“Manufactured Consent” vs. “Manufactured Dissent” = A propaganda model used by corporate media to sway public opinion and “inculcate individuals with values and beliefs…” = Mass media communicates messages and symbols to populace. = While amusing, entertaining, and inculcating individuals with OWO values, beliefs, and codes of behavior = integrate them = manipulating and shaping public opinion to get conformity and acceptance to authority and social hierarchy.

“Manufacturing consent” = Submission to public of OWO media lies and fabrications

Contemporary capitalism = Illusion of democracy = Interest of corporate elitists

Appear to accept dissent/protest = Feature of Elitists system = Shape and mould the protest movement to LIMIT dissent. = limit and control all forms of opposition. = Prevent development of radical Protests that could shake the OWO’s global capitalism RUN BY BANKS. = “manufacturing dissent” acts as a “safety valve”

How is the process of manufacturing dissent achieved? Essentially by “funding dissent” = channeling MULTINATIONAL financial resources to those organizing the protest movement.

Co-optation = Buy Politicians + Control major foundations + Control NGOs and their funding = Ford, Rockefeller, McCarthy foundations + others.

CONFLICT = Anti-globalization movement opposes Wall Street and BIG OIL controlled by Rockefeller, et al. BUT Foundations and Charities of Rockefeller fund progressive anti-capitalist and environmentalists to ultimately oversee and shape their various activities. = PURE MANIPULATION AND SURE FAILURE OF THE OPPOSITION. OCCUPY WALL STRRET = GREAT EXAMPLE = Subtle cooptation of progressive organizations. They creates AQ also to FAIL IN THE LONG RUN.

Following the deregulation of the global financial system in the 1990s and the rapid enrichment of the financial establishment, funding through foundations and charities has skyrocketed.

Bitter TRUTH = Fraudulent Wall Street Giants = buy out politicians + channel NGOs + Manipulate esearch institutes + Indoctrinate community centres & church groups + Buy environmentalists USE alternative media + Use human rights groups + “corporate left & progressive” media = COMPLETE MANIPULATON

NGOs infiltrate and use informants to establish boundaries for their opposition = NGOs often act on behalf of MULTINATIONAL intelligence agencies.

Objective of Corporate Elitists = Fragment the people’s VOICE and Movement = Compartmentalize THEM into a “Do it yourself” piecemeal LOSS = No integrated PROGRAM or VOICE in anti-globalization and FAKED WARS that caused BUSH DEPRESSION.

1999 Seattle anti-globalization TRIUMPH = “activists shut down the WTO summit” = 50,000+ people from diverse backgrounds = GOAL = Forcefully dismantle the Neoliberal agenda including its MULTINATIONAL ELITIST BASE. = IN FACT IT WAS a de facto victory for neoliberalism = A handful of NGO civil society organizations agreed to a pre-summit dialogue with the WTO and Western governments. = “Accredited NGO participants (FUNDED BY NEOLIBERALS) were invited to mingle in a friendly environment with ambassadors, trade ministers and Wall Street tycoons at several of the official events including the numerous cocktail parties and receptions.” (SOURCE: Michel Chossudovsky November 1999, “Manufacturing Dissent” in Seattle). = Weaken and divide the protest movement threatening the NEOLIBERAL establishment. = Funded by Ford, Rockefeller, Rockefeller Brothers, Charles Stewart Mott, The Foundation for Deep Ecology = “accredited” civil society organizations lobby groups…weakening the anti-globalization movement.

NGO leaders = Fully aware money was coming from ROCKEFELLER + MOTT = EMPIRES OF BIG BANKS + BIG DIRTY ENERGY (OIL) = Source for Salaries and operating expenses. = Twisted logic of battle against corporate capitalism fought using funds from the tax exempt Corporate Capitalism. = NGOs straightjacket!

Corporate elitists interests served by the IMF + World Bank + WTO readily FUND NGOs at the forefront of the protest movement against the WTO using MULTINATIONAL FOUNDATION MONEY. = UNDERMINE PROTESTS and continue implementation of neoliberal policies.

Bretton Woods twins + WTO policies = Impoverishment of millions of people = USAID and World Bank funded NGOs based in Washington = IMF-World Bank Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) = Interference in internal affairs of sovereign states on behalf of creditor institutions. = IMF-World Bank’s “deadly economic medicine” = SAPRIN’s uses NGOs working with USAID-World Bank to give a “human face” to Neoliberal Rape of the POPULACE = “SAPRIN is the global civil-society network that took its name from the Structural Adjustment Participatory Review Initiative (SAPRI),” launched by World Bank in 1997. = Tripartite = NGO civil society + Local GOV + World Bank = Way to SCAM WITH AUTHORITY using WTO.

Trade Observatory (formerly WTO Watch) of Geneva ACCOUNTABILITY WATCHDOG = Generously funded by Ford, Rockefeller, Charles Stewart Mott = Monitors the WTO + NAFTA + FTAA + TTP if it happens. = A SHAM to PROTECT NEOLIBERAL FRAUDS! = Ford Foundation $2,612,500 + Rockefeller Brothers Fund $2,320,000 + Mott Foundation $1,391,000 + McKnight Foundation $1,056,600 + Joyce Foundation $748,000 + Bush Foundation $610,000 + Bauman Family Foundation $600,000 + Great Lakes Protection Fund $580,000 + MacArthur Foundation $554,100 + John Merck Fund $490,000 + Hochschild Foundation $486,600 + Foundation for Deep Ecology $417,500 + Jennifer Altman Foundation $366,500 + Rockefeller Foundation $344,134



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