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1948 AD: Count Folke Bernadotte’s (Nephew of Sweden’s King) life and work triggering his death warrant – murdered for his belief in human decency – UN Resolution 194 (1948). He was the first martyr to try to stop the Israeli mass periodic bloody murders in Palestine. MSM covered up his assassination.

1940s AD: He helped create a Swedish home in Greece for Greek refugee children suffering from the fighting in Greece in 1940s and arranged for 24,000 tons of Swedish food to be distributed monthly among the needy Greeks.

Count Bernadotte was indisputably non-political and was moved by exclusively humanitarian ideals with nothing to gain as he was wealthy and was deeply religious. Bernadotte in WW II rescued 40,000 lives, irrespective of race or creed and many were Askenazis. Dr Ralph Bunche, his successor said: “I really loved Count Folke Bernadotte. He was the greatest man I ever met!”

UN Resolution 194 (III) Par. 11, of December 11, 1948 says, “Resolve that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under the principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible.…”

1948 AD: He was asked by Norwegian Secretary-General of the United Nations to serve as Mediator in Palestine, and though he knew the chances were slim, he accepted the challenge. He wrote later, “As I sat talking (to the Arab Governments, they)…called my attention to the miserable conditions in which the Arab refugees were living. It was particularly the case of the refugees from Jaffa and Haifa whose plight was heart-rending.…I had to have a private conversation with Mr. Moshe Shertock (Prime Minister of Israel) … I began the discussion by saying that in my opinion the international position of the government of Israel was worse than it had been only a few weeks before. It no longer enjoyed the goodwill it had previously. The reason was, I said, that the government had expressed itself on various occasions in such a way that people could only draw the conclusion that it was well on the way towards losing its head…It seemed as though Jewish demands would never cease.… It was my definite impression, I continued, that the Jews now felt they had two enemies. The Arabs were still enemy No. 1. But I and the United Nations observers ran them a close second.…The Israeli government had had a very great opportunity in connection with the Arab refugee question. It had missed that opportunity. It had shown nothing but hardness and obduracy towards these refugees. If instead of that it had shown a magnanimous spirit, if it had declared that the Jewish people, which itself had suffered so much, understood the feelings of the refugees and did not wish to treat them in the same way as it itself had been treated, its prestige in the world at large would have been immeasurably increased.…”

Israeli PM Shertock’s replied, “The Jewish government could under present conditions in no circumstances permit the return of the Arabs who had fled or been driven from their homes during the war …”

Bernadotta replied, “I observed that I was surprised that the representatives of the Jewish people in particular should look at this problem from such a narrow point of view, that they should regard it purely as a political question without taking into account the humanitarian side of the matter”

Count Bernadotte continues: “I got nowhere. It was significant to read later in the Jewish newspaper ‘Palestine Post:’ ‘Count Bernadotte has had a fruitless meeting with the Foreign Minister of Israel.’ That was evidently regarded as a great triumph for the Jews.… Their military success during the ten days war had gone to their heads.…”

Count Bernadotte goes on: “When Shertock and I passed on to the question of the future of Palestine…Shertock hinted that…namely that the whole of Palestine should belong to Israel.…Zionists…called for…a longer duration of the disease, and there was no cure for it…(with gathering of all the Jews of the world into ‘their’ ‘Jewish Homeland’) became a Territorial Imperative…and thus a Greater Eretz Israel was what the Shertocks, Ben Gurions, Moshe Dayans and the rest of the military junta of Israel insisted on…this will explain the. Big Wars (1948, 1956, 1967) and the many “Little Wars” which have taken place from 1948 to this day, wars of “Redemption” and Expansion to satisfy the demands of the “fixed idea…but underlying all the wars was this driving, irrevocable, ruthless firmness and resoluteness of the “fixed idea (of Greater Israel).”

Count Bernadotte and his wife faced the fact frankly together that Mediation in Palestine would be dangerous. With her he made detailed arrangements for his funeral in the event of his sudden death, and he made his last will and testament.

