1865 CE-1945 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — Bush Family willingly & knowingly associated themselves with Nazis for over 80 years spanning three generations of Bushes. Prescott Bush = Hitler’s banker in America & NY Tribune called him Hitler’s angel. The Treason of The Bush Family — THEY WORKED FOR THE ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB!

1917 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — Prescott Bush joins the Skull and Bones. Both his son and grandson George and George W. likewise were Skull and Bones members. Brown Brothers & Harriman had an exceptional number of members during the 1930s CE.

1921 CE: ROTHSCHILDS CRIME SYNDICATE CONTROLLED THE PRESS — Adolf Hitler named the Rothschilds as a capitalist group that entirely controlling the press saying, the “rapacity of the Rothschilds who financed wars and revolutions and brought people into servitude through loans”. But Paul Warburg is likely a Rothschild agent that helped the Germans fund their end of WW II along with Prescott Bush and many other Americans. Rothschilds again fund all sides of all wars since 1775 CE.

1924 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — W.A.Harriman & Co invested $400,000 in setting up Union Banking Corp to act in partnership with the Thyssen-owned Bank voor Handel en Scheepvart in Holland. Prescott Bush brought into the firm to manage Union Bank. Prescott was the son-in-law of George Walker and son of Samuel Bush. Union bank is now in the position to transfer funds back and forth for Thyssen’s United Steel. Coinciding with the Dawes Plan, which is discussed elsewhere in this chapter John Foster, Dulles arranged a large loan for Krupp. For the loan Dulles had called Leland Harrison, assistant secretary of state on a Saturday to soft pedal the item in the news. Harrison was infuriated because the department had issued a circular asking to see foreign loans before American funds were exported. Dulles knew however, that Harrison had no authority to stop the loan. Dulles wanted to avoid the State Department’s scrutiny as to whether German factories were producing military hardware. Sullivan and Cromwell at Dulles behest accepted the assurances of Krupp that all military hardware had been destroyed. Ethyl Corporation formed jointly by Standard Oil and General Motors.

1926 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — Prescott Bush promoted to Vice-President of W. A. Harriman & Co. Clarence Dillon of Dillon Read, set up the German Steel Trust with Thyssen & partner, Fredrick Flick. According to the terms, Dillon Read would handle the Trust’s corporate banking in return for two Dillon Read representatives being on the board of the German Steel Trust. Albert Voegler was the chief executive of the German Steel trust was. Voegler was another industrialist that was instrumental in bringing Hitler to power. He also held directorships in Thyssen’s Dutch bank and the Hamburg-Amerika Line. Union Bank was not in partnership with Flick’s empire, Silesian Holding Co. Walker, Bush and Harriman owned a third of Flick’s holding company and called their share Consolidated Silesian Steel Corp. American I.G. founded as a holding company controlling I.G. Farben assets in the United States. Some board members were Edsel Ford, Charles Mitchell (President of Rockefeller’s National City Bank of New York), Walt Teagle (President of Standard Oil), Paul Warburg (Federal Reserve chairman and brother of Max Warbug, financier of Nazi Germany’s war effort and Director of American I.G.) and Herman Metz, a director of the Bank of Manhattan, controlled by the Warburgs. Three other members of the Board of Governors for American I.G. were tried and convicted as German war criminals. Allen Dulles joins Sullivan and Cromwell.

1929 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — Standard Oil and I.G. Farben begin cartel negotiations Harriman bank bought Dresser Industries, supplier of oil-pipeline couplers to Standard and other companies. Prescott Bush became a director and financial czar of Dresser, installing his Yale classmate Neil Mallon as chairman.

1931 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — W.A Harriman merges with the British firm Brown Brothers. Thatcher Brown, Prescott Bush and the two Harriman brothers were the senior partners in the new firm of Brown Brothers and Harriman. Robert Lovett son of Robert Scott Lovett and a close friend of Prescott Bush became a partner in the new firm. Lovett would later serve as Asst. Sec. for Air during the war, as Under Sec. Of State 1947 CE-1949 CE, as Deputy Sec. of Defense 1950 CE-1951 CE and as Secretary of Defense 1951 CE-1953 CE. Prescott Bush ran the New York office while the London office of the new firm was ran by Thatcher Brown. Montagu Collet Norman, governor of the Bank of England and close friend of Prescott Bush often staying with the Bush family on his visits to New York was a partner of Brown Brothers. He also was a well-known Nazi sympathizer. His grandfather had been boss of Brown Brothers during the Civil war when Brown Brothers were directly responsible for shipping 75% of the cotton from the south to England. Prescott Bush and George Walker hosted host of the Third International Congress of Eugenics. The purpose of the event was to call for the sterilization of fourteen million Americans. ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB’s Bank of International Settlements formed.

1933 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — On January 4, 1933 CE, Hitler was invited to the Schroeder Bank by a group of industrialists. The industrialists gave Hitler the money to overcome his financial problems in turn for a pledge to break the trade unions. Present at this meeting were two Americans John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles. Hitler assumes power. Max Warburg selected by Prescott Bush to be the American Ship & Commerce Line official representative on the board of the Hamburg-Amerika Line. Warburg was a long time advisor of Hjalmar Schacht, the Nazi’s Economic Minister and an executive in the Reichsbank. Warburg was also a close friend with Montagu Collet Norman. An agreement to coordinate all trade between Germany & America was reached in Berlin after negotiations between Hitler’s Economics Minister, Hjalmar Schacht & John Foster Dulles.As a result Oliver Harriman, Averell’s cousin formed a syndicate of 150 firms to conduct all business between Germany and the United States. North German Lloyd Co. merged with Hamburg-Amerika Line in Hamburg. Christian Beck a long time Harriman executive was placed as manager of ‘freight & operations’ in North America for this newly merged company. Emil Helfferich, an ardent Nazi was appointed chairman of this new company called Hapag-Lloyd. Nazi security guards were now on all ships of the company. William S. Farish was appointed chairman of Standard Oil by John D. Rockefeller (1839 CE-1937 CE). Farish was close friends with Hermann Schmitz, chairman of I.G. Farben. Farish hired Ivy Lee, to write pro-I.G. Farben and pro-Nazi propaganda and get it into the U.S. press. He hired Nazi German crews for Standard Oil tankers. In addition, he hired “Emil Helfferich,” chairman of the Hamburg-Amerika Line, as chairman also of the Standard Oil Company subsidiary in Germany. Karl Lindemann, board member of Hamburg-Amerika, also became a top Farish-Standard executive in Germany. The interlock placed Farish and Prescott Bush in a small group of Hitler supporters. Both Emil Helfferich and Karl Lindemann were authorized to write checks to Heinrich Himmler, chief of the Nazi SS, on a special Standard Oil account. This account was managed by the German-British-American banker, Kurt von Schroeder. According to U.S. intelligence documents reviewed by author Anthony Sutton, Helfferich continued his payments to the SS into 1944 CE, when the SS was supervising the mass murder at the Standard-I.G. Farben Auschwitz and other death camps. Helfferich told Allied interrogators after the war that these were not his personal contributions-they were corporate Standard Oil funds.

1934 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — The US Senate Nye Committee hearings revealed Samuel Pryor, chairman of Remington Arms & founding director of both the UBC & the American Ship & Commerce Corp. had joined in a cartel agreement with I.G. Farben. The committee also uncovered that the Nazis were armed with mostly American arms. E. W. Webb, president of Ethyl Corporation was advised that Washington had learned of the intention of “forming a German company with the I.G. to manufacture ethyl lead in Germany. The War Department indicated that there was considerable criticism of this technological transfer. The Ethyl Company was then advised by the Army Air Corps that “under no conditions should you or the Board of Directors of the Ethyl Gasoline Corporation disclose any secrets or ‘know-how’ in connection with the manufacture of tetraethyl lead to Germany. With Hitler in solid control of Germany, the profits from the Thyssen-Flick union soared to over a hundred million. Both Union Bank and the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart were overflowing with money. Prescott Bush became managing director of Union Bank and took over the day-to-day operations of the German plan. John Foster Dulles was publicly supporting the Nazi philosophy. In 1935 CE, he wrote a long article for the Atlantic Monthly entitled “The Road to Peace.” He excused Germany’s secret rearmament as an action taking back their freedom. Knowing what he did about Inco and Germany’s munitions industry Dulles was misleading in asserting Germany’s, Italy’s, and Japan’s desires for peace. Later in the 1930s CE, Dulles helped organize the American First group. A month before Pearl Harbor he donated $500 to the group. Later he would claim no association with the group. Dulles continued his support of the Nazi line right up to the time Germany invaded Poland. Dulles excuse for the Poland invasion was much like blaming the victim for the crime.

