FBI released 58 pages of Clinton email probe Sep 2 2016


FBI released 58 pages of Clinton email probe Sep 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton DEVICES


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FBI Released Documents on the investigation of the private email server Hillary used to hide her coordination with The Clinton Foundation while she was secretary of state forced by Freedom of Information Act requests from many media organizations. It includes notes on her interview with FBI.


47-pages are summary of the investigation + 11-pages are summary of the interview with Clinton.

FINDING #1: 81 email chains contained classified information were transmitted, using unsecured devices, at the time they were sent & 68 of them remained classified = VIOLATES ALL STATE DEPARTMENT SECURITY REQUIREMENTS FOR NATIONAL SAFETY.

FINDING #2: FBI information was compromised, because unsecured devices and computer components were NOT available from Clinton and her staff.

FINDING #3: “Clinton could not recall any briefing or training” at the State Department “related to the retention of federal records or handling of classified information.” —Odd memory or even ODDER POLICY!  She cited her 2012 concussion as the reason that she cannot remember details of briefings during her “transition out of office.” So Hillary conducted official State Department business while suffering from a concussion that may have impaired her memory. Hillary only worked a few hours a day based on doctor’s orders. The “I could not recall” response to the question about prior training is a classic defendant’s dodge, so she can argue that it doesn’t matter because she doesn’t remember it. But it shows she is NOT a competent and alert leader.

FINDING #4: Clinton knew she was an original classification authority with access to TOP SECRET information, but somehow Hillary couldn’t remember important briefings

FINDING #5: Clinton was in charge of “nominating an individual for a drone strike” which she communicated to the Pentagon & CIA using unsecured devices.   She said she never even thought whether emails she exchanged on a future U.S. drone attack should be classified. We’re supposed to believe Clinton never even considered a discussion about a future drone attack should be kept secret.

FINDING #6: Clinton used 20 UNSECURED DEVICES to communicate = 13 Blackberries + 2 Phones + 5 Apple iPads = All privately bought using TAXPAYER MONEY and NONE WERE AUTHORIZED BY THE STATE DEPARTMENT!

FINDING #7: Clinton assumed that (perhaps by magic) the State Department’s servers would capture ALL SENSITIVE communications she received or sent.

FINDING #8: Clinton “did not explicitly request permission” or receive permission to use her private server or her 20 unsecured devices.  She said no one ever raised concerns to her about her use of a private email server.  It’s probably not going to be hard to find someone at the State Department, or formerly at the State Department, to contradict this claim.

FINDING #9: Clinton told investigators she had didn’t have “any specific routine” for deleting emails.  BUT WE KNOW Clinton and her Lawyers and Tech people “BLEACHED” the SERVER CLEAN!

FINDING #10: Clinton “was actually sophisticated enough to understand” that the marking “C” in parentheses denoted a document was classified. But Clinton lied to investigators that she did not know what the mark meant.

FINDING #11: Clinton said she ignored the “level” of classified information of all communications.  She said she thought the “C” before a paragraph indicated alphabetical order.  The C actually stands for “classified.”

FINDING #12: Clinton claims complete ignorance on how any data stored on older devices were destroyed.

FINDING #13: Clinton often lost or misplaced devices = From interviews with Clinton aides Huma Abedin & Monica Hanley

FINDING #14: Justin Cooper, aide who set up the first server in 2007, said “he destroyed Clinton’s old mobile devices by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer.”

FINDING #15: Clinton said “she occasionally received odd-looking email, but never noticed an increase in these types of emails that would be a cause for concern.” Obviously she has no idea if her unsecured devices were hacked.

FINDING #16: Clinton never had a computer in her State Department office and went outside to a balcony area or another floor to use her unsecured devices to avoid the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) area where such devices were PROHIBITED!

 ASIDE: Hillary Clinton = Polls show Donald Trump in TIE!

Public revelation of this FBI transcript does a lot of damage and put the server and Foundation scandals right back ONTOP of the news cycle.


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