Timeline of India–Israel relations

Timeline of India–Israel relations

David Sasoon of INDIA and his Jewish sons

Timeline of India–Israel relations refers to the bilateral ties between the Republic of India and the State of Israel. The two countries have an extensive economic, military, and strategic history and relationship.

ADVANCED PEEK at close to today: 2017 AD: India – Crime of the Century: Narendra Modi & Rothschild’s BIS Failed Financial Coup. A Financial genocide using Death by Demonetization, killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, through famine, disease, even desperation and suicide as most of India’s money was declared invalid. BOGUS EXCUSE was Counterfeiting but we know that is a flagrant lie. The truth is it was a MASSIVE TRANSFER of Fiat International Bank Money to the British Rothschilds Crime Syndicate via the BIS ~ Bank of International Settlement Located in Basel, Switzerland. Nov 8, Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, brutally declared all 500 (US$ 7) and 1,000 rupee-notes invalid, unless exchanged or deposited in a bank or post office account by Dec 31, 2016. After this date, all unexchanged ‘old’ money became invalid – lost. The banned bank notes constitute about 85% in value of all cash in circulation. On Nov 9, none of the country’s ATM machines were functioning. Exchanges or withdrawals were limited the first two days to 2,000 rupees ($28), later to 4,000 rupees ($56), with promises to further increases ‘later on’. Barely half of Indians have bank or post office accounts. Often times, once at the teller, the bank was out of cash. Imagine the millions, perhaps billions of labor hours – production time and wages – lost – lost mostly by the poor. According to ROTHSCHILDS media reports, Modi’s demonetization was an arbitrary decision, but there was nothing arbitrary behind this decision. Modi didn’t even bother presenting the idea to the Parliament for debate. The final goal is speedy global Demonetization of an ENTIRE PEOPLE in the SECOND LARGEST NATION ON EARTH with 1.3 billion people. The Nordic countries, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, are moving rapidly towards cashless societies. Electronic money, instead of cash, allows the hegemon to control the entire western world, all those who are enslaved to the dollar monetary system. Also, it appears Modi of India is attempting to backstab BRICS alignment to help create the Rothschilds Crime Syndicate’s New World Dictatorship. Rothschild’s NWO took a hit with Brexit, so this is a cruel attempt to strike back. But so far it has failed miserably. The purpose of this partnership was not just to pull one of the most populous BRICS countries out of the Russia-China orbit, but also to use it as a test case for global demonetization. The ORDERS for all these criminal attacks on humanity came from far above the Indian PM or US President. It came directly from the British Rothschilds Crime MOB after their Dictatorship and this was certainly the move of a DICTATORSHIP! This horrendous crime cost millions of lives, to create a “ROTHSCHILDS CHIP CASHLESS WORLD DICTATORSHIP OVER ALL ASPECTS OF DAILY LIFE!” The head of India, a prominent BRICS country (BRICS = Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), one would expect, could have sent the naked emperor to climb a tree – and say NO to this horrendous criminal request. But Modi seemed to carry it out with DEMONIC JOY as he helps put the exclusive ability to create money, debt, and slavery in the hands of a profit and power-driven international ROTHSCHILDS CRIME CARTEL OF SOULLESS BANKSTERS who operate in total secrecy. Should India under such a PM still be a viable BRICS country and become a member of the NEW POWERFUL Asian-Russian Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) with economic and military support? No! Modi looks more like a miserable traitor than a partner of the New East. Modi fits into the Big Scheme of things: Reducing the world population, so fewer resources are used by 7.4 billion people, so a FEW THOUSAND CRIMINAL ELITISTS can have all the resources this world offers. As BILL GATES SAYS, “ONE OF THESE NUMBERS HAS TO GET TO ZERO.” Forcefully, reducing the world’s population is the BIG VOICED OBJECTIVE OF BRITIAN’S PRINCE PHILIP. HUSBAND OF THE QUEEN, who wants to come back as a KILLER VIRUS and wipe out 85+% of the world’s population — Similarly, was voiced by David Rockefeller and his Bilderberg Society that including Bill Gates — BILL What is in those MILLIONS OF VACCINATIONS?  