APATHY – In this Global World – most people simply ignore what our leaders are doing to destroy our lives

APATHY – In this Global World – Most people simply ignore what our leaders are doing to destroy our lives, perhaps they are far to stressed to care or simply don’t care or just want to have fun while it lasts. They say things like, “Why do you care?” or “It is just how it is so go about you day.”

This apathy or ignorance is truly disheartening in a world with criminals actively suffocating your rights, GRABBING YOUR WEALTH AND FUTURE, and destroying your well-being.

Thomas Jefferson & Martin Luther King said that our system will only works if we see it as Our Duty to be involved in Our Government. And Jefferson even said we should purge it every several years to keep it honest and oriented to OUR NEEDS.

Well it has been well over 100 years since any type of purge and some would argue it has never been purged. This is what Trump during the campaign called purging “THE SWAMP” and it is FULL OF FOREIGN CRIMINALS who care NOTHING about Americans or America. This system has failed all but one-half of one-percent of the population with 50% of Americans now living either in poverty or near poverty as the FOREIGN CRIMINALS have extract $40.6 TRILLION from Americans just since 2000, enough to completely eliminate the national debt and rebuild America for Americans.

The system has purposefully provided GREAT DISTRACTIONS like sports & entertainment, Technology, the FRAUDULENT MSM LIE MACHINE & STRESSFUL DEMANDING WORK to keep you occupied so they can ROB AMERICANS of $TRILLIONS without your oversight. So that means when you ignore the FOREIGN TAKEOVER of our government and believe it is run be Americans who care about Americans, you allow the destruction of America & Americans to proceed with NO way to stop it.

The facts, especially since 2001 show that Americans are under attack by the British-Swiss-Israel Rothschilds Crime Syndicate and it is getting far worse by the day. Already, American towns and Cities are in DECAY as no funds exist to REBUILD better lives for Americans. But still people go on with their lives ignoring this inevitable & continuing DRAIN OF $TRILLIONS by this FOREIGN CRIME MOB.

Will the distractions be enough for THIS FOREIGN MOB imposing these MASSIVE CRIMES & INJUSTICES on humanity be able to finish off the WORLD including America for their ONE WORLD MOB BANKSTER DICTATORSHIP or will humanity unite and PURGE THEM & THE SWAMPS WE CALL GOVERNMENTS full of FOREIGN ANTI-HUMANITY CRIMINALS and SELLOUTS?

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