SLAVE LABOR = 68 Cents/ Day + 78 Hours / week = Apaid’s Alpha Industries, 4,000 worker Haiti sweatshop factories using cheap labor textile and electronics assembly lines established during the Duvalier era = Kathie Lee Gifford sweat shops scandal.

Real Haitian Economy = Driven into bankruptcy under IMF AUSTERITY AND MULTINATIONAL GREED

Haiti = TOP CARIBBEAN Narcotics Transshipment Economy = US Drug Enforcement Admin (DEA) says = Huge shipments of cocaine from Colombia to US (Miami) = 14% of all US Cocaine = $BILLIONS for organized crime + US financial laundering institutions for drug money into Real Estate = $500 Billion market.


FEB 29, 2004 USA Sponsored armed Coup d’Etat + Destabilization of Haiti = the day of President Jean Bertrand Aristide’s kidnapping and deportation by US Forces = the result of a carefully staged military-intelligence operation = Armed, trained and equipped Rebel paramilitary army crossed the border from the Dominican Republic in early February under control of led by Guy Philippe and former members of Le Front pour l’avancement et le progrès d’Haiti (FRAPH), the “plain clothes” death squadrons from CIA sponsored 1991 military coup and overthrow of the democratically elected government of President Jean Bertrand Aristide = Intended to reverse the Aristide government’s progressive reforms and reinstate the neoliberal policy agenda.

In 1994, Emmanuel Constant, nicknamed “Toto”, led the FRAPH assassination squadron into the village of Raboteau, in what was later identified as “The Raboteau massacre” on April 18, 1994 a seaside slum with 6,000 fishermen and salt rakers – 30 paramilitaries doing a “dress rehearsal” rousted people from their homes, beat people, inducing a pregnant woman to miscarry, and forced others to drink from open sewers. Soldiers tortured a 65-year-old blind man until he vomited blood. He died the next day.

April 22, 1994 the soldiers returned and ransacked homes and shot people in the streets, and when the residents fled for the water, other soldiers fired at them from boats they had commandeered. Bodies washed ashore for days; some were never found. The number of victims ranges from two dozen to 30. Hundreds more fled the town, fearing further reprisals.” (St Petersburg Times, Florida, 1 September 2002) 


US-France-Canada Coup d’Etat against democracy and the people of Haiti is amply documented by Michel Chossudovsky, February 22, 2014

FRAPH Military dictatorship government (1991-1994) under Armed Forces Commander in Chief General Raoul Cedars on the payroll of the CIA ran the narcotics trade.  Emmanuel Constant alias “Toto” confirmed, in this regard, in CBS “60 Minutes” in 1995 = the CIA paid him about $700 a month while he created FRAPH.  Constant said  FRAPH had been formed “with encouragement and financial backing from the CIA. 

Senator John McCain, is Chairman of IRI’s Board of Directors connected to the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) works hand in glove with the CIA in Haiti.  And Andy Apaid the Alpha Sweatshops owner was in liaison with Secretary of State Colin Powell in the days prior to the kidnapping and deportation of President Aristide by US forces on February 29, 2004.  They performs intelligence functions of the civilian political parties and NGOs in Haiti = a division of tasks between the CIA and the NED:  CIA does COVERT support to armed paramilitary rebel groups and death squadrons and NED is the civilian arm of the CIA and finances “civilian” political parties and NGOs to install American-style “democracy.”  CIA-NED interventions in different part of the World are characterized by a consistent pattern, which is applied in numerous countries (attempt in Venezuela to overthrow Chavez and in former Yugoslavia, the CIA channeled support to the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) while, the NED backed the DOS opposition coalition in Serbia and Montenegro). 

IMF + World Bank = key players in economic and political destabilization to support US strategic and foreign policy objectives = “Washington consensus” restructuring and reforms cause devastating impacts on population and trigger social and ethnic strife = precipitate the downfall of elected governments using bitter economic medicine =  instrument of economic dislocation through drastic austerity measures + other forms of political interference besides CIA covert paramilitary groups and opposition parties = Often Create Civil Wars. 

Former World Bank official Mr. Marc Bazin = Appointed Prime minister of Haitit by the Military Junta in June 1992 = Pushed By US State Department = Bazin’s “Washington consensus” IMF track record made CIA happy as he formed a so-called  “consensus government”. = During Bazin’s term the political massacres and extra judicial killings by the CIA supported FRAPH death squadrons were unleashed, leading to the killing of more than 4000 civilians with 300,000 people internal refugees.