1937 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — By the end of January 1937 CE, Dulles had merged all his cloaking activities into one client account, Brown Brothers Harriman-Schroeder Rock. Schroeder, of course, was the Nazi bank on whose board Dulles sat. The ‘Rock’ was the Rockefellers of Standard Oil, who were already coming under scrutiny for their Nazi deals. At the request of Prescott Bush Dulles had cloaked the Bush-Harriman dealings with the Nazis.

1939 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — Hitler invades Poland the war starts in Europe. Farish’s daughter Martha married Averell Harriman’s nephew, Edward Harriman Gerry. Consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation was located near the Polish town of Oswiecim. When the plan to use Soviet prisoners as forced labor fell through, the Nazis began shipping Jews, communists, gypsies and other minority populations to the camp the Nazis had set up. This was the beginning of Auschwitz. The reason Auschwitz was located there was because of the abundant supplies of coal which could be processed into aviation fuel. I.G. Farben soon built a plant near Auschwitz to take advantage of not only of the nearby coal deposits but also of the slave labor supply available at Auschwitz. According to a Dutch intelligence agent, Prescott Bush managed a portion of the slave labor force in Poland.

1942 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — Leo Crowley, the US Alien Property Custodian ordered the seizure of all property of Hapag-Lloyd in Aug. In October, US Alien Property Custodian seized the stock shares of the Union Banking Corp. of New York, whose shareholders were: Chm./Dir. E. Rowland Harriman; Pres./Dir. Cornelis Lievense (banking functionary for the Nazis); Treasurer/Dir. Harold D. Pennington (of Brown Brothers Harriman); Dir. Ray Morris (of Brown Brothers Harriman); Dir. Prescott S. Bush; Dir. H.J. Kouwenhoven (Dir./Chief foreign financial exec. of German Steel Trust); Dir. Johann G. Groeninger (Industrial Exec. In Nazi Germany). In the same month, the United States government seized two additional companies: Seamless Steel Equipment Corp. & Holland-American Trading Corp both ran by Union Bank. In November, the Nazi assets of Silesian-American Corp were seized leaving the American partners to carry on with business. Seizure of the whole company would have been detrimental to the war effort. On March 25, 1942 CE, U.S. Assistant Attorney General Thurman Arnold announced that William Stamps Farish had pleaded “no contest” to charges of criminal conspiracy with the Nazis. Farish was the principal manager of a cartel agreement between Standard Oil and I.G. Farben. The cartel built an industrial plant to produce artificial rubber and gasoline from coal at Auschwitz to take advantage of the slave labor. The Deutsche-Amerikanische Petroleum A.G. (DAPAG), the Standard Oil subsidiary in Germany, was 94-percent owned by Standard Oil of New Jersey. Standard Oil of New Jersey was represented in the inner circles of Naziism by Karl Lindemann, director of DAPAG and member of Himmler’s Circle of Friends and by board member Emil Helfrich, who was an original member of the Keppler Circle. Karl Lindemann connections extended into the international banking area as director of several banks, including the Dresdner Bank, the Deutsche Reichsbank, and the private Nazi-oriented bank of C. Melchior & Company

1942 CE: ROTHSCHILDS MOB — Prescott Bush, father of future American Presidents’ George Herbert Walker and George W, has his company seized under the, “Trading With The Enemy,” Act. He was funding Hitler from America, whilst American soldiers were being killed by German soldiers. Jews are also being slaughtered by these same soldiers. Interestingly the ADL never criticizes any of the Bushes for this.

1945 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — The Treasury Department revealed to congress that United Steel produced the following percentages of war munitions for the Nazis: Pig iron 50.8%; Pipe & tubes 45.5%; Universal plate 41.4%; Galvanised sheet 38.5%; Heavy plate 36%; Explosives 35%; Wire 22.1%. This is the same firm Prescott Bush acted, as banker for. In effect, Prescott was Hitler’s American banker. Allen Dulles sought out a young Naval Officer that had been put in charge of some captured Nazi documents. If the documents surfaced it would have revealed Dulles as a traitor. In a deal to bury the documents, Dulles agreed to finance the young man’s first political race. This was the beginning of the political career of Richard Nixon. Project Paperclip begins to import Nazis into the United States.

1947 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — Following the war, authorities seeking to locate the Dutch Royal family’s jewelry discovered the transaction papers of the Silesian American Corporation in the books of Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart. The bank manager, H.J. Kounhoven came under intense scrutiny and was shocked by the discovery. Soon Kounhoven traveled to New York to inform Prescott Bush. Two weeks later, the otherwise healthy Dutch banker died of a heart attack.

1950 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — Prescott Bush defeated in his political race due to his background association with the American eugenics movement.

1952 CE: BUSH FAMILY-ROTHSCHILDS NAZI LINKS — Prescott Bush elected to senate. Prescott Bush instrumental in the selection of Nixon as vice presidential candidate.




1553 publication of “The Politics of Obedience – The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude” by Boetie


#1 Habit that makes new generations accustomed to enslavement by exploiters. My Dad lived this way so I will also obey – born into the powerful influence of custom that overpowers liberty and reason or more likely they have never seen even the shadow of liberty. We grow up following the command of our parents accustomed to the idea that authority rules as it has always done in their young lives. Men and women, once accustomed to obedience, never think of departing from that path, in which they and their ancestors have constantly trod.

#2 Consent is actively engineered by the rulers like providing the masses with circuses or iphones, with entertaining diversions such as false flag spectacles, demonization to draw focus away from the ruler, gladiators on TV, strange beasts by Hollywood, hero-worship, opiates, technology, pornography, alcohol, vane pleasures, consumerism…for rulers to successfully lull their subjects into accepting the System.

#3 Another method of inducing consent is duping the masses into believing that the ruler is wise, just, and benevolent and only cares about our well-being and as guardian of their liberties. Believing the ruler would never undertake an unjust policy that would hurt us.

#4 “The kings of the ancient Assyrians and the Medes showed themselves in public as seldom as possible in order to set up a doubt in the minds of the rabble.” Notice you never see the Rothschilds in public except in the crash of 2008 saying it was not them – It was those bad people on Wall Street, pretending they don’t control them. This way they preserve themselves as “Symbols of mystery, magic, divinity, and as untouchables,” and the impression that they have infinite god-like powers. It is pitiful the list of devices used to establish tyranny, employed to keep the populace conveniently gullible.

#5 Use Religion and the desire to be part of humanity (fraternity) to give tyrants the very status of divinity, and have used “religion for their own protection and, where possible, have borrowed a stray bit of divinity to bolster up their evil ways….tyrants, in order to strengthen their power, have made every effort to train their people not only in obedience and servility (slavishly submissive) toward themselves, but also in adoration,” of the tyrant.

#6 Another device used by rulers to gain the consent of their subjects is bribery with material benefits. Tyrants would distribute welfare to get the cry, “Long live the Ruler!” But the fools did not realize that they were merely recovering a portion of their own property, and that their ruler could not have given them what they were receiving without having first taken it from them in taxes and tricks. Soon those yelling, “Long live the Ruler!” will find they are forced to abandon his property or worse to lose children to their ruler’s lust or looting war.

#7 The mob has always been eagerly open to bribes. The purchase a loyal band of bureaucratic and military supporters who implement his secret domination by propaganda and exploitive scams on citizenry to fill the ruler’s vaults for even more bribery. Here is a large sector of society which is not merely duped with occasional and negligible handouts from the State, but these are “individuals who make a handsome and permanent living out of the proceeds of despotism. Hence, their stake in despotism does not depend on illusion or habit or mystery; their stake is all too great and all too real.” These are “sell-outs” enjoy the fruits of plunder. The half-dozen close advisors in a similar manner maintain six hundred “who profit under them,” and the six hundred in their turn “maintain under them six thousand, whom they promote in rank to manage the direction of finances to serve as instruments of avarice and cruelty, executing orders at the proper time and working such havoc all around that they could not last except under the shadow of the six hundred…” In this way does the fatal hierarchy pyramid and permeate down through the ranks of society, until “a hundred thousand, and even millions, cling to the tyrant by this cord to which they are tied.” Even today’s False Flag actors are part of these SCAMS. In short, when the point is reached, through big favors or little ones, that large profits or small are obtained under a tyrant, there are found almost as many people to whom tyranny seems advantageous as those to whom liberty would seem desirable… Whenever a ruler makes himself a dictator, all the wicked dregs of the nation — corrupted by burning ambition or extraordinary avarice gather around him and support him in order to have a share in the booty, or suffering under threat of death, and to constitute themselves petty chiefs under the big tyrant.