1948 AD-Onward: “…he realized that the Israelis considered him partial, and were going to treat him as an enemy. On arrival in Jerusalem, broad banners hoisted above jeeps were circulated through the streets by ‘Fighters for the Freedom of Israel’ reading: “Stockholm is yours. Jerusalem is ours. You work in vain…We are here.… So long as there is a single enemy of our cause, we shall have a bullet in the magazine for him.…” From the start, the Stern Gang let it be known that they regarded Bernadotte as their enemy. From June 1 to 11, Bernadotte worked untiringly for a truce.”

The truce or truces arranged by Bernadotte were not honored. But the Israelis were steadily building up their forces. An airlift was working constantly between Czechoslovakia and Israel bringing in more arms from behind the Iron Curtain (JEWISH RUN SOVIET UNION). The upper hand of the Israeli armies was shown when, in between truces, they captured Ramlah, Lydda, Nazareth, and many other Arab towns and villages. Bernadotte was convinced that if the United Nations Security Council could make a quick and effective decision, it had a good chance of inducing both parties to adopt a more sensible attitude. So he flew to New York & confronted the Security Council for the first time. He did not hesitate to tell the Security Council frankly that their immediate decisions would be decisive. – Cease Fire + Prevent destruction + Demilitarization of Jerusalem with 1,000 to 2,000 UN guards + An armistice to pave the way to mediation of a peaceful settlement + Urgent support of refugees return

Bernadotte’s Peace Plans and recommendations to the Security Council, made him a marked man in Israel. September 17, 1948 an Israeli-NAZI militant – inhumane, insane, nationalist who worshipped a Nazi state murdered him with a bullet. He was warned not to land at Kalandia airport as “they will be fired upon.”

Bernadotte said, “This is an obvious attempt to frighten me. If so, someone is mistaken. I will not be frightened,” and the plane landed without incident. He continued to Jerusalem and a bullet from what seemed the direction of the Hebrew University hit the running board of his car and entered the left rear wheel and they drove on. “Good Luck!,” a newsman shouted. The Count answered, “I’ll need it!.…” He drove on with first two cars carried the Red Cross flag, while the third carried the blue and white United Nations flag depicting a globe. They were suddenly halted by 4+ men in an Israeli army-type jeep. Two men in Israeli Army uniforms were “snarling” with one of the men ineffectually fired a shot into the front seat of Bernadotte’s car. A second man thrust his gun through a window ventilator and fired a burst at the back seat and Sérot, the Truce Observer loaned by the French Air Force, was killed. The Count had rows of decorations torn by bullets, but he was still alive and they drove to the Hadassah hospital, but before Bernadotte could be carried inside, he was dead @ 5 pm. Then the murderers sent a letter to the correspondent of Agence France-Presse in Tel Aviv on September 20, expressing regret at the murder of Sérot owing to a ‘fatal mistake’, but said, “Although in our opinion all United Nations Observers in Palestine are members of foreign occupation forces, which have no right to be on our territory…

The UN passed one resolution after another demanding that Israelis report to the Security Council about the “cowardly act.” Finally, after two months, the Israeli government’s was awakened by world anger over the crime and the principal Stern Gangster, Nathan Friedman-Yellin and his aide, Matityahu Shmulevitz, were arrested and brought to “trial” and they posed smilingly for photographers and their ‘guard’ laughed brazenly and Yellin whitewashed himself by delivering a harangue in which he attacked Count Bernadotte as an enemy of Israel saying, “He stood in the way of Jewish absorption of the Kindgom of Transjordan as well as the whole of Palestine.…”. Soon the Murderer Nathan Friedman-Yellin was freed and in 1950 they ran for election to the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) of which Yellin won.

FACT: “Only madness can explain the murder of Count Bernadotte” – unbridled Zionist madness that knows no humanitarian laws.


SOURCE: Menuhin, Moshe. “Not by Might, Nor by Power”: The Zionist Betrayal of Judaism.


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