Some of these same people are currently spreading neo-fascist mantras around the world, at the infamous WEF (World Economic Forum) in Davos, Switzerland (last January 2017). Like with the Bilderbergers, the key topic discussed behind closed doors was the “Cashless Society” & the India decision – a trial for the rest of the world and the TOLL IT TOOK ON HUMANITY!  They outrageously claim, “India is at the forefront of global efforts to digitize economies and create new economic opportunities that extend to hard-to-reach populations. Catalyst will support these efforts by focusing on the challenge of making everyday purchases cashless.” ALL HORRIBLE TWISTED LIES OF COURSE!  Their experiment was the Biggest Failed Economic Experiment in Indian History and maybe world economic history. It is clear that the ROTHSCHILDS MOB run IMF-World Bank, is fully aboard with this project to transform western society into the slavehood of digital money and total surveillance. But INDIA did accomplish the NWO Deep State plans to starve India and the World to death. The Rothschilds Crime MOB’s Group of Thirty is one of the major coordination centers of the worldwide war on cash with PROVEN SICKOS like “Rogoff, Larry Summers, Geithner, and others” ready to takeover pushing the world into a USSR COMMUNIST MODEL OF DICTATORSHIP but with far more technology levers of CONTROL! The ROTHSCHILDS MOB’s Group of Thirty is akin to the highly secretive Board of Directors of the Rothschilds MOB’s infamous BIS (Bank for International Settlement in Switzerland), also considered the central bank of all central banks, that meets in secret (during weekends for lesser visibility) and with no minutes taken. The BIS is a Rothschild controlled private bank, close associate of the FED but on top in the organization of things, also privately owned by ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB. It is clear, with the FED, BIS and IMF in ROTHSCHILDS MOB CONTROL, the cashless (western) society is going as PLANNED.  The Bank For International Settlements (BIS) is How The Rothschilds Try To Control And Dictate To The World. But More BIG Countries are Separating Themselves From ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB plans with their TOTAL surveillance power that goes far beyond digital MONEY. Every human transaction will be registered and monitored by a Techno-Controlled CENTRAL ROTHSCHILDS MOB CONTROLLED SYSTEM. Every mile we travel, every meal we eat, and everything we buy or sell will be under their CONTROL!  And like in the USSR they will try to PLAN every function in life including disposal of waste and the water we use and power we consume. This total control-power through technical dominance, along with their NO cash makes this dystopian dictatorship scenario by 30 criminals possible in their minds. The Era Of Rothschild’s Unelected Centralization must END Right NOW Before Our Eyes. Their willingness to mass-murder by arbitrary dictatorial means must END. The U.S. Public must “Call For Ending The Rothschild Fiat PAPERLESS DICTATORSHIP and surveillance state.”   The American people are ready to demand FREEDOM and an open honest SOCIETY without CRIMINAL GREEDY MASS-MURDERERS AS RULERS! These criminals have the basic idea that “99+% OF HUMANITY DOES NOT MATTER OR COUNT!” We will see that concept is COUNTER to everything good and decent in the human SPIRIT and cannot succeed if the millions unite against these less than three DOZEN CRIMINALS in the so-called “Group of Thirty.” They can and must be taken over by the millions and billions they are trying to eliminate, rob, or make slaves.