#1 Society by habit, privilege, bribery, and propaganda consent to rule under habitual submission, but there are always those who will understand the reality of the situation, and “who feel the weight of the yoke and cannot restrain themselves from attempting to shake it off.” These are the people who possess clear and farsighted minds, and “have further trained them by study and learning.” Such people never quite disappear from the world, “Even if liberty had entirely perished from the earth, such men would invent it.” So there is hope, for heroic leaders can arise who will not fail “to deliver their country from evil hands when they set about their task with a firm, whole-hearted and sincere intention.” They must form the educational leadership through a process of educating the public to the truth, they will give back to the people the knowledge and value of liberty and reduce the myths and illusions fostered by the State.

#2 The unnatural lives lived by the despots and their hierarchy of servers. For their lives are miserable and fearful and not happy. Tyrants live in constant and perpetual fear of the well-deserved hatred they know is borne them by almost every one of their subjects. The “Sellouts” or favorites live miserable, crawling, cringing lives every moment of which is bent on fawning upon the ruler on whom they depend. Eventually, as enlightenment spreads among the public, the privileged favorites will begin to realize the true misery of their lot, for all their wealth can be seized from them at any moment should they fall out of step in the race for the favors of the tyrant or the anger of the people. When they finally “look at themselves as they really are…they realize clearly that the Americans whom they trample under foot and treat worse than convicts or slaves … are nevertheless, in comparison with themselves, better off and fairly free” to choose. The spread of facts and enlightenment among the public will not only generate enthusiasm among the masses, but will also aid immeasurably in bring a portion of the disaffected privileged bureaucracy and military along as they see the advantage of freedom from extreme exploitation.


How in the world can we get from here to there? All opponents of despotism have found strategy particularly difficult and usually never discuss it. Here are five ideas that can move to a unifying strategy:

#1 An important insight is no matter how ruthless and despotic a state may be, it rests in the long run on the consent of the majority of the public. But Boétie and Ludwig von Mises have stressed the fact that all governments must rest on majority consent. And since despotic rule is against the interests of the bulk of the population, can this majority consent change despite the engineered propaganda and endless iPad-Cell circuses beamed at the people, but that works both ways. Today, they have more ways to indoctrinate and control, but the main question remains – The Change of majority consent by educational means — to awaken the public to this process, to demystify and de-sanctify the State and the real rulers apparatus.

#2 The problem of strategy is not simply one of educating the public on Tyrannical Exploitation. Lysander Spooner said supporters of government consist largely of “dupes” and “knaves” Knaves see government as a corporate tool to rob more wealth. Dupes are a large class that imagines his cellphone makes him a “free man,” a “sovereign and free of government” and believes “the government offers equal rights and is the best government on earth.” There is a third class who have some appreciation of the evils of foreign run government, but cannot see how to get rid of them, make the change, without hurting their private interests. The prime task of education is not simply insight into governmental and media bamboozling the public on the entire nature and procedures of the despotic State, but also must develop think tanks to desanctify the State in the eyes and minds of the dupes in the population and more importantly work on the third class that already has ideas that the government is corrupted by outsiders and must be freed from the Tyrant(s). Note on “Think Tanks” is that the Rothschilds built one of their 100s of Think Tanks right next to their castle outside London. They have think tanks for every human activity and every scam that operates to extract wealth and dominate us. We have NONE — Only a battery of separate Brilliant people on-line that are not unified and focused! This new think tank must bring together (probably online) advanced thinkers that can design a plan and issue not just talking points but concrete steps needed to convince the majority to change from tyranny. As noted some candidates include thinkers we see now on websites and video channels. But they must be integrated to provide real steps to succeed with a united following. No amount of complaining about individual issues of oppression or politicians who cause misery will lead to a successful movement for freedom unless such a think tank exists to focus the energy of the people. This Think Tank can also provide the tools to encouraging disaffected portions of the ruling apparatus to break away and oppose despotism, and while is not the central goal it can provide key weak spots in the apparatus of the Tyranny. The goal has to be to topple Tyranny and that includes the Federal Reserve, foreign financiers, and Income Tax that funds the Tyranny — Always using totally non-violent means. For example, there was a mass refusal to pay taxes as the residents of the city of Willimantic, Connecticut, assembled in a town meeting and rejected the entire growing city budget three times, finally forcing a tax cut of 9%. It worked but this is just one example of a small step. Our THINK TANK can incorporate ideas like this to develop a plan that leads to freedom from tyrannical foreign powers. The good news is one tool of the Tyrant, habit, proves that once the public experiences freedom from despotism, it would be extremely difficult to re-impose it again. The old habit would be gone and a new habit would prevail and the chances for its maintaining itself would be excellent.

#3 We have learned since 911, faked WMDs, the setup robbery of the 2008 crash-World Bankster Bailouts, robbery of $21 Trillion from the Pentagon, and massive increases in foreclosures and young American debt slaves that government is NOT on the side of humanity and especially Americans.

#4 Obviously, a new tyrant is automatically defeated if the country refuses consent to our enslavement and all it takes is to simply give the tyrant nothing. A pre-existing foreign tyranny is similar. It is therefore the citizens themselves who permit their own subjection, since by ceasing to submit they would put an end to the tyranny and their servitude. A people enslaves itself, cuts its own throat, when, having a choice between being slaves and being free men, it deserts its liberties and takes on the yoke, and gives consent to its own misery and even seems to welcomes it. There is nothing a human should hold more dear than the restoration of his own natural right, to change himself from a beast of burden back to a man. If only a simple act of the will is necessary, is there any nation in the world that considers a single wish too high a price to pay in order to recover rights it should already have? A fact is the more tyrants pillage, the more they crave, the more they ruin and destroy; the more one yields to them, and obeys them, they become mightier and more formidable, and ready to annihilate and destroy. They rage on like a small fire into a giant blaze and then after burning all the fuel they die. But if at some point not one thing is yielded to them, if, without any violence they are simply not obeyed, they become naked and undone and as nothing, just as, when the root receives no nourishment, the branch withers and dies.

#5 One key element appears to be lacking and it is difficult to know how it happens that nature fails to place within the hearts of men a burning desire for liberty and bend to their corruption by servitude. Liberty is the only privilege and joy upon which men do not seem to insist. Do they refuse this wonderful freedom because it is so easily acquired. Why do people allow others to determine their future, blind to your own good? You see everyday people killed using your money and resources, your own home taken from you, your economy and your own pocketbooks sucked dry by usury interest, phony bank and market crashes and bubbles, faked wars, our own youth killed and/or impoverished by debts, an inferior and overpriced health care system that allows almost 50,000 per year to die and overcharge our tax money. Why do we let the DEEP STATE FOREIGN POWER rule our nation? The Rothschilds Crime Syndicate has robbed Americans of $50.6 Trillion since the year 2000. That foreign power must be deposed for America too survive. Unite together in a focused plan, far more organized than even those proactive souls in Connecticut and demand they stop robbing us and killing using our resources. Simply refuse to support this criminal run system. They indeed have no more power other than what we confer upon them, as they destroy us. How would they dare assail us if they had no cooperation from us? Of course, they do assassinations and wars that mass murder, but we know their ways and calculations now and still we allow them to use our money to destroy us.




It’s been the nature of Rothschilds Crime Mafia governments to LIE. They spend extreme amounts of money and butcher people all over the world for Greed and Domination. They use their mass media to sell the lies. The truth is imperial power obfuscates itself with scare tactics and LIES. — All Wars are by Deception

This is by far the best video to date on DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB by Ryan Dawson calls his work “DECADES OF DECEPTION” and below is the modified text to go with the events in the video — It is an excellent way to understand tricks and deceptions used against Americans and all humanity.  Be sure to visit his sites starting with:

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For a longer 2 hour 15 minute video by Ryan on War by Deception — visit here:

Ryan Dawson Cover for War by Deception

A MIND-BLOWING TIMELINE – use with video

1950 CE-1953 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — Korean War saw millions of people die as every city in North Korea is bombed into dust and starvation is rampant and horrific as women with small children see them die.

1951 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — Iran nationalizes their Oil away from Rothschilds Crime Mafia control and a new democratically elected leader, Mossadegh tries to improve the lives of all Iranians. Rothschilds MOB demands Britain take Iran to the World Court and loses. Rothschilds MOB then tells Truman to takeover Iran, but he cannot with America in Korean War.

