BRlTlSH journalist detailed investigation on mysterious December 2008 death of ConneII, Bush/ROVE/GOP “IT Guru” described as ‘High lQ FORREST Gump for being at scene of so many Bush/ROVE/GOP CRlMES.

ConneII Republican IT guru, due to testify in Ohio Vote Fraud case, was on his way home to Akron from DC when his singIe ENGlNE PlPER pIunged from Sky for reasons remaining unexplained to this day.

ConneII’s companies GOTech and New MEDlA C0MMUNlCATl0NS
1. Created “far right” websites for Newt+BUSH+many others
2. Managed political database operations
3. Managed lnfamous secret GWB43.C0M paraIIeI White HOUSE emaiI system
4. The network FlREWAII in Congress for Judiciary and lnteIIigence committees
5. 2004 Election Night results reporting system for Ohio’s Sec of State Ken BIackwell
2004 Election Results System is aIIeged by attorneys in OHlO, manipulate finaI taIIies!
Just a month prior to his death, day before 2008 election, ConneII was compeIIed to give a DEPOSlTlON in ongoing 2004 election fraud Iawsuit.

It was believed he was guiIt-RlDDEN+ready to “spiII the Be*ans” on 2004 OHlO Election and that ROVE threatened him if he did not take the faII. ConneII shut up.


His DEP0SlTl0N of Nov 2OO8 remains seaIed by federal COURT Order, and ConneII would DlE before he was allowed to be a WlTNESS in case. 


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