578 BCE: Cochin Jews, also called Malabar Jews, are the oldest group of Jews in India, with possible roots claimed to date to the time of King Solomon. The Cochin Jews settled in the Kingdom of Cochin in South India, now part of the state of Kerala. As early as the 12th century, mention is made of the Jews in southern India. It has been claimed that following the destruction of the First Temple in the Siege of Jerusalem of 587 BCE, some Jewish exiles came to India. It is claimed that in 68 CE after the destruction of the second temple about ten thousand Semite Jews migrated to the land of Malabar (India) and settled mostly in Cranganore.

1828 AD: India Jews — One of the most influential names in the history of Jews in India is businessman Shaikh David Sasoon of Bombay where he gained wealth and other Baghdadi Jews in India prospered also. David Sasoon dominated the import-export trade, starting with opium first, then real estate and textiles. His Indian Jewish family became one of the wealthiest Jewish empires in the world spreading from Bombay to Calcutta to Shanghai, Amsterdam, London and New York.

1947 AD: The UN drafted a plan of partition of Mandate Palestine, approved by the UN General Assembly, but rejected by most of the Arab world and also by India.

1947 AD-1948 AD: India and Israel achieved so-called Independence from British after the end of WW II. India got so-called independence in 1947 whereas Israel declared its independence in 1948. Thousands of Jews migrated to Israel. Hindus from Pakistan migrated to India leaving behind their ancestral land and property. British imposed their own ideas of partitions in both Israel & India. Hindus constitute 80% population of India and Jews constitute 73+% of population of Israel. Supposedly the City of Jerusalem and City of Varanasi are oldest inhabited cities of the world and supposedly Hinduism and Judaism are the oldest religion of the world. Supposedly, Sanskrit language of India & Hebrew language of Israel are the oldest languages of the world and have identical grammar patterns. Jewish bible Story of Noah and the arch, a righteous man amongst a vastly sinning generation that G-d saves from dying in the G-d sent Great Deluge (Flood). In Hindu scriptures we find an identical character called Manu at the time of the Great Flood that once wiped out everything from the face of the earth while only Manu is saved by a big fish that saves the boat in which Manu is instructed by G-d to stay for protection. Also, they both have the tradition of growing longish locks of hair on their head. The Jews grow ‘peyot’ on their temples on both sides of their head and the Hindus have one center ‘Choti’ on their head. Jews await the coming of the Messiah while Hindus await the coming of the tenth avatar of Vishnu. One of the main prophets and the father of the Jewish race is Abraham. Abraham is also believed (as per a Jewish ‘midrash’) to have fathered and been the ancestor of the Brahmins of India who were sent away by Abraham from the holy land of Israel towards the East with certain ‘gifts’. These were spiritual gifts and belief systems. These children ended up being founders of eastern religions such as Hinduism. Note that Ram, Brahmans and Brahma phonetically resemble & contained in the word, Avraham. It’s compulsory for every married Jewish woman under Jewish laws to undergo a process of purification every month after their menstruation cycle ending with their taking a dip in the ritual pond of fresh rain waters or in a flowing river or sea waters. The married Hindu women too are likewise known to go to the rivers to dip themselves.

1948 AD-1950 AD: India rejected the establishment of the State of Israel. Hindu Mahasabha leader Vinayak Damodar Savarkar supported the creation of Israel on both moral and political grounds, and condemned India’s vote at the UN against Israel.

1950 AD: India recognized Israel, but did not establish diplomatic relations.

1950 AD: India officially recognized the State of Israel.

1953 AD: Israel was permitted to open a consulate in Bombay (now Mumbai). However, the Nehru government did not want to pursue full diplomatic relations with Israel as it supported the Palestinian cause, and believed that permitting Israel to open an embassy in New Delhi would damage relations with the Arab world.

1956: Israeli foreign minister Moshe Sharett visits India in the middle of the Suez crisis when Israeli armed forces pushed into Egypt after Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the canal. India was one of the mediators along with the US, the UK and Yugoslavia.

1962 AD: PM Jawaharlal Nehru writes to Israeli PM Ben Gurion seeking arms and ammunition supply during the war with China. Israel responds, making it the basis for defence ties between the two countries.

1971 AD: PM India’s Indira Gandhi asks then Israeli PM Golda Meir for weapons for the war against Pakistan. Meir agrees.

1977 AD: Israeli Foreign minister Moshe Dayan visits India, meets PM Morarji Desai.

1985 AD: India’s PM Rajiv Gandhi meets with his Israeli counterpart Shimon Peres on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting. It’s the first public meeting between leaders of the two countries.

1992 AD: Diplomatic ties between India and Israel formally established by the Narasimha Rao government. Israel opens its embassy in New Delhi in February and in May, India opens its embassy in Tel Aviv.