1952 CE-1954 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — In Egypt, the most populated Arab country in the world, Muḥammad Naguib, Gamal Abdel Nasser, and the Free Officers helped Naguib win election as president of the officer’s club in opposition to a man backed by King Farouk. The Free Officers then engineered a coup that overthrew Farouk in July, and they saw Naguib as the man to represent their new regime to the public. In 1953 CE he became president of the newly formed republic, although he had a more conservative political outlook than did Nasser and many of the other Free Officers. Naguib wanted to see a speedy return to constitutional government and objected to the summary sentences that were passed on various politicians by the Revolutionary Tribunal. In 1954 CE Naguib resigned the presidency, but demands by civilian and military groups impelled him to resume the office. Nasser, however, steadily consolidated his own position and became prime minister. He shrewdly acceded to some of Naguib’s wishes by allowing the revival of political parties and calling for a constituent assembly to draft a constitution. An assassination attempt was made on Nasser in 1954 CE in which Naguib was vaguely implicated. Naguib was placed under house arrest, which was eased in 1960 CE and ended about 1970 CE, and he ceased to play any role in Egyptian politics. Nasser preached anti-colonialism and self-government. For the Palestinians he helped create the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to help the Palestinians regain their lands.

1952 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — In Cuba the criminal run Dictator government of Batista did a military coup. The Rothschilds Crime MOB went insane as they gained control of a sugar monopoly and their criminal mafia run casino gaming run by mobster Myer Lansky, Batista’s ally. Thousands of people are murdered by Batista to make way for the MOB.

1953 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — Eisenhower and the Dulles brother criminals, help the Rothschilds Crime MOB using their MI6 and CIA with Alan Dulles to draft a plan for a Coup d’état overthrow of Iran and remove a democratically elected Mossadegh from being a benevolent leader simply to give the OIL back to the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA! Soon senior CIA agent, Kermit Roosevelt and Donald Wilbur implement the coup, called Operation AJAX. Roosevelt purchased a “RENT-A-CROWD” to pose as Communists and to riot by attacking mosques and statutes of the Shah. They also purchased another “RENT-A-CROWD” to attack the government buildings. The CIA spent $7 million on briberies and “RENT-A-CROWDS”. The Shah is installed as a Rothschilds MOB puppet and his brutal secret police impose a reign of terror. The SAVAK, secret police, are trained by the CIA. Soon the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA get their OIL back creating British Premium (BP) and CHERVON and EXXON also benefited, all Rockefeller-Rothschilds Crime MOB corporations. Later the CIA was forced to admit its role in the COUP in 2013 CE, but as always no mention of the Rothschilds MOB. Rothschilds MOB run Israel then got 90% of its OIL from Iran and later areas robbed areas from Egypt to get its OIL.

1957 CE-1979 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — SAVAK (or Sazeman-e Ettela’at va Amniyat-e Keshvar) was admitted to in 1957 CE but existed before that and were the secret police, domestic security and intelligence service of the Criminal Shah Pahlavi dictatorship and was established by Iran’s Mohammad Reza Shah with the help of the CIA and MI6 under the orders of the Rothschilds Crime MAFIA think tanks. SAVAK has been described as Iran’s “most hated and feared institution” prior to the revolution of 1979 because of its practice of torturing and executing opponents of the Pahlavi regime. At its peak, the organization had from 6,000 to 60,000 agents serving in its ranks, a giant range that depended on the source.

1954 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — OPERATION WASHTUB (built from OPERATION PBFORTUNE plan of 1951 CE also to overthrow Guatemala’s democracy) — CIA planted Soviet weapons in Nicaragua in order to blame it on Guatemala. The CIA hide the weapons along the coast and had Nicaragua (CIA bribed) fishermen discover them. This was all part of a ROTHSCHILDS MOB effort to overthrow the Guatemalan President Arbenz. Colonel Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán was nicknamed The Big Blonde or The Swiss for his Swiss origins, and was a Guatemalan military officer who was the second democratically elected President of Guatemala from 1951 CE to 1954 CE, when the Rothschilds MOB CIA overthrew Arbenz because he served his people and not the ROTHSCHILDS MOB. All his shows how the MOB used the fear of Communism that they created to perform criminal activities. In this case the real short-term goal was to control the fruit monopoly out of Central America, or the United Fruit Company, a MOB corporation. Of course, the MOB knew there was no Communist connection — It was just a TOOL!

1954 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — NASSER IN EGYPT — Nasser became leader of Egypt and declares Egypt free of Rothschilds MOB or Western powers. The British immediately withdraw an offer to build the Aswan Dam across the Nile River, which later produced 50% of all of Egypt’s electrical needs. So Nasser allowed the Soviets to build the Dam, but the Soviets were Rothschilds MOB controlled also. What really ticked off the Rothschilds MOB was Nasser said he would nationalize the Suez Canal, the lifeblood of Rothschilds MOB’s Oil and other trade. He demanded the British remove their Troops from the Canal area. That same year Israel attempted a “FALSE FLAG OPERATION” to prevent the British from leaving the Suez and to paint Nasser and his party as Terrorists. It was known as OPERATION SUSANNAH now better known as the Lavon Affair, because the Israeli defense minister Pinhas Lavon was the fall guy. In October, Rothschilds MOB out of Israel Mossad Muslim Brotherhood attempted an assassination of Nasser that failed. This was the same Mossad connected Muslim Brotherhood group used in the first World Trade Center bombing in America in 1993 CE. They were also used in the proxy war against Assad in Syria. Eisenhower, the Swedish Ashkenazi, negotiated the British withdrawal of troops from the Suez. In July Israel began its “FALSE FLAG” bombing of British and American targets to blame EGYPT and Nasser for the attacks to keep British troops at the Suez. Unit 131 of the Israeli IDF bombed these targets but one of the bombers, Philip Nathanson, had a bomb go off prematurely in his pocket lighting him on fire. By searching his house it was discovered from documents and weapons that it was a planned “FALSE FLAG.” Again the scapegoat is Israel’s Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon. However, it appeared that his signature had been forged on a document by a Zionist Colonel Benjamin Givli and his spy ring including Yosef Carmon and Victor Levy (and others) had engineered the bombings.

1956 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — ISRAEL INVADES EGYPT AS ORDERED BY THE ROTHSCHILDS CRIME TO RECAPTURE THE SUEZ — ORDERS FROM MOB THINK TANKS — Israel invades by land and France and British bomb Egyptian targets. This besides the murders and destruction shuts down the Suez Canal. Eisenhower stepped in to create a cease-fire. From this the British MOB award the Sudan at the southern end of the Nile independence on paper. Following the Eisenhower ceasefire, UN peacekeeping forces patrol the border between Israel and Egypt and remain until May 1967 CE. Following their removal Israel launched the 1967 CE WAR having amassed troops on their border with Egypt in their criminal think tank plan. They made sure Egypt was tied down with a war with Yemen so they could easily defeat Egypt. Egypt had made a defense pact with Syria knowing the UN was leaving. Nasser helped form the short-lived alliance between Egypt and Syria, called the United Arab Republic, that lasted from 1958 CE-1961 CE when Syria pulled out after a military coup. So Israel shot down six Syrian aircraft in preemptive strikes to insure a war. The war ended in 1961 CE.

1958 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — APPOLO INDUSTRIES AND NUMEC ARE SETUP BY ZALMAN SHAPIRO OF THE ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA — They begin stealing nuclear materials (mostly from America) and diverting them to Israel. This robbery from a Pennsylvania plant that continued for more than ten years. It was not investigated until 1968 CE. They polluted the whole area in Appolo Pennsylvania around the site using disposal trenches for the waste. The clean up was at that time estimated at $170 million. Shapiro’s partner was Ivan J. Novick and also included criminal smugglers and a coverup artist. The crimes were covered on The Sunday Times front page in 1959 CE. Shapiro did a lot of work on the Appolo nuclear submarines, but getting into the criminal activities. Mossad Agent, Rafi Eitan, “obtained enriched uranium from the U.S. to produce Israel’s (first) nuclear bomb as proven by both FBI and CIA documents and testimony of Karl Dukat, CIA Deputy Director at the time. Shapiro never could and never did explain why he met with Rafi Eitan the Mossad smuggler and handler for the convicted spy Jonathan Pollard. As of 2013 CE the estimated cost to cleanup the Nuclear mess is $500 Million and in 2011 during an attempted cleanup massive waste was found far deeper in the site than was believed. So the cleanup cost could go up dozens of times that estimated cost. It is speculated that the Senator Spector from Pennsylvania was fully aware of these crimes and let them go.

