“Canadian Police Bust Jewish Dominated Pedophiles” — by Salman Hossain on Before It’s News Nov 2014

toronto police

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“Jews are Prominent in Pedophile Bust” Jan 6, 2014

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Canadian police busted the world’s greatest child porn ring.

350 People were arrested and 400 Children were FREED as Canadian Police took down an international pedophile-child porn ring with links to Jewish organized crime mob — Three years of targeting international child porn networks based in Canada, USA, and other countries — Project Spade — included the making and selling of videos and images over the internet involving minors (younger than 18).

Arrested & Charged = 108 in Canada + 76 in USA + 164 in other countries

ODDITY = ZERO from the United Kingdom has faced prosecution despite being a hub of international child prostitution, pederasty, and pedophilia! Law enforcement had been bribed or pressured by B’nai Brith/ADL to not prosecute sex offenders or give light sentences to them. It is believed that Mi-6 and Scotland Yard protect them from publicizing their names which would expose many more individuals in the City of London.

Key protagonist = 2 Jewish Men — German and a Canadian + Jewish mother who set up the joint operation with her son running and managing operations — Woman has been indicted but is on the run.

LEAD Fellow Jew similarly involved in exploiting children complained to the US Patent and Trademark office that this jewish mob was swindling mobs photos.

One Jewish member took vulnerable and poor young boys from villages in Romania and slowly engaged them in sexual acts with each other involving a Ukrainian Jew arrested in 2011 with direct links to Ukrainian-Israeli Mafia.

Also arrested is author of article entitled “I Pedophile” in The Atlantic suggesting that pedophiles need help instead of prison.

Non-Jews arrested = All viewers of materials — NOT involved in production

Jewish mob = see sexual exploitation of minors – especially boys, but also girls as very lucrative and fulfilling a need.

A physician and medical director at Philips Academy in Andover MA, prestigious high school attended by both G.W. Bush and his father, was a volunteer at Jewish Big Brothers of Greater Boston, has a “long-standing sexual interest in adolescents since the early 1970s” was arrested as a user of pedophile materials.

Taboo-felony sex rings are the stock in trade for grooming politicians that get the big PAC money for promotion straight to the top.

PERVERTED ARGUMENT: The laws of requiring professionals and clergy to report abuse to law authorities actually does more harm than good. Victims don’t want to be dragged through courts and publicly recount their traumas.

Exposure of this evil also gives us a window into the kind of people who seek political office and positions of authority in the modern world.

Just finished the first volume of British author Jeffrey Archer’s prison memoirs, which includes the revelations of a fellow inmate who — from the age of 13 — was pimped out to “judges, schoolmasters, police officers, politicians and other upstanding citizens who are the backbone of our country”. Prisons in the Western world are filled with casualties like this, systematically abused by prominent people who then use their influence and networking to keep this all hidden.

GUESS: The pedophiles and homosexuals who happen to be Jewish will receive little or no punishment and the worst they will suffer is public embarrassment, but gentiles will get the worst of it.

“Fighting the flesh trade” by Marion Marrache in the Jerusalem Post Dec 23, 2001 = New laws are in the works to stem the white-slavery trade into Israel — Majority are from Moldavia, Russia and the Ukraine. — “Israel has become a convenient center for pimps who trade in women.” — AN ILLUMINATED sign reading “Palace Club” flashes outside a seedy brothel in south Tel Aviv — approximately 250 such brothels in Tel Aviv.

Many women travel from Moscow to Sharm e-Sheikh, and then are
taken to the Israeli border. They are met by Beduin guides who smuggle them across the border and deliver them to a prostitution agents and are provided with false documentation needed for times when the police raid brothels and check for valid visas, but police rarely ask whether they are being held against their will — prostitution is not a crime in Israel — Police generally ignoring the crimes of pimps and traffickers who “buy, sell, rape and torture women.” — 6 cases of sex trafficking involve policemen as suspects — never charged.


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  2. Knowing that this does happen, does no one else have the real guts to stand their ground to refuse bribery and to stand against the status-quo-load of “upstanding members of society” who use their titles to buy freedom for their devious behavior? Shame!! A true leader is not disgusting! We need more than just a *vote* to bring this down.


  3. Reblogged this on elirazcon and commented:
    Among what is written in this post. The Jews promote all forms of porn, to corrupt and confuse people as well as make a fortune from porn.


    • you mean certain Jews. It’s not some inherent thing about Jews. It’s more to do with individuals that don’t follow their own practice. If we don’t start seeing problems though individual specifics, then we’ll stay amongst the divide and conquer tactics that statements like that come from. You either can’t see this, or you are part of this, either way, you statements are disingenuous. Try to do better if you believe yourself to be on the “good” side of ?


  4. come on, any person with sense, and was not born from a cookie cutter mentality, knows many shades of gray are part of all groups. To use the single term Jews, as descriptor, is very ignorant. How many variations of Judaism, are you folks aware of? What are the differences between them? Just because the term Jews, gets the “honor” of owning the movie industry, does not make them representative of the Jewish faith. Any group of people pushing others into a easy to understand box, has not learn a thing, and or don’t know, what they don’t know, so they aim at the easiest target, a let all the real details and differences fall to the wayside, where their understandings of nuance can’t reach, or don’t want to reach. either way, be very specific when pointing fingers, or the finger pointing will come back to haunt you at some point 🙂



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