1992 AD: After decades of non-aligned and pro-Arab policy, India formally established relations with Israel when it opened an embassy in Tel Aviv. Ties between the two nations have flourished since in their fight against Islam.

1992 AD-2014 AD: Israeli headquarters of the State Bank of India in Tel Aviv District grew 22 X larger in 22 year time period.

1996 AD: India acquires 32 IAI Searcher unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, from Israel.

1996 AD: Israeli President Ezer Weizman leads a 24-member business delegation to India. Weizman is the first Israeli head of state to visit India. During his visit, a weapons deal involving the purchase of the Barak-1 vertically-launched surface-to-air missiles is finalised.

1999 AD: Israel supplies weapons as India battled Pakistani insurgents and army regulars during the Kargil war.

1999 AD-2009 AD: India is largest buyer of Israeli military equipment buying 9 Billion in equipment most likely robbed from America or given by British Rothschilds Crime Mob controlled American Government. Israel provides intelligence sharing and joint military training.

2000 AD: India’s Home minister L.K. Advani meets Israeli President Weizman in Tel Aviv to discuss techniques employed fight enemies. India and Israel set up a joint commission after a visit by foreign minister Jaswant Singh.

2002 AD-2012 AD: India and Israel signed a cooperative agreement promoting space collaboration between both nations. Israeli and India promised to double their investment in their ongoing science and technology. By 2012, the two countries signed a five-year $50 million academic research agreement for promoting collaborative research across a wide range of disciplines, including medical and information technology, social and life sciences, humanities, and the arts. As both nations continue to drain engineering and science talent from America and UK.

2003 AD: Israel’s Ariel Sharon becomes the first Israeli PM to visit India.

2006 AD: Israel and India sign an agriculture cooperation trade pact

2008 AD: Indian military officials visited Israel to discuss joint weapons development projects, additional sales of Israeli equipment to the Indian military. Tzipi Livni said: “If they need us we will help where needed”.

2008 AD: Israel and India signed the Agriculture Cooperation Agreement, which established the Indo-Israel Agricultural Cooperation Project. The project’s central aim is to utilize Israeli technology to increase crop productivity and diversity in various regions in India. The implementation of the project occurs through establishment of agricultural centers of excellence in India that focus on growing horticulture crops, producing seeds and cut-flowers, and also on beekeeping and dairy-farming. As of 2015, 15 centers of excellence are fully operational, spanning 10 Indian states.

2008 AD: A second Hindu-Jewish summit took place in Jerusalem. Included in the summit was a meeting between Hindu groups and then Israeli President Shimon Peres, where the importance of a strong Israeli-Indian relationship was discussed. The Hindu delegation also met with Israeli politicians Isaac Herzog and Majalli Wahabi. Hindu groups visited and said their prayers at the Western Wall, and also paid their respects to Holocaust victims.

2009 AD: Israeli Barak 8 air defense system is sold to India for $1.1 billion.

2011 AD: India bought 8356 Israeli Spike anti-tank missiles, 321 launchers, 15 training simulators and peripheral equipment, for $1 billion, from Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. The deal was finalized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi after coming into office.

2012 AD: India’s Foreign Minister SM Krishna made a two-day visit to Israel in 2012, called it a historical step forward in developing the relations between the two nations.

2013 AD: Israel announces help to India to diversify and raise yields of its fruit and vegetable crops through centers of excellence across India

2014 AD: India PM Narendra Modi meets Israeli PM Netanyahu on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session in New York, the first such meeting in over a decade.

2014 AD: India is the third-largest Asian trade partner of Israel, and tenth-largest trade partner overall with Israel also a massive supplier of mass murdering military equipment.

2014 AD-2015 AD: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration abstains from voting against Israel in the United Nations on several resolutions. Modi negotiated an extensive free trade agreement with Israel focusing on information technology, biotechnology, and agriculture. Propaganda or polling have done a great job in India as 58% of Indians expressed sympathy with Israel, even more than ignorant Americans.