1959 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — FIDEL CASTRO TAKEOVER CUBA — Castro used guerrilla warfare to beat Batista and toss out the Casinos and the Mafia that then moved to America and especially Nevada and Vegas. Castro also nationalized all Cuba’s resources (sugar). Eisenhower uses the Rothshchilds MOB created Communism as an excuse to assassinate Castro and uses MOB Think Tank plans to try an invasion. In 1960 CE Cuban exiles were trained by the CIA at a secret base in Guatemala at taxpayer expense and in 1961 the CIA painted B-26 bombers to look like Cuban planes attacked Cuba blowing up their planes on the ground, except for three planes that survived. Two days later is the Bay of Pigs, and because the three planes survived they were able to shoot down the planes carrying the exiles and it was a total failure. Kennedy said the plan was too big to be covert and too small to succeed.

1962 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — The Joint Chief of Staff following Think Tank ideas refined and offered Kennedy “OPERATION NORTHWOODS” using false flags with real and faked acts of Terrorism against Americans (like 1993 and 911) and to blame it on Castor to start a war on little Cuba. One proposed False Flag was to blow up an American Ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba. We could blow up drone vessels anywhere in cuban waters especially around Havana and Santiago and say it was all Cuban attacks. We could sink a boatload of Cubans enroute to Florida and say Castro did it. We could fake hijackings and blame Cuba. All of this offered by Rothschilds Crime MOB Thin Tanks and refined by the Dulles Brothers. The man offering Kennedy this insanity, Lyman Lemnitzer, soon became the Supreme Commander of NATO. Kennedy rejected the insanity and we still see these ideas implemented in 1993 in Oklahoma and in 2001 for 911. Even more outrageous is everyone on the Joint Chiefs of Staff were in on this criminal plan. Thank god Kennedy was in charge and not GHW Bush or GW Bush.

1962 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — President Kennedy with the Department of Justice under Robert Kennedy orders the American Zionist Council (AZC or often called the Zionist Organization of America or ZOA, which later became AIPAC) to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) instead of an American lobby. The AZC drags its feet and ask for repeated (7 times) delays with issue dropped after the Assassination of Robert Kennedy. We know the ZOA helped in the nuclear arms smuggling to Israel out of Appolo, PA. They were under the control of the World Zionist Organization. All the staff attorneys and career people wanted the registration but the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB orders overruled once the two Kennedys were eliminated.

1963 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — AIPAC IS BORN as Isaiah L. “Si” Kenen incorporated AIPAC in Washington DC. This same year John F Kennedy tells David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister Israel cannot have Nuclear Weapons, but Israel builds the Demona Nuclear facility anyway. Kennedy then demands inspections of the plant. Israel lies to the United States and Israel builds a PHONY PLANT with invisible Nukes for inspections. Israel then acquired yellow cake uranium from Argentina and Canadian Intelligence found out and relayed the information to the British and Washington, everyone knew about it. Kennedy said to his advisor, Charles Bartlett, about Israel and Ben-Gurion, “The sons of bitches lie to me constantly about their nuclear capability.” — JFK. Under pressure from JFK wanting to inspect the nukes Ben-Gurion resigns and Levi Eshkol takes control and JFK goes after him as well. In October, the Department of Justice again demands the ZOA (AZC or AIPAC) register as Foreign Agents, “the Department expects a response from you within 72 hours with regard to this matter.” — Robert F Kennedy wrote. The following month, November, JFK is ASSASSINATED. The criminal ROTHSCHILDS MOB had LBJ and GHW Bush in their POCKET and ordered the HIT on JFK in a sloppy RUSH JOB that shows how it was done from a sewer drain and a colluding criminal in the driver seat of the LIMO nearly stopping so the shooter would not miss. They blame it on the Cuban Mafia as a cover. Leon Rubenstein (known as Jack Ruby) said, “Everything pertaining to what is happening has never come to the surface, the world will never know of the true facts of what occurred and my motive. The people who had so much to gain and had such an anterior motive put me in the position I am in, will never let the true facts come out.”

1964 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — Gulf of Tonkin Deception — The US claimed that the Vietnamese fired torpedos at their war ships, and this led to LB Johnson signing the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which started the War on Vietnam and millions of innocent women and children would be mass slaughtered. Some even today are feeling the birth defects of the Monsanto created Agent Orange chemical weapons, the US used. The Gulf of Tonkin was entirely fabricated LIES from the start. US never had the right to have their warships in the area. How would the US react to Chinese warships in the Gulf of Mexico? But the real truth is there never was any Gulf of Tonkin attacks by anyone. In 2005 CE declassified national security documents revealed it was all a lie put forth to the public by Judith Miller of the NY Times. The fact is “NO ATTACK HAPPENED.” This was not a case of misinterpreted data, the administration was told to start a war (by the Rothschilds Crime MAFIA) and lied to do that. 90% of the Data that showed no attack was hidden and only after the war began was it revealed. This was much like the fake 911 attack using internally planted explosives, fake WMDs, Kuwaiti Incubator Baby Hoax, and Assad using Chemical Weapons lies. Vietnam caused the military-industrial complex budgets to go through the roof and it greatly expanded the sale of ROTHSCHILDS opium and heroin, which all together caused ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA to be pleased. We know millions were murdered and also unknown numbers of people were bombed and killed in Laos and Cambodia.

1967 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — With LB Johnson as the criminal in charge UN peacekeeping forces are removed from the Israel-Egyptian border. Almost immediately Israel begins the Rothschilds MOB Think Tank planned Six day war as all military was in place prior to the WAR. The Israelis wiped out the Egyptian Air Force while the planes were on the ground. Financial advisor relayed the story that Harry Pearson, LBJ’s speech writer and his account of being in Israel at the time the war broke out. Harry visited the Israeli Defense Minister and asked, “Did Egypt invade?” And no one answered so he asked again in a different way and they avoided the question again. He tried to ask the question for the third time, but the air raid sirens went off. And the Israelis looked at their watch and Harry said, “don’t we need to go into the air raid shelter?” And the General looking at his watch again said, “no that won’t be necessary.” And Harry said to the other American, “Oh my god!” Clearly, this was not an attack on Israel, but it was a signal they had finished the deed of wiping out the Egyptian Air Force, as they verified later. — Then Israelis struck Egypt again a few days later hitting airports and other areas and steals the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and Golan Heights. They then attack the USS Liberty and repeatedly tried to sink this basically unarmed American signal ship simply to try to coverup their war crimes. Unmarked Israel planes bombed and shot full of holes for 3+ hours and Americans were murdered and many others suffered serious injuries. Survivors have had their lives threatened if they tell their stories. First Israel blames the Liberty attack on Egypt but since Egypt had no planes the Israelis retracted that lie and said it was all a big mistake. This was the second time Israel attacked the US and tried to blame it on Egypt. During this CRIMINAL FALSE FLAG Egypt was nearly NUKED by the United States. The UN passes Resolution 242 demanding Israel return Gaza, West Bank and Golan Heights back to Egypt, but Israel ignored the demand. We know Israel had prior approval for the attack on the USS Liberty from the Ashkenazi LBJ saying there would be no backlash. The Liberty was clearly a US Ship with US flags and only with LBJ approval could they have attacked it. LBJ was recorded as saying, “I want that goddamn ship going to the bottom. No help — recall the wings.” — LBJ, the Ashkenazi puppet of the Rothschilds Crime MAFIA. All the survivors now know they were sent as sacrificial lambs to the slaughter. It is only because they survived that Israel failed again its FALSE FLAG on Egypt where again they attacked Americans. The attack was covered up by Admiral McCain, the father of ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB puppet Zionist John “Songbird” McCain who has called for boots on the ground in both Syria and Iran singing “Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran” during his presidential run. Ashkenazi LBJ was having an affair with a likely Mossad agent named, Matilda Krim, previously married to an Irgun terrorist. LBJ was with Krim the day the 6 day LAND GRAB war broke out. Jeff Gates reports LBJ used Marine One to visit Krim. Matilda was in the White House that very night servicing President LBJ. That was simply part of the Rothschilds Crime MOB plan using a compromised weak president. Was the LBJ even further compromised by the JFK killing? Did Israel have blackmail information beyond what J Edgar Hoover have including perverted sexual activities?

