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Baron Edmond de Rothschild, wine grower in Palestine using slave labor

1995 “The Founding Myths of Israeli Policy” by Roger Garaudy, octogenarian Communist-turned-Muslim author active in WW II in the anti-German Résistance and was arrested and interned. After publication he was charged with violating France’s notorious Gayssot law, which makes it a crime to “contest” the “crimes against humanity” as defined by the Nuremberg Tribunal of 1945-46 and had to pay a massive fine.

Roger Garaudy joined the powerful French Communist Party and became a Communist deputy in the French National Assembly, and a leading Marxist intellectual and theoretician.

15% of Israelis are religious
85% of Israelis do not follow religion or the Rabbis
90% to 95% of Israelis are Ashkenazis and descended from Khazars which have Mongolian-Hun-Slavic-Eastern European blood and no SEMITE BLOOD!

BUT almost 100% claim God gave Palestine to Israelis as fulfillment of a promise made by God

1845-1934 Baron Edmond de Rothschild, known as the “Founding Father of the Yishuv (Ashkenazi immigrants to Israel)” and was the third son of James Mayer de Rothschild, head of the Rothschild family branch in France.

1868 Edmond Rothschild joined the Paris Rothschild House becoming a director of the Est railway company and other family concerns. He examined potential oilfields.

1877 Edmond married a family member Adelheid von Rothschild (1853-1935) of Naples, the daughter of his cousin Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild and had three children.

1891-1892 Following the riots in Russia against the Ashkenani community in 1891–1892, Edmond Rothschild assisted Ashkenazis migrate to Israel.

1880s Rothschilds interest in robbing Arab lands for Ashkenazis began and helped setup the first settlement and dozens more settlements to establish the Zionists.  Edmond started the wine industry in Palestine under Ottoman rule including Arab vineyard colonies run by Ashkenazis he helped immigrate from Europe and Russia.  He opened two major wineries called Rishon le Zion and Zikhron Ya’akov.

1883–1889 Rothschild covered all the expenses for multiple Ashkenazi settlements in Palestine and visited several times. He encouraged the settlement of Israel by Hebrew speaking, agricultural immigrants and they helped pioneer & manage his wine industry using poor Arabs to do the slaving labor. Edmond Rothschild demanded to remain anonymous in his exploitation and he even refused to support Herzl simply to stay low-profile. He was, of course, prime motivator of the 1917 British Balfour Declaration.

1887 Edmond first visit his wine colonies to inspect the progress that had been made in the first five years.  Edmond’s yacht was moored at Port Said and he travelled to Jerusalem over land.

1901 First stage was ruthless slave labor colonialism as Baron Édouard de Rothschild’s (1845-1934) exploited the cheap labor of the Arabs on his vineyards in Algeria and Palestine.

1901 The Jewish National Fund (JNF) said any land the JNF acquired could not be resold, or even rented, to non-Jews.

1905 Wave of Russian Ashkenazi immigrants imported a strange Zionist socialism into Palestine including cooperatives and kibbutzes to form political Zionism requiring land be provided to these Askenanzi immigrants replacing the Palestinian people by taking Arab lands.

1917 Edmond Rothschild was the prime motivator of the British Balfour Declaration

16 minute video — Lord Rothschild Brags about His Family Creating MAFIA RUN Israel = TO RULE THE MIDDLE EAST AND THEIR GOAL IS A WORLD ZIO-MOB DICTATORSHIP!


1919 Edmond Rothschild, low-profile, but finally became involved in the post-First World War efforts of the Paris Peace Conference to continue his wine business in Palestine.

1917 2.5% Zionist owned at time of British Balfour Declaration
1947 6.5% Zionist owned at time of UN Partition Resolution
1982 93% Zionist owned

1923 Rothschild established PICA (Palestine Jewish Colonization Association) to administrate his lands in Palestine, placing his son James as its President.  PICA was formed to acquire more than 125,000 acres of land for his businesses.  In 1929 Edmond Rothschild was named honorary chairman.  He was died in 1934.

1934 Edmond died at Château Boulogne-Billancourt in France and he and his wife were buried in a Paris cemetery. But in 1954 their remains were transported to Israel aboard a French naval frigate and met with in Israel with sirens and a 19-gun salute and a formal state funeral was held with former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion giving the eulogy.  All this was made possible in 1954 by Rothschild’s son James offering to pay for the construction of a permanent Knesset building in a letter to Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.  They were buried near their wineries & the towns of Zichron Ya’akov and Binyamina. Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv is named after him and the FOUNDING ROTHSCHILD FAMILY.

1945 Israelis “emergency laws,” were decreed by the British (Law 124) to give the military authority under the pretext of “security,” to suspend all civil rights, including freedom of movement by simply declaring any area off-limits, “for reasons of state security” and this prevents any Arab from entering his land without authorization from the military. Then the ministry of agriculture can “take possession of uncultivated land in order to ensure its cultivation.” Israel’s policy is one of systematic plundering of the Arabs. Israelis system of apartheid also involves the appropriation of land.

1948-Present – A massive exodus of Arabs have to flee Israeli terrorists. Israelis have expelled millions of Palestinians from Palestine.

1948 Israelis razed hundreds of villages by bulldozing their houses, their fences, their graveyards and tombs. 1975 Professor Israel Shahak listed 385 Arab villages destroyed, bulldozed, out of the 475 that had existed in 1948

1971 Begin said, “This land has been promised to us and we have a right to it.”

1972 In the major Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot (July 14, 1972), Yoram Ben-Porat forcefully reminded Israelis of the Zionist objective, “..there is no Zionism, colonization or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their land. Driving out the Palestinians and taking over their land was a deliberate and systematic undertaking.

1975 UN General Assembly’s resolution of Nov 10, 1975 classified Zionism as “… a form of racism and racial discrimination.”

1978 Begin said in Oslo, ”If you have the Book of the Bible, and the People of the Book, then you also have the Land of the Bible — of the Judges and of the Patriarchs in Jerusalem, Hebron, Jericho and thereabouts.

Today — Edmond’s massive art collection of drawings and 40,000+ engravings, including 100 by Rembrandt and 500 illustrated books are now part of Jacob Rothschilds extravagant collection at  Manor outside London.

Waddesdon Castle

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