2014 AD: Massacre & destruction of Palestinians, India condemned both sides and asked Israel to stop “disproportionate use of force” in Gaza which was read by many as departure from tradition of more vocal supports for the Palestinian cause.

2014 AD: Victory of Narendra Modi in general election who met with Benjamin Netanyahu in New York City on the sideline of the UN General Assembly while Netanyahu was murdering Palestinians, the first meeting between the Prime Ministers of the two countries in over a decade. Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh visited Israel and was the first Indian minister to visit Israel without also visiting Palestine.

2015 AD: Israel’s Defense minister Moshe Yaalon pays first official visit to India.

2015 AD: India abstains from vote against Israel at the UN Human Rights Commission, signalling a shift in its Israel-Palestine policy.

2015 AD: President Pranab Mukherjee visits Israel to initiate deals on various collaborative projects on technology and culture.

2015 AD: The Times of India reported that agents from Mossad and MI5 were protecting Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Turkey. Modi was on a state visit to the United Kingdom and was scheduled to attend the 2015 G-20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey.

2016 AD: External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj visits Tel Aviv.

2016 AD: Israeli President Reuven Rivlin visits India for six days.

2017 AD: Three warships from the Indian navy dock in the Israeli port of Haifa.

2017 AD: Pilots from India join pilots from Israel, the US, Germany, France, Italy and Poland for the 2017 Blue Flag exercise, the largest aerial training exercise to ever take place in Israel.

2017 AD: PM Narendra Modi makes a stand-alone visit to Israel, the first ever by an Indian PM, and spends three days in the country

2017 AD: India votes for an Arab-sponsored resolution rejecting US recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

2018 AD: A highly televised visit of Israel’s Netanyahu to India to meet India’s Prime Minister Modi to increase exports of military war machinery to India by 25 percent over the three years. New Delhi found in the Defense industry of Israel a useful source of weapons, one that could supply it with advanced military technology and established the basis of a burgeoning arms trade.




Click for Source Article on PM Modi and Rothschilds Crime Mob rigged Indian Election

2015 AD: INDIA ELECTIONS JUST AS JACKED BY ROCKEFELLER-ROTHSCHILDS AS AMERICAN ELECTIONS: Proof that Rothschilds Crime Syndicate elected Modi rather than people of India:

Modi magically switches seats in Assam within one year despite sex scandals! Bogus votes have been entered in a ham-handed way that makes it easy to determine the tampering of voting machines — polling data implies that even Muslims voted for Modi. Just as predicted Rothschild voting machines magically changed their behavior within just one year after electing a Congress government! Congress managed to retain a majority of seats despite so many sex scandals bedeviling their leaders. Like Churchill draw some sharp lines on the map of Ottoman empire and overnight created the new states of the Middle East and hand them over to crypto-Jewish tribal leaders friendly to what is now British Rothschilds Petroleum. The state of Israel did not have any oil but was given to a Jewish tribe.


Internationally well-connected sharp operators like Paul Dhinakaran knew months ahead of elections that Modi would be the next PM and took appropriate steps to protect their wealth and that of their LEADER THE BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS CRIME SYNDICATE! The decision to make Modi as PM was made abroad. In India as in American election managers (the Rockefellers-Rothschilds) always ensure that the establishment candidate is aesthetically presentable. Otherwise, people might start questioning the integrity of Diebold voting machines. American and European governments cleared his visa even before Modi was known as a PM candidate. The voting pattern of Rothschilds voting machines reflect one thing – maximizing returns for the global kleptocracy and the continuation of the charade. Globalists’ plan is to destroy nationalities by swamping them with illegal immigrants. Modi will not move a hair to repair citizenship laws that Sonia tried to destroy. Instead he will remain a pawn of the Rothschilds and their gang of nation-busters. His attempt to make a move will appear so ham-handed that he would become India’s Milosevic and the British Rothschilds Crime MOB run Indian intelligence agencies will ensure that.


Click for Source Article on ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB IDIA EXPERIMENT on PoliticalVelcraft


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