1968 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — Robert F Kennedy is assassinated, since the Rothschilds Crime MOB always insists on revenge. Immediately, the Rothschilds MOB run press blames a Palestinian man for the murder. But two scientists uncovered a second shooter and matched the gun to the actual killer, who was one of RFK’s Security Guards. 13 shots were fired and the Palestinian had a gun capable of holding at most 8 bullets. RFK was also shot from behind by the guard. The scientists said the Palestinian, “could not have shot Senator Kennedy, and the reason for that is he was never in a position to shoot Senator Kennedy from behind….In addition five other victims were shot and single bullet hit more than one person…Therefore there were 9 other bullets that had to be accounted for…Sihan’s gun only held 8 bullets.” Another scientist said, “there were 13 shot sounds on that recording, up to the point where the screams just totally overloaded the other audio…there were also discovery of two double shot instances…so close together they could not have come from a single weapon.” Ace Security guard Thane Eugene Cesar took the senator’s right elbow and led him through the doors of the hallway into the serving area, claimed he had sold his gun the month before, however, it was discovered on a receipt he sold his gun three months after the assassination. John Pilgar, a highly respected documentary filmmaker and author was there on scene and reported, “There is no question there was another gunman as one of the people who was hit was standing next to me, and that happened after Sirhan had been wrestled to the ground, so there was another assassin…”

1968 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — ISRAEL OPERATION SHOCK SURPRISE EVIL ATTACK — Sabotage of power plant and Nile Bridges in Egypt was a commando operation by Israeli paratroopers. The station provided electricity to the area 300 miles south of Cairo by knocking down a switching station and high tension lines between Cairo and the Aswan Dam. Israel making friends with their neighbors.

1968 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — ISRAEL OPERATION GIFT SURPRISE EVIL ATTACK — Sabotage of 14 Arab Airliners at Beirut International Airport, Lebanon. Israel making friends with their neighbors.

1969 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — ISRAEL OPERATION ORCHARD 22 & 37 SURPRISE EVIL ATTACK — Attack on high voltage wires and a control antenna in Egypt. Israel making friends with their neighbors.

1969 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — ISRAEL OPERATION BULMUS 6 SURPRISE EVIL ATTACK — Assault on fortified Green Island, Egypt to destroy an Egyptian early warning radar in the Gulf of Suez.

1969 CE: ISRAEL OPERATION ROOSTER 53 SURPRISE EVIL ATTACK — Seizing an entire radar installation.

1970 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — Nasser dies and his Vice President Anwar Sadat becomes President. Sadat received the support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

1970 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — Jordanian Civil War with Jordanian monarchy fighting several Palestinian factions because the Jordanian King thought Palestinian resistance to Israel was like throwing sand in the face of a bear. The groups threatened Jordan’s territorial authority. The Palestinian groups wanted their own state in Jordan where the Israelis forced the creation of a gigantic refugee camp from many of the 700,000+ Palestinians that had their land robbed from them by the Israelis in Palestine. Some tried to topple the monarchy and militants hijacked five planes and blew up one and forced dozens of others to divert landing in Jordan, forced to land at other locations in Jordan. The Jordanian army cracked down on Palestinians and 15,000 Palestinian civilians and militants were killed. Many Palestinian towns and camps were leveled ruining further the lives of one hundred thousand who were left homeless. The attacks were called Black September after a new splinter group that committed terror attacks and assassinated the Jordanian Prime Minister and murdered 11 Israeli participants in the Olympics including 5 athletes, 4 coaches, one referee, and a judge were killed. These 11 deaths received more news and attention than all the Israeli nuclear theft, attacks on USS Liberty and America, and tens of thousands of Palestinians killed by the Israelis and in Jordan.

1972 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — BLACK SEPTEMBER KILLED ISRAELIS IN MUNICH OLYMPICS AFTER THOUSANDS OF PALESTINIANS WERE FORCED OUT OF JORDAN – But Israelis instead blamed the PLO again. The Israelis seek revenge and kill over one hundred people in Palestine. Israel violated State Sovereignty to wage a war of assassinations. One such innocent victim of Israel was a waiter in Norway shot by Israel assassins in front of his pregnant wife as he left the theater in the Lillehammer Affair. Four Mossad agents were arrested as they tried to leave Norway and were simply given prison sentences for the murder.

1973 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — OPERATION WRATH OF GOD AND OPERATION SPRING OF YOUTH also known as Operation “Bayonet” was covert MOSSAD assassinations authorized by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir and continued for over twenty years. Operation Spring of Youth was a covert assassination campaign with commandos infiltrating Beirut and killing high-ranking Palestinians they called terrorists. Israelis invade homes and assassinate PLO leaders, who had nothing to do with Black September, along with over 100 other people. From 1947 CE-1987 CE Israeli Irgun Terrorists sent a spree of letter bombs and ten letter bobs were in 1972 CE with victims including several bank employees, a Palestinian writer who lost his eyes, a Palestinian intellectual in Algeria, another blinded and this time paralyzed victim in Libya, an Egyptian police officer, residents of Sweden, a Palestinian leader, three employees at the Tunis post office, and a Palestinian student in Copenhagen. Mostly done by Mossad.

1973 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — Yom Kippur War — On the Jewish holiday Egypt and Syria strike back and gain control over the territories stolen by Israel, which the UN mandated that Israel return. Another UN resolution #338 in 1973 CE called for an end to the fighting and implement Resolution #242 and return the land to Egypt and Syria to create a durable peace. Israel ignores and begins building Ashkenazi settlements on Palestinian lands. Egypt upheld its half of the Resolution and withdrew their troops. The moment Egypt’s troops left the Israelis moved in and reoccupied it and began building illegal Ashkenazi colonies or settlements. As a result of the conflict Syria retained only 30% of the Golan Heights that lost during the six day war. Same year Ashkenazi LBJ dies. Nixon, another Rothschilds Crime MOB puppet, is elected and sends Israel $2.6 BILLION during the Yon Kippur War, angering all Arabs. As a result OPEC raises GAS PRICES for AMERICANS by 130%, showing again Rothschilds MOB cares ZERO about Americans or Europeans. It caused a GAS & OIL shortage in US with lines a mile or more long at gas stations. Israel gets 90% of its OIL & GAS from the stolen territory of Sinai and Iran with the ROTHSCHILDS MOB PUPPET SHAH (Operation AJAX 1953) installed and supported by MOB run USA military.

1974 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA THINK TANKS WITH KISSINGER IN USA CREATED CO-DEPENDENCY OF US DOLLAR AND SAUDI OIL CRIME SUB-MOB OF THE ROTHSCHILDS SUPER MOB — We know the Saudi MOB instructed Bin Laden’s US Construction Firms in the IMF this was a milestone for NGO Economic Hitmen strategies. Oct 22nd of 1970 CE the CIA had supplied arms to assassins to kill General Rene Schneider in Chile this was all in preparation for a coup against Salvador Allende, the democratically elected president in 1973 CE. A group of military and police officers that the CIA had secretly recruited overthrew the Allende government, and he was replaced by General Augusto Pinochet, a ruthless and-human Military Dictator that Rothschilds MOB loves installed. The dictatorship was supported by the Rothschilds MAFIA running the United States and they shut down all political parties and murdered thousands of people. The coup was NOT a THREAT to America and was NOT in US Interests whatsoever. Only Rothschilds MAFIA corporate interests made profited. John McCone, the Director of ITT made a bundle, as he was also the ex-CIA head. ITT and Anaconda Copper stood to lose from Allende’s nationalization for the people of Chile to enjoy the benefits from Chile’s resources instead of Rothschilds MAFIA.

1975 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — ROTHSCHILDS MOB’s VIETNAM WAR ENDED — And the American victims of that useless faked war returned home. The Rothschilds MAFIA made a fortune by creating massive numbers of DEBT SLAVES including Nations plus the revenues for all the weapons used.

1976 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — ISRAELI SHIN BET STAGED A FALSE FLAG HIJACKING TO BLAME THE Palestinians PLO. Israeli agents helped the hired ethnically selected hijackers. This was blamed on the PLO but the story didn’t break until 2007, 31 years later, that it was actually Israeli agents leading the entire event. The rescue the hostages was supposedly done by Israelis but the entire FALSE FLAG was an ISRAELI FRAUD AND CRIME FROM THE START using the PFLP, an Israeli Front organization. But Israel blamed the PLO! This Israel has and will use as an EXCUSE to accuse the PLO of being terrorists to make them appear illegitimate, but even the US government knows better.

1978 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — Anwar Sadat, the President of Egypt and Prime Minister begins to sign the Camp David Accords.

1979 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — SHAH OF IRAN IS FORCED TO TAKE A VACATION TO EGYPT AND NEVER RETURN TO IRAN — Month after the revolution in Iran and Iran Nationalizes their OIL, Israel with the US signs a peace treaty with Egypt. The US will pay Egypt $BILLIONS annually and modernized (Takeover) their military. Egypt then closes the Suez Canal to IRAN but opens it to Israelis. Israel received TWICE as much aid after the TREATY as American Taxpayers become more impoverished victims. Egypt looks the other way as PALESTINE and PALESTINIANS are robbed even more while Ashkenazis from NYC and London flood into claim free land. Palestine is further colonized and ruled under Israel’s racial apartheid. In this year Israel amazingly withdraws from the Sinai as part of the Treaty.

