Noam Chomsky: What links ISIS to World War One, Gaza and nuclear catastrophe

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1914 Perilously close to disaster — WW I — 100 Years ago
1955 Perilously close to disaster — NUKE WAR
Today Perilously close to disaster — ISIS(L) – AQ Multiplier

Noam Chomsky comments on the threat of nuclear war, the recent escalation of violence in Gaza, and the growth of ISIS in Iraq.

1914 — Horrendous conflict — decisions could have avoiding catastrophe.
1955 Ominous parallels to near nuclear catastrophe — close to virtual self-annihilation — Escape has been a near miracle

1955 Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein warned we face a choice that is “stark and dreadful and inescapable: Shall we put an end to the human race; or shall mankind renounce war?”

Chilling rush to war of on all sides, of intellectuals dedicated to state directives.  This paid educated sector of society too often cultivate the mass hysteria for war as a solution.  Only a small fringe of notable exceptions to this state supported terror and they were punished for their sanity and integrity.

In Israel the commemorations of WW I began around the same time as the MASS MURDER of Operation Protective Edge. A tragic irony that Israel’s latest round of imposed violence and murder was done in Gaza, the home to WWI memorial graves.

Israel has a critically important pattern over a decade of domination of Palestinians with periods of Extreme Violence followed regularly.  The pattern is so-called ceasefire agreement is reached, Israel makes it clear that it will not observe it and continues its assault on Gaza (and illegal takeover of what it wants elsewhere in the occupied territories), while Hamas observes the ceasefire, as Israelis escalate the pounding of Palestinians until Hamas is forced to response, offering Israel a pretext for another episode of “mowing the lawn” (in Israel’s elegant parlance).

2012:  The Israeli historical record is unusually clear and follows the same pattern of Operation Protective Edge.  Another of the series of ceasefires had been reached in November 2012. Israel ignored it as usual, Hamas observed it nevertheless.

2014 April, Gaza-based Hamas and the Palestine Authority in the West Bank established a unity government, which at once adopted all of the demands of the Quartet (the US, EU, UN, Russia) and included no Hamas members.  Israel was infuriated, and launched a brutal operation in the West Bank, extending to Gaza, targeting mostly civilians.  As always there was a pretext, but it quickly dissolves on inspection.  Finally killings in Gaza elicited a Hamas response, followed by Protective Edge.

The reasons for Israel’s fury are clear.  For 20 years, Israel has sought to separate Gaza from the West Bank, with full US support and in strict violation of the Oslo Accords that all had signed, which declare Palestine to be a single indivisible territorial entity.

FACT:  A map explains that Gaza offers the only access for Palestine to the outside world; without free access to Gaza, any autonomy that might be granted to some fragmented Palestinian entity in the West Bank will be effectively imprisoned with no EXIT.

The Governments of Israel, Britain, and the US are surely thrilled with the appearance of ISIS(L); a new ‘threat’ providing them with new excuses for bombing, murder, and repression in the Middle East. ISIS(L) have been funded in the $3+ Billion range by USA-UK-Israeli allies — The Big Oil Monarchical Dictators.

Scattered evidence shows ISIS(L) is a real monstrosity, used to horrific  consequences by the US sledgehammer.  These crimes of pretended sectarian conflicts are now causing final destruction of Iraq as a Nation with planned tearing apart of the region to shreds that are weak splintered failed states that can easily be exploited and dominated.

FACT:  Almost instantaneous defeat of the 350,000 member heavily-trained Iraqi army built over a decade by USA Middle Class money was a historically astonishing event.  As soon as the army was confronted by a few thousand lightly armed militants, the commanding officers fled and the demoralized troops either fled with them or deserted or were massacred.  The $BILLIONS invested in the Iraqi army is virtually gone.

FACT:  Saddam’s Iraqi army had fought a long and bitter war against Iran through the 1980s without desertion of troops.

FACT:  ISIS controls almost all of Anbar province and is not far from Baghdad.  Baghdad’s only defense is in the hands of Shiite militias organized by the sectarian government, which has been carrying out crimes against Sunnis that mirror those of ISIS(L).

FACT:  The PKK, the Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga has apparently held off ISIS with the crucial assistance from the military wing of the Turkish Kurds.  The PKK are the most significant force that rescued the Yazidi from extermination and are holding off ISIS(L) in Syria, including the crucial defense of Kobane.

FACT:  Turkey has escalated its attacks against the PKK, with US tolerance if not support.  Turkey with 60,000 troops and many tanks sits on a hill watching ISIS(L) fight the Kurds – killing one another within eyesight of the border, with awful consequences likely if the Kurds cannot withstand the ISIS assault on Kobane and beyond.  Turkey is no friend to USA coalition or Iraq.

FACT:  USA refuses to work with Iran — Another major opponent of ISIS(L), — Excluded from the US “coalition” for ideological reasons (No Usury Banking), as of course is their ally Assad.

PRETEND:  The US-led coalition includes a Arab oil dictatorships that are themselves funding and supporting ISIS(L) and related groups.  Saudi Arabia and Qatar have long been the major source of funding for ISIS(L) as well as providing its ideological roots of OVERWHELMING VIOLENCE AND BEHEADINGS AND MURDERS — no small matter — But yet they are supposedly on the USA team — A complete absurdity and DEISCREDITS THE ENTIRE PRETEXT FOR THIS WAR.

FACT:  ISIS(L) is an extremist offshoot of Saudi Wahabi/Salafi doctrines, themselves an extremist ideology used to keep DICTATORS in POWER and very little to do with Islam.

FACT:  Saudis use huge Saudi oil resources to spread their VIOLENT WAHABISM teachings throughout the Muslim world.

FACT:  USA & UK support radical violent repressive fundamentalist like the  Israelis and the Big Oil Dictators in opposition to true democray.  Because of the Petrodollar deal with Saudi Arabia, they are a primary US ally despite EXTREME Saudi-family dictatorship that beheaded 19 citizens in just August 2014.  USA has them and other Big Oil Dictators as allies for one reason only –  vast oil resources.

Patrick Cockburn:  The best informed journalist and analyst in the region describes US strategy as an Alice-in-Wonderland construction =  Fighting ISIS with questionable dubious Arab allies, simultaneously funding ISIDS(L) via Turkey, and limited European/NATO support.

FACT:  USA refuses the unthinkable alternative (in USA Military Culture) to adhere to domestic and international law: appealing to the UN Security Council and then following its lead, and seeking political and diplomatic avenues to escape from the morass or at least mitigate its horrors.

FACT:  As military operations in Iraq intensify, NATO further destabilizes Ukraine with a CIA run USA-Russia proxy conflict between two nuclear super-powers — an extremely dangerous development

FACT: USA has violated its verbal promises to Gorbachev of NOT expanding NATO to the East and surrounding and threatening Russia’s borders.

FACT:  USA CIA with other Western intelligence agencies has caused the ttoppling of a Russian-Friendly government in Ukraine, which is of great strategic significance to Russia and of course has close historical and cultural links. = International relations specialist John Mearsheimer did a sensible analysis entitled “Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault” in Foreign Affairs Journal.  USA is toying with nuclear disaster for the world and ignores possible peaceful negotiated solutions.

FACT:  THE WORLD is marching towards a dark and menacing environmental crisis that may well displace other concerns, in the not too distant future.

Source: Plymouth Institute for Peace Research

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