King Tut’s DNA is a 99.6% match with Western European

The questions of the Millennium: What Happened to Egypt’s Pharaohs? Where did they travel from Egypt?

Source: What Happened to Egypt’s Pharaohs? by Brad Macdonald

Source: Pharaohs Did Not Die They Multiplied by Michael Erevna

The questions of the Millennium: What happened to the Pharaonic royalty when they left ancient Egypt? Where did they migrate? Try to imagine a their gargantuan fortune acquired and passed down over thousands of years through the Pharaonic generations. The wealth developed by of these Pharaohs over THOUSANDS of years was so immense it is hard to imagine. We can get some inkling of that wealth from the tombs that show a smattering of their incredible wealth that included diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and gold and precious art and artifacts like diamond encrusted goblets, jewelry, paintings, and sculptures. Around 600 BCE this Pharaonic empire left ancient Egypt with a “fresh-start” attitude and the sky as their limit with their fortune carried with them to their new land. The riches of this ELITIST set of families built new empires in Europe a rather days long trip across the Mediterranean Sea to their new (or return to their old) land. Of course, their incredible wealth was translated into great power and influence and also created a corrupt but extremely lucrative banking system. These wealthy elitists were and are part of a secret society of elitist hierarchies that were used to having their way with the masses and to raping the resources from the lands they inhabited. They are all nested in the upper epsilon of the highest order of secret societies like the Templar Bankers, Jesuits, Freemasons, and the infamous Illuminati and are in the blood lines of the royals.

By tracing the Pharaoh bloodlines we can identify who is pulling the strings of our globalizing governments. In 600 BCE the Pharaoh thought he was nearly ruler of the world only to soon find that power sink. These same bloodlines now operate out of Europe. According to geneticists in Switzerland, the majority of British men and half of all Western European men are related to King Tutankhamun. The scientists carried out comparative analysis of their DNA with the DNA of the mummies of the Pharaohs. The elitists may have also populated the Caucasus bordering Europe & Asia as well as Egypt thousands of years ago.

King Tut’s DNA is Western European. EU Times

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DNA results reveal that King Tut’s DNA is a 99.6% match with Western European Y chromosomes, the DNA test results were inadvertently revealed on a Discovery Channel TV documentary filmed with Egypt’s permission.

So how did ancestry of Pharaoh Tutankhamen DNA get into Europe? We know the Pharoah’s fell into decline around 600 BCE and since the sailing vessel trip to Europe from Egyptian territory is from 7 days to 15 days clearly the power families of the Pharaoh could carry all their wealth with them to land with a fantastic future in Europe.

Haplogroups give an insight into ancestral origins dating back thousands of years. By using the released DNA into a model a 99.6% fit with the most common Y-chromosome haplogroup in Europe reaching its highest concentrations in Ireland, Scotland, western England and the European Atlantic seaboard — in other words, European through and through.

The scientific community has validated the mummy Ramesses II and King Tutt match European DNA. So either the Elitists traced routes from Egypt through Europe or were there Thousands of years ago in the Caucasus region when their brothers and sisters ran Egypt. The Pharaohs always aggrandized themselves with monuments including pyramids and obelisks and symbols of their power and even the occult. Today these ancient Egyptian constructs, like lions, obelisk, and even pyramids, are seen across Europe and even in North America. The European elitist culture migrated out of the African continent before 600 BCE and possibly returned to the Caucasus Mountains, where they were also known as conquerors. Swiss DNA results show the possibility that European Pharaohs migrated to Egypt around 2,500 BCE and ruled for almost 2,000 years before returning to present day Europe. The Egyptians may have not evolved from Africans just as current citizens of America are not from the original peoples of America. It also sheds light on the fact the European Pharaohs are not of the same genetic line of the previous Pharaohs of the Old Kingdom where the statues have Negroid features. Meaning the European Pharaohs seized power and inherited thousands of years of technology and riches. The ancient Egyptian Dynasties were both Negroid and Caucasian (European).

6,000 BCE-3,500 BCE The mouth of the Nile was settled from when the first hieroglyphic symbols and writings were created. Around 3,150 BCE The ancient Egyptian Empire was birthed and Egyptian rule lasted to around 605 BCE when Nebuchadnezzar II leads the Babylonians to conquer Carchemish and defeat the Egyptian army, but in 601 BCE Nebuchadnezzar is unsuccessful in attempts to takeover Egypt. This was the signal to the Pharaohs to abandon Egypt and find greener pastures across the Mediterranean Sea a distance of around 500 miles. Sailing vessels were the backbone of ancient commerce and travel. They carried freight, passengers, news from port to port and researchers believe to trip took from 7 to 15 days to travel across depending on the winds, departure & end points & other conditions.

Source for travel times across the Mediterranean Sea in ancient times

For nearly 2,000 years before 600 BCE, Egypt was not only a regional force, but a pulsating civilization. Culturally and intellectually, ancient Egyptian mathematicians, scientists and astronomers were on the vanguard of innovation; agriculturally, ancient Egypt exported grains throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean; the ancient Egyptians constructed edifices that 4,000 years later still dazzle engineers. Politically, Egypt’s ruling class was the most enduring and impressive monarchy in the world.