1979 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — Ayatolla Khomeini takes leadership in Iran and makes it a theocratic Republic — The Rothschilds MOB’s western PRESS begins a DEMONIZE IRAN.

1979 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — ROTHSCHILDS MOB INSTALLS SADAM HUSSEIN as the (Rothschilds CIA) PUPPET in IRAQ COMING BACK FROM EGYPT WHERE HE SATYED AFTER HIS PRIOR COUP ATTEMPT — Likely part of the Carter-Brzezinski Think Tank planned (Israel-Egypt) Treaty to set up a WAR between Iran and Iraq as the Rothschilds MAFIA demanded. The US completely loses power over Iran and Khomeini and nationalized the OIL. Iran takes 63 US hostages.


1980 CE: ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA PLANNED IRAN-IRAQ WAS LASTS UNTIL 1988 CE WITH US FUNDING AND WMD WEAPONS GIVEN TO IRAQ — This was perhaps the most bloody modern war of the century at the time.

1981 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — Suddenly after Reagan becomes president the Iran hostages are released. Speculation is Reagan’s team made a deal with Iran to delay the release to hurt Carter until after the election. The release was January 20, 1981 CE. It made Carter look weak and gave Reagan a massive boast. At least Brzezinski was on the sidelines.

1981 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — ANWAR SADAT, PRESIDENT OF EGYPT WAS ASSASSINATED AND THE CRIME WAS BLAMED ON AMOUR ADEL AND WAS CONVICTED A MONTH LATER FOR THE FIRST WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMBING IN 1993 CE. Adel is a hired privateer for murders and assassinations. The question is who hired him? Mohamed Mubarak is sworn in a President for coming decades as a puppet Dictator for the Rothschilds MAFIA and will get the $BILLIONS in aid AMERICAN TAXPAYERS ARE FORCED TO PAY to EGYPT to protect Israel.

1981 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — OUTRAGEOUSLY ISRAEL ANNEXES THE GOLAN HEIGHTS IN SYRIAN WITH ANWAR OUT OF THE WAY ISRAEL SETS UP ITS ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS IN PALESTINE — Israel also bombs IRAQ’s Nuclear reactor facility while claiming the reactor about to go operational and produce Nuclear Weapons — PURE HYPE and LIES. Same lies regarding IRAN in 2018 CE. Yet no one is allowed to inspect Israel’s 400+ Nukes and its production facilities as it threatens Europe with extinction waving the SAMSON OPTION around every chance it gets. All the Israel technology, equipment, nuclear materials, and even triggers were robbed from the United States and still is being robbed to this day.

1982 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — ISRAELI CRIMINALS INVADE LEBANON WITH ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA DEMAND AMERICANS PICK UP THE SUPPORT TAB — Based on lies about supposed terror attacks from Lebanon. Israel targets civilians and is so brutal they received worldwide criticism (labelled the most hated nation on earth). Israel-US supplied firepower is overwhelming it destroys a nation the size of Rhode Island. Hezbollah is established as a response to the CRIMINAL ISRAELI TERRORISTS who occupied Southern Lebanon.

1982 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — ODED YINON PRESENTS THE ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA THINK TANK PLAN AS HIS OWN AND IT ALL FOR DIVIDING UP IRAQ AND THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST INTO WEAK STATES USING RELIGIOUS DIVIDE AND CONQUER SO THEY CANNOT DEFEND THEMSELVES — The plan says IRAQ, rich in oil but divided by religious sects will make it easy to divide. This CRIMINAL PLAN is even more severe in Syria. The plan claims that Iraq constitutes the greatest threat to Israel, even though it has all the latest US weapons it has robbed from or was given by Ashkenazi Zionists inside America. It proclaimed an Iraqi-Iranian war will tear Iraq apart. Every kind of INTER-ARAB CONFRONTATION will assist ISRAEL. We want three or more Arab states to exist around major Arab cities to insure constant in-fighting.

1983 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — REAGAN SENDS THE CRIMINAL RUMSFELD TO IRAQ TO PROMISE HUSSEIN CHEMICAL WMDs TO FIGHT IRAN (called Pesticides as a cover). Rothschilds MAFIA wanted to wipe out Iran to avoid their humane philosophy from spreading to the CRIMINALS IN BLOOD THIRSTY WAHHABIS IN SAUDI ARABIA and render them useless as a TOOL of WAR and TERROR and don’t forget the massive OIL supply and ROTHSCHILDS MOB’s PETRO-DOLLAR.


1986 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — ISRAELI MOSSAD DOES VIOLENT FALSE FLAG IN BERLIN DISCO – Also Israel plants a radio transmitter in Libya broadcasting FALSE FLAG REPORTS so Reagan has an excuse to BOMB LIBYA as the MOB’s Think Tank planned. The Rothschilds MOB media was completely in support of the attack as required.

1986 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — Jonathan Pollard, the ISRAELI NUKE SPY WHO ROBBED NATIONAL SECRETS AND NUKE TRIGGERS FROM AMERICA WAS SENT TO PRISON FOR LIFE as a naval spy. The Secretary of the Navy at the time was John Layman, a future PNAC 911 plan implementor who, amazingly, was also a member of the 911 Commission that filed a FALSE REPORT ON 911.

1986 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — MORDECHAI VANUNU WAS AN EX-NUCLEAR TECHNICIAN IN ISRAEL AND BLEW THE WHISTLE ON THE FACT ISRAEL HAD A NUCLEAR PROGRAM — He had photographs of the facility and he exposed Israel in the BRITISH SUNDAY TIMES of London in a FRONT PAGE article titled, “Revealed: the secrets of Israel’s nuclear arsenal”. The MOSSAD captured him in Italy and threw him into a prison in Israel.

1986 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — TOP ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA STATE OF UK-US-ISAREL they legalize criminal activity for the STATE by classifying all the information about their crimes and making it illegal to talk about them. Like Bradly Maning, if you tell the truth about the state’s crime of the ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA’s crimes and you go to prison. These are NOT free societies. Vanunu spent 18 years in prison and 11 were in solitary confinement. Yet when the Israeli Lobby and Mossad are busted spying on American National Secrets and stealing classified documents through ASHKENAZI and BRIBED MOLES in the Pentagon nothing happens because the ROTHSCHILDS MOB ordered it and it is NOT even reported to the American public.

1979 CE-1986 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — WAS IRAN-CONTRA – The US and Israel worked jointly in a secret operation of selling illegal arms and drugs to finance Contras. They outsourced their violence through a proxy covertly and paid for it with illegal drugs. Tens of thousands of people died.

1990 CE-1991 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — GULF WAR #1 ON IRAQ — USA used FALSE TESTIMONY TO KICKSTART THE WAR POSING A KWAITI GIRL AS A FRAUD CRIED AS SHE WAS CLAIMING IRAQIS RIPPED BABIES OUT OF INCUBATORS — SHOWN OVER AND OVER FOR THREE MONTHS – THE GIRL FRAUD WAS ROYALTY AND THE DAUGHTER OF SAUD NASSER AL SABAH KUWAIT’S AMBASSADOR TO THE US — The entire story was a total fraud, but GHW Bush referred to it knowing it was a FRAUD. The MOB run US also used false reports of an Iraq buildup troops on the Saudi border that was a FRAUD as proven by Russian satellite photos to be entirely false. The same day this false claims were made (Cheney was behind the frauds) the St. Petersburg Times, Florida showed their was no buildup.


1993 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — OSLO ACCORDS WERE SIGNED BUT NETANYAHU SITS ON IT and blocked its implementation, and he even brags about it on video. This plan is the best solution but Israel refuses to obey it.

1993 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — THE ADL IS CAUGHT SPYING ON THE United States and raiding POLICE DEPARTMENTS and destroying evidence and files.

1993 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — THE FIRST WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMBING IS DONE BY MOSSAD HIRED TERRORISTS — A BOTCHED FALSE FLAG OPERATION THAT USED THE COVERUP OF CLAIMING TO BE A STING OPERATION – They killed SIX and injured thousands. Bill Clinton blamed law enforcement to cover for ROTHSCHILDS MOB and ISRAELIS. Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of JDL, was killed in the attack and he coined the phrase “NEVER AGAIN” and “Greater Israel” (as in the PROJECT) and was one of NEOCON ZIONISTS greatest leaders. An FBI plant and informant Emad Salem, with ties to Egyptian intelligence, the useful idiots from the Muslim Brotherhood with explosives which he thought were fakes, and to protect himself he recorded hundreds of conversations with the FBI and the Media and spent a whole year covering the OJ Simeon trial. No only was he sending the other side explosives but the FBI actually directed the building of the bomb for the World Trade Center with help from the DEA. The FBI on tape guaranteed the payments were ready for him. The address used for the Ryder Truck used in the bombing went back to Josie Hadas, a Mossad agent who fled back to Israel. Fortunately the Ryder Truck was too far away to take down the WTC Tower. The unethical NYT and Rothschilds MOB puppet-reporter lied the whole think around Iraqis. That same time GHW Bush pardoned SIX Iran-Contra Convicted Criminals, including Elliot Abrams.