1994-1999 US intervened with 20,000 occupation troops in Haiti to prevent a popular insurrection against the military Junta and its neoliberal cohorts = ensure political continuity away from the possibility of a progressive “alternative” to the neoliberal agenda.  US State Department = Hired Mercenary company DynCorp to crate Haitian staffed CIA-type covert operations.” 

October 1994, Aristide returned to be president UNTIL 1996 to do a new CREDITOR DRIVEN deadly economic Plan to achieve rapid macroeconomic stabilization by clearing the country’s debts to international creditors. New loans to Haiti by IMPERIAL BANKSTERS went straight to the international creditors = Leading to a MORE spiraling debt. = 30% DROP in GDP with the military government, and  per capita income was $250 per year = Poorest country in the Western hemisphere = 60% top 80% unemployment.

IMF PLAN FAILED MISERABLY = IMF imposed  “stabilization” CUT budgets on near ZERO PROGRAMS + FIRED State employees + teachers and health workers and paralyzed public services leading to the demise of the entire State system =  virtually nonexistent. Washington literally pushed Haiti to the brink of economic and social disaster.

75% of Haitian population does agriculture, producing both food crops for the domestic market as well a number of cash crops for export. The IMF-World Bank sponsored trade reforms of the agricultural system by lifting of trade barriers for dumping of US agricultural surpluses = rice, sugar and corn = Destruction of the entire peasant farm economy built on rice = bankruptcy = Local farming population was devastated.

Presidential elections November 23, 2000 – SO Clinton BLOCKED aid to Haiti in 2000 and forced the outgoing administration to agree to IMF TERMS = That virtually foreclosed departure from the neoliberal EXPLOITATION had rubber stamp approval by Legislature. So Aristide was prevented from his promised increase in the minimum wage, School construction and Literacy programs = HANDS were tied as All major decisions WERE LOCKED INTO the IMF agreement November 6, 2000.

2003 IMF SCAMMED THE PEOPLE ON FUEL with the so-called “flexible price system in fuel” = immediately 130% inflationary spiral in one MONTH = The currency was devalued. = Increase popular resentment against the Aristide government for IMF FRAUD. = 40% increase in consumer prices and the POOR HAITIANS SUFFERED AGAIN = IMF THEN DID AUSTERITY = FROZE WAGES AND DID AWAY WITH DAILY MINIMUM WAGES OF $3.00/ Day =  “Labor market flexibility” to attracting foreign investors.  DESTROYED THE LIVES OF WORKERS = a further collapse in purchasing power + interest rates skyrocketed. Hikes in fuel prices paralyzed transportation and public services including water and electricity = IMF collapse of the economy hurt Aristide AND THE SWEAT SHOP-OWNERS THE WINNERS WON.

September 2003 = Washington sends James Foley as Ambassador to Haiti = Formally ran Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) financed by drug money and supported by the CIA =  Similar targeted political assassinations leading up to the 1999 NATO invasion.  


Foley’s said KLA would do “self government under a ‘different context’” a de facto “narco-democracy” under NATO protection of the drug trade with Kosovo as “a hub” in the shipment of narcotics from the Golden Crescent (AFGHANISTAN), through Iran and Turkey into Western Europe = KLA has links to the Albanian Mafia and criminal syndicates involved in the narcotics trade.

The DRUG model for Haiti by the current US Ambassador to Haiti James Foley = FLRN and Guy Philippe are to Haiti what the KLA are to Kosovo. = Washington’s “regime change” topple the Lavalas administration and install a compliant US puppet regime + FLRN led by Guy Philippe + Tonton Macoute terrorists + Andy Apaid – SWEATSHOP KING = CIA supported Rebels linked to the cocaine transit trade from Colombia via Haiti to Florida = A new “narco-government”, serving US SCAMMERS AND BANKERS = A program of civilian killings and political assassinations directed against Lavalas supporter is in fact already underway = Washington supports and finances the FRAPH death squadrons = the massacre of civilians + targeted political assassinations of Aristide supporters.

EVIDENCE = Confirms CIA protects Cocaine trade = Senator John Kerry major investigation  focused on the links between the CIA and the drug trade, including the laundering of drug money to finance armed insurgencies = “The  Kerry Report (1989)” on Haiti = “Kerry had developed detailed information on drug trafficking by Haiti’s military rulers that led to the indictment in Miami in 1988, of Lt. Col. Jean Paul. The indictment was a major embarrassment to the Haitian military, especially since Paul defiantly refused to surrender to U.S. authorities.. In November 1989, Col. Paul was found dead after he consumed a traditional Haitian good will gift—a bowel of pumpkin soup…

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