600 BCE What happened to Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, founders of a magnificent civilization for thousands of years. Modern-day Egyptians are not descended from those ancient societies that constructed the Giza Pyramid Complex, the Great Sphinx, and other momentous structures and pioneered new frontiers in science, mathematics and art, and that once dominated the civilized world. There is a great deal of confusion among historians about the race of native Egyptians. Archeological evidence, ancient Egyptian art and hieroglyphics indicate the presence in ancient Egypt of both Semitic (Caucasian) people and Negroid peoples (including great black Nubian pharaohs and various shades of brown). Ancient Egypt originated from the same racial strain as their counterparts in Africa.

600 BCE Egypt fell from the heights of global prominence possibly when it fought the Babylonian armies of King Nebuchadnezzar followed by attacked by the Persians who captured the Babylonian Empire. Pharaoh Psamatik III died after battling the Persians in the battle of Pelusium in 525 BCE and perhaps the long line of pharaohs perished and the ancient Egyptian civilization never fully recovered from the Persian invasion. Tides of foreigners began to settle in Egypt: Seafaring Greeks sailed in from the Aegean, Jews came from Jerusalem, and Syrians from the northern Levant. Within a couple of centuries, Egypt was a cauldron of races. In the fourth century BCE, Persia’s grip on Egypt slipped, and the reins passed from Persia to Greece, first to Alexander the Great, then Ptolemy and the Ptolemaic Dynasty.

Under the rule of Apries, Egypt was a powerful, influential civilization. In fact, Egypt’s presence was so impressive, Apries, like his forefathers, thought himself king of the world, as powerful as God Himself. Pharaoh Apries considered the Nile River, the source of Egypt’s material greatness, to be his own creation, and he declared himself the god of the Nile. 600s BCE Pharaoh Amiries was overthrown by Amesis, a commoner who was not from the line of the pharaohs. After Amesis, Egypt was ruled by Pharaoh Pamaitic III. After the defeat of the Egyptian armies in the battle of Pelusium in 525 BCE and the death of Pamaitic III, the Egyptian monarchy became Persian. After the Persian conquest, the Greeks dominated Egypt beginning with Alexander the Great in the fourth century b.c. When Alexander died, Egypt was ruled by Ptolemy, who established a Greek dynasty of pharaohs. That dynasty ended in 30 BCE, when Egypt fell into Rome’s orbit. Truly, from the 600s BCE, a native Egyptian has never—not once—ruled over Egypt!

2008 February Edition the National Geographic cover story spotlighted the substantial historical and archeological evidence indicating the presence of a predominantly black civilization in early Egypt and black pharaohs didn’t appear out of nowhere. They sprang from a robust African civilization that had flourished on the southern banks of the Nile for 2,500 years, going back at least as far as the first Egyptian dynasty.” Scientists did DNA tests on the remains of the early Egyptians and concluded that early Egyptians are of the same racial strain as the black people of Africa. Even Ancient historians who recognized this fact as Herodotus, the fifth-century Greek referred to the ancient Egyptians as “melanchroes,” meaning black-skinned. When it comes to ancient Egypt, science and the Bible agree: Early Egypt, like the rest of Africa, was largely comprised of blacks. But a wealth of archeological evidence, especially art, clearly reveals the presence of a Semitic people or White Egyptians.

Europeans have adjusted to new cultures frequently throughout history and certainly they adjusted to Egyptian Pharaoh culture as well with Pharaoh structures appearing throughout Europe. Europeans converted to ancient Egyptian customs as is evident in customary trappings and rituals practiced in Great Britain today. Also certainly, Egyptians blended with European cultures, but the Pharaoh Elitists plan was to rule as they had done in Egypt.

European Pharaonic (Elitist bloodline) Dynasties are still in control and manipulating global events and practice their polytheistic rituals including occult worship of some of the ancient gods of Egypt. We can see when they came (or returned) to Europe they carried on the ancient Egyptian royal traditions but adjusted their royal wardrobe to the climate. Of course, the Pharaohs spread their seed throughout Europe. Every marriage in any class required the wife to have sexual intercourse with a royal to produce a child before returning to their husband. It was very important to the Elitists to “strengthen” the human genome with so-called royal genes, but, on the other extreme, the royals followed an inbreeding doctrine to maintain power and this led to strong genetic perturbations that live in the royalty to Europe today. History shows incestuous practices were common within the ruling elitists to preserve Dynastic Power. Examples of genetic defects can include a tendency to cancer or a particular facial feature or glandular malfunctions or even metal health problems. We know that the royal Pharaoh DNA is seeded throughout Europe and Africa with unique genetic mutations. The Pharaoh Elitists of today include royal families, secret societies, and elite banking families. This Pharaonic greed and hunger for power helps explain the destruction and wars we see in what is unjustly called “a civilized world” and what needs to be removed to improve and insure earthly and humanity life continues.

In Europe it is easy to follow the statues of African Lions, Sun Symbols, Pharaonic Obelisks & even Pyramids (like on the US Dollar) to identify the real enemy of 99% of human population. Their pagan Satanic spirit world of wickedness and domination insures wars like the thousands seen in the ancient world to today. These elitists are working directly with their dark forces to create a World Dictatorship.

This also means the lineage of these Pharaohs not only currently worshiping their battery of “gods”, but are also supposedly applying their imagined powers.


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