1994 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — Cave of the Patriarchs massacre at Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron was pure Ashkenazi Terrorism and Mass Murders that started the Intifada. An American-Israeli Baruch Goldstein, also a member of the far-right Israeli Kach movement was an attack that left 29 people dead, several as young as twelve, and 125 wounded. Goldstein was overpowered, disarmed and then beaten to death by survivors. The massacre immediately set off mass Palestinian protests throughout the West Bank, and during the ensuing clashes a further 20 to 26 Palestinians were killed, and 120 injured in confrontations with the IDF, while 9 Israeli soldiers were killed. Goldstein was a follower of Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of JDL who coined the terms “Greater Israel and Never Again”. Kahane was assassinated in 1990 CE by Arab terrorist El Sayyid Nosair in New York City, and Goldstein reportedly swore to take revenge for the killing. Goldstein became involved with Kach, and maintained a strong personal relationship with Kahane. Goldstein was elected to Kiryat Arba City council and in this capacity assisted in establishing a memorial park dedicated to Kahane. In eulogizing Goldstein, Rabbi Israel Ariel called him a “holy martyr”, and questioned the innocence of the victims by claiming they were responsible for the massacre of Hebron’s Jews in 1929 CE. Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba said he was a saint whose “hands are innocent, his heart pure”. Various other rabbis praised Goldstein’s action as a pre-emptive strike of Hamas. At the time, settler rabbi Yitzhak Ginzburgh was the only prominent Orthodox rabbi who praised the massacre. In the weeks following the massacre, hundreds of Israelis traveled to Goldstein’s grave to celebrate Goldstein’s actions. Some Hasidim danced and sang around his grave.

1995 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — THEIR WAS ANOTHER RYDER TRUCK MOVING VAN BOMBING BUT THIS TIME IN OKLAHOMA CITY DONE BY FBI AGENTS AND SUPPOSEDLY WHITE POWER GROUPS DID IT — But Timothy McVeigh was just the Front for the operation and loved accepting credit as a loser trying to be a “Somebody”. The bombs were not made the way the government said they were. There was no second Iraqi man seen, another Judith Miller LIE. The actual bomb was made only five blocks away. There were secondary devices in the building, pre-planted by the FBI, but much smaller than what happened in 2001 CE. A Broadcaster reported more than one explosion “because here’s now what we are starting to learn about the succession or what someone hoped would be a succession of explosions. The first bomb that was in the federal building did go off, it did the damage that you see right there, the second explosive was found and defused. The third explosive that was found and they are working on right now as we speak I understand. Both the second and third explosives, if you can imagine this were larger than the first.” There was a second person in the Ryder Truck with McVeigh and his name was Andres Straussmeier, an undercover AFT agent now living in Dublin, Ireland. McVeigh was 4 to 5 miles away when the building imploded (from internal bomb). There are still images of him circulating around. The official claim is that all the video footage has either been lost of destroyed. However, Channel 4, as well as, the LA Times saw video of two men in a Ryder Truck. It was not McVeigh that lights the fuse, it was the ATF agent that lite the fuse and they run away then. That video is still circulating around for people to see. The FBI-ATF Agents were selling the tapes and asking $300,000 to $800,000 on the black-market and to the press. They were caught before the transaction could be completed. So they government had to confirm the tapes existed and showed two people. There was a series of mysterious coverups following that as several people were eliminated or suicided. One was the brother of Jessie Trentadue and a witness named Baker and one other all died in prison by hanging themselves in federal custody. Even the government expert that looked at the prison tapes, and was told not to reveal what he learned about what happened on the cellblock that night, was also found dead of Suicided like in JFK coverups.





2001 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — WORLD’S LARGEST FALSE FLAG ATTACK IS INSTANTLY BLAMED ON AFGHANISTAN AND IRAQ — World Trade Center was blown-up with something so powerful and unusual that the buildings literally turned into dust. Same day as 911 Police arrest Israeli Mossad and so-called ART STUDENTS filming the collapse of the WTC Towers and driving around in a MOVING TRUCK with bombs and explosives inside near the George Washington Bridge. One was named Dominic Souter, an Israeli citizen operated Urban Moving in New Jersey. His employees were found with incriminating evidence. Remember that Souter was already on the FBI’s most wanted list as a member of al Qaeda. Souter fled to Israel; and once you flee to Israel you are free from any prosecutor in the world. Those who were subjected to a lie detector test failed. After holding them without deep instigation for over a month, an Ashkenazi Zionist and son of a Mossad Agent, Rabbi Michael Chertoff failed to investigate the biggest crime scene on US soil and let the criminals return to Israel where on Israeli TV that admit they were assigned the job of being there to see and record the explosions of the WTC. Chertoff and the other CRIMINALS working for the Rothschilds MAFIA then classified all the information. is under FBI surveillance and is countersuing the FBI to get records on these released Israelis and particularly Souter, all because Souter was fully exposed in the Mossad activity in a book.

2003 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — FAKE IRAQ WMDs WERE USED AS FAEK EXCUSE TO SPEND $6+ TRILLION INVADING IRAQ FOR A DECADE AND HALF — These were DUAL-US-ISRAELIS who wrote these lies and have robbed over $21 TRILLION from the Pentagon alone that is unaccounted for by their records, or in fact missing. That is more than the American National Debt. These dual nation criminals also wrote US documents that tried to connect Iraq to al Qaeda, but again that was a LIE. These usually Ashkenazis are Zionists that should never have been allowed into the American Government and infiltrated throughout the bureaucracy and use AIPAC to run Congress and SELECT our VERY TOP LEADERS. Writers like Weekly Standard’s Gary Smith and William Kristol keep local and national pressure on America to allow its speeded up robbery and destruction. These liars and anti-Americans are tearing down America. They never mention the hijackers come from locations like Florida where Israeli Mossad agents lived next door and where the Anthrax letters originated from were right next door to MOSSAD agents. It was PURE DECEPTION by these ROTHSCHILDS MOB ISRAELI CRIMINALS and Ashkenazi and Zionists and Rabbis in the American Government acting as cancerous parasites. These were outright LIES and they did not come from OIL companies, they came from Israeli and Rothschilds CRIME MOBS. As a result of these lies around ten million+ people were murdered in various nations since 2001 CE. This proves that Rothschilds Crime MOB infected nations constantly lie and work against the desires and needs of the America People. Only a complete GOVERNMENT HOUSE CLEANING will solve these problems and that includes removing the Rothschilds CRIME MAFIA from the Federal Reserve and anything to do with any government of Business functions including Health Care, Media, all the Military Industrial Complex, Banking, and every other industry. This is a monumental task but it must be done with safeguards to avoid it ever returning. The puppets like Maddow and CNN are dangerous and the best way to remove them is to stop watching CABLE news completely by using Fire TV Stick or similar products that let you watch what is informing and even fun without all the LIES and PROPAGANDA. Again Cable news is all LIES and propaganda with a smattering of unimportant facts (less than 1%). With Fire TV Stick I have learned more in one year that in the previous 30 years of TV.

2018 CE: DECEPTION FOR WAR BY AN INTERNATIONAL MOB — CIA & MOSAD ARE SIMPLY PART OF THE MAFIA AND ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA OWNS HALF THE WEALTH AND RESOURCES OF THE WORLD — All organized crime and governments must do as the ROTHSCHILDS MOB THINK TANKS dictate or face being eliminated. That is how the MAFIA has always worked. It is all organized Crime and it does not matter if you live in a castle or on the Southside of Chicago or New York City. Even the Yakuza or triads or Teamsters or La Cosa Nostra or Rothschilds with their haughty ways and castles — They are all mobsters committing crimes that extract wealth and work to dominate over humanity as their victims. Some work on a small level, but the Rothschilds Crime MOB wants ONE WORLD DICTATORSHIP and must be stopped. The CIA and MOSSAD and MI6 are just tools of the MOB and saddle so is the FBI. All the “-ISMS” are also MOB TOOLS including Communism, Nazism, Zionism, Capitalism and on and on. They are used to fake wars and divide humanity by race, religion, sex, party, and right versus left or rich versus middle class. They always fund all sides in every war and everything that can splinter humanity into small easily dominated groups.