11 Things That Just Don’t Add Up About the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

11 Things That Just Don’t Add Up About the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Las Vegas = 3600 Brass Shells Missing + LOCKED UP PEOPLE WITH EXITS BLOCKED + Missing carpet burns + Wildly fluctuating rifle count + Staged police photos + B.S. suicide story + Totally laughable ballistics miracles + Magically disappearing evidence + 10 to 27 WEAPONS + 72 Police Response Time + FAT OLD MAN WITH NO MILITARY TRAINING BEING AN ISIS TERRORIST + Reported Multiple Shooters + FULL-AUTO WEAPONS heard on videos, but only AR15s found.

FLUFFY 64-year-old pilot with a plane and $450,000 House decides to mass murder and ISIS says he is on of theirs

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#1 Dozens of concert-goers reported the presence of multiple shooters and the shooter had “full auto” weapon which is usually limited to law enforcement or military personnel. Was main shooter a gun runner?

#2 Who warned concert-goers they were “all going to die” a full 45 minutes before the shooting started?A short Hispanic woman (5’ 5”) told concert-goers they were “all going to die” after pushing her way to the front of the venue.

#3 The weapon you hear on videos was FULL AUTO, which is almost impossible to acquire through legal means – Verified by multiple videos that captured the event. Such weapons are almost impossible for “civilians” to acquire. Full auto weapons, however, are widely owned by police officers, federal officials and military organizations. An illegal gun runner probably specializes in such a weapon.

#4 Why were the exits blocked, trapping victims like rats in a maze? One witness described the situation as “being caught like a rat in a maze” with numerous “dead ends.” The concert created a kill zone that amplified the casualties to 515 injured and 59 dead. In essence, the concert trapped the people, preventing them from escaping, and denying them the ability to seek cover. Fox News caller named Russell Bleck said live on air, “There were ten-foot walls blocking us in. We couldn’t escape. It was just a massacre. We had nowhere to go.” Once the shooting started, the stage lights were turned to the crowd, lighting up the crowd and making them an easier target for the shooter(s).

#5 Why did the shooter have as many as 10 firearms in his room? Was Stephen Paddock an old pilot doing gun running for extra money? 10 firearms in his room, why would one shooter with an automatic weapon have so many weapons? He must have been running guns for someone, but who?

#6 Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a shooting that killed at least 50 people and wounded over 400 in Las Vegas early on Monday. Why would an old white guy work for ISIS?

#7 Where is all the expended brass? Hot brass kept blasting out the right side of the window with every round. So, Stephen Paddock was firing full-auto rifles in a sustained 10-minute assault, at roughly the rate of six rounds per second, we should probably see massive piles of expended brass all over the place (3600 rounds of ammunition) so where are the 3600 brass casings? On hotel floor or on ground outside? The British Rothschilds Crime Syndicate UK Daily Mail stating there were, “Dozens of spent shells litter the floor… and a hammer.” DOZENS? HAMMER?

#8 Where are all the carpet burns from hot brass and hot gun barrels? If you’re firing a full-auto rifle, after a couple 100 rounds, some internal parts can reach temperatures of 400 C, which is hot enough to cook a frozen burrito and at 400 C, most of your rifle grease smokes off, making it hard to breathe in that hotel room. Just think what 3600 rounds would do? Where are all the burn marks on the carpet? But the carpet in this room had a consistent pattern of burn marks, thereby obscuring the absence of additional burn marks from brass or rifle barrels

#9 When seconds count, the police are only 72 minutes (one hour and 12 minutes) away…Really? 72-minute response time during a full-auto machine gun spree in a city where there are dozens of cops within a one-mile radius is impossible. The cops in Las Vegas can’t breach a simple hotel door in anything less than 72 minutes? Maybe worst case 12 minutes, but never one hour and 12 minutes.

#10 A rifle with a bipod was found standing in front of the mini-bar? “Hey, why were there originally just 10 guns reported, and now there are 27 guns being reported…” Staged Photos done poorly.

#11 Whole scene is being called a “sniper’s nest” by the entire fake news media, but no sniper rifle anywhere, but instead a bunch of AR-15s. Sniper rifles are bolt-action rifles, not auto-loading semi-auto rifles. A AR-15 bullet will drop almost 3 feet over the 400 yard distance it was fired. All these casualties couldn’t possibly be caused by AR-15s. Where is the SNIPER RIFLE(S)?

In summary, ONE FLABBY 64 YEAR OLD SHOOTER is “mission impossible” requiring a horrible miracle. Remember this shooting was done only a few floors from the roof that has a helicopter pad on it for easy escape and many witnesses saw a helicopter overhead.

This was accomplished, we’re told, by one old man firing 10 rifles or 27 rifles all by himself and he is an ISIS TERRORIST. But wait the old man has NO military training and lived in a $400,000 home and owned his own private Cessna? Oh yeah, FAKE NEWS wants us to believe he had JUST wired $100,000 to his girlfriend in the